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Steal The Covers

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"'Feegi," he moaned. "I'm cold." Well, what about me? I'm delicate and if anyone's cold here, then it's going to be me. Why is he so inconsiderate? Shonen-ai warning.

Category: Dragon Knights - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Alfeegi - Published: 2005-07-20 - Updated: 2005-07-20 - 984 words

"'Feegi," he whined. "Stop stealing the covers!"

I turned over, muttered sleepy noises and waited for him to shut up. It could hardly be me stealing the covers, after all, he's much bigger than I am and my big toe was definitely wiggling in cold air. Just to be sure, I waggled it a bit more. It grew colder. He could safely be ignored.

I snuggled down under the sheets and tried to drop back off, but the rest of my foot followed its toe into the air. That was okay; most of me was warm. Burrowing deeper under the covers muffled his whining, but also annoyed him and he started poking my side. He was just being foolish, because I'm used to that. I can detach myself from many forms of physical annoyance, except for tickling, but my vulnerable points were well protected.

"'Feegi," he moaned again. "I'm cold."

Well so was I. My left leg had slipped out and I couldn't pretend to still be sleeping and kick some blanket down to cover it. There was no choice but to face a pointless argument. The best way was with a sudden attack.

It had to be done. Rolling onto my left to face him, I shivered as my cold leg slipped under me and the warm covers moved with me. Did I say my left side? Oh.

Guilt woke me properly and even though he was a nasty shade of blue, I enjoyed my first sight of my sweet lover. Huddled over, shivering from the cold and mewling pathetically, he was still able to make the blood rush to my heart. Pretending that I was still groggy for a bit, I took the sight in for those few, extra, precious seconds, before extending the blankets over him. He dove in quickly and pressed himself against me. There was guilt, but not that much!

"Get off me!" I yelled. "You're freezing."

He clung tighter and whimpered back, "That's your fault. I woke up like an ice-block and you were wrapped so tightly in the blankets that I couldn't pry even the tiniest scrap from you."

"Leave some of the heat for me," I sobbed, as he folded one of his legs around me and rested his foot in the crock of my knee. It was torture. My beloved had turned into an ice demon and was leeching every happy ounce of warmth from my body. Seriously, I was at risk of frostbite from him. "I've a delicate constitution and could catch pneumonia."

"What about me?" he asked, his voice as cold as his fricking hands. "I've been freezing all night."
"You're built like an ox. You'll be fine."

"Put your hands on my ass; it's gone numb."

"I'm not putting anything anywhere!" I screamed. "I still have feeling in some parts of my body and I'd like to keep it."

"It's your fault that I've no feeling in mine," he retorted, slipping his fingers into my armpits.

"Ah, ah, ah?" I said, squirming away from him. "What are you doing?"

"You're so warm there, Alfeegi," he breathed into my ear. "Thank you."

"Thank me?" I said, sliding my feet up the bed and wedging them between our bodies. "Let go of me or I'll kick you out of the bed."

"Alfeegi?" he asked, a catch in his throat, but he didn't let go.

"I'm serious," I said.

"Don't you want to snuggle," he asked, plaintively.

"One," I counted.

"Be reasonable, I'm freezing and you've been comfortable all night ..."

"Two," I continued.

"Alfeegi!" He paused and so did I. "If you really loved me ..."

"That's an automatic three." I spat out the words while kicking him away. It surprised me that I was able to dislodge him, but the cold must have numbed his muscles. "Emotional blackmail is just not on. You know how I feel about you," I continued, rolling the sheets around me and desperately trying to recapture the lovely heat he'd stolen from me. "Besides, don't you have a meeting this morning?"

"My ass is numb," he started. "I'm shivering so hard that I'm wearing down the floor and yet you're kicking me out of bed? It's not my fault; it's yours!"

"Yes, well, I'm sorry, but that's no reason to trade my comfort for yours. I'll take me ages to warm up again." It's unfortunate that he had a bad night, but there's no reason for both of us to freeze.

"Why did I lie beside your snugly-covered body all night?" he asked, waving his arms and then poking at my cocoon. "All night, Alfeegi, fully exposed to the night air. All night, because I was lying beside you."

I ducked my head under the covers and grasped firmly onto the sheets. "I'm not letting you back in," I mumbled.

"Fine!" he humphed. I heard him shuffle about and thrust my head out to see him putting his clothing back on. He pulled his trousers up and stuck his arms into his shirt, awkwardly. At least now he'd be getting warmed up in a way that didn't impact on anyone else. He muttered and cursed as he fumbled with his shoes. Fine manipulation seemed to be beyond him.

He turned to me when he was finished and I smiled at him. "See? Bet you're feeling better already?"

He glared at me and stomped over to the door, without saying a word. He jerked it open and tromped out.
"Hey, can you close the door?" I called after him. "There's a draft coming in."

He didn't come back and I could hear his angry footsteps head off down the corridor. I had to get up myself and run across the stone floor to close it. Honestly, some people have no consideration.

It's kind of nice to see Alfeegi victimising, instead of being victimised. I bet he would steal the covers, too.

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