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Poem 5

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more to come after this this one may not be done for a long time this poem is but the series may not please enjoy all very deep all very pretty

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Crossover - Published: 2006-11-17 - Updated: 2006-11-17 - 530 words

Once again I fly these skies and yes you were right ..writing on my laptop on much thoughts flow my body so much I feel ...still my body twinges as I think of you trying not to show as I'm not alone on plane. But tis hard my body now aching for thee aching in pain to hold thy soul to look into thy eyes touch in gentle of thy skin. This is very hard ..harder than last time to finally have found a Love I thought could not be found ...remembering ones eyes just looking say not we do a word..but know what each of us feel even as I type my hands tremble with thy senses upon them remembering thy touch that they held of thee. As I approach closer to my home land for the first time in years not really looking forward to going there as I know oh to fine that when I arrive my computer room will be a sad place as I connect to join up with thee mean while looking upon the lake..So much to do so much to take care of if to have you by my side..Understand that I must keep one safe especially when "B" is involved.. Thinking how to do this and knowing how this can be done but with no aware on your part ..I will try to explain what I now we advance in our be part of me one must become involved in what I do not exactly doing the work I do but rather to be inconspicuous...thinking can one be this way with me? Will it be a problem for one such as thy self...If one knew what I know it would make this much simpler to explain ...Try to imagine that phone calls you would like to make to friends or family etc..have to be confirmed first before call is made...when traveling with me to lay low but of where I live so much in private that this can be done ...If only you knew how much thy life would change not for worse but rather in secret...wondering again if one can do??...Maybe I keep I distance as I must again protect thee and "B" I have to be absolutely sure before any attempt to bring thee here.."E"can one understand some what of what I mean......Of what thee know of thy life will end ..only thy thoughts will be with you from the past..Tis a life not all can live but a life I wish and hope thee is strong to do do with me by my side..Pausing for a few as my body twinges once again thinking of thee last night..trying to place myself comfortable in this seat as you know my ???are full and ache for one so dear so rare...Also thinking in my thoughts if one does know of what thee possesses within ones soul you really know thy spirit thee carry...such emotions of thy soul to be captured from one that recognizes thy
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