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Chapter 6

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The continuation of Lord Baron Potter, where Harry needs to fight against demons and two old enemies Voldemort and Dumbledore.

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Fred was softly walking on his toes through the darkened corridor. George was standing in front of their old bedroom door. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he whispered to Fred. "You are making too much of a noise!"

"I'm not making any noise, George. How can you say that?" Fred whispered back exasperated.

"Just place the charm, Fred. Then we can get out of here, because when Harry wakes up, well, let's not think about that. Just do it already!"

Fred placed the charm on the door of their old bedroom in the Burrow and sneaked out of the Burrow as fast as they could, softly snickering the whole time. "My dear Gred, did you notice how the anticipation of a good prank feels so good ... it's almost like having sex. And this high quality prank is obviously a clear a sign of genius and we are geniuses. It really is a pity that he will never know who was responsible for this most brilliant of pranks." George said happily to Fred, then they disapparated to their shop in Diagon Alley.


The morning sun shone brightly above the Burrow as Harry finished his rounds of jogging and exercise. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were busy preparing breakfast, when Harry appeared in the kitchen. "I'm so hungry, I truly could eat a hippogriff", he said and sat on the table.

Ginny took a plate with pancakes and placed it on the table. "Good morning, love. How are you this morning?" she said, turning to him for their morning kiss. Halfway the turn she seemed to freeze in the movement and her eyes widened and stared to her boyfriend. Harry did not know what to think. "What's wrong, Gin?"

Ginny said nothing at first still staring at Harry with wide eyes. The corner of her mouth started to twist. Mrs. Weasley looked up from her frying pan and froze in her tracks. "Oh my ..."

Ginny started to laugh and leaned on her chair, doubled over in a fit of laughter. Harry was just staring at her, wondering what had happened. He did not feel any different, and looked questionably to Ginny. "What's so funny, Gin?"

Ginny stopped for a moment, looked at him, and burst in laughing again. Mrs. Weasley came towards the couple with a smile on her face and plates in her hands, but looking at the table. She placed the plates on the table, still not saying anything. She turned quickly and disappeared out of the kitchen.

Now Harry was looking bewildered to Ginny. "Ginny, what is going on?" he asked the laughing girl. Ginny could not stand it anymore, and fell on the ground, rolling over because of the laughter. She was holding her arms at her sides and was whaling, her face very red.

Harry huffed, and sat on the table, mumbling something under his breath. He took a plate, loaded it full with pancakes, and started to eat, while looking at the laughing Ginny. Harry could hear a lot of noise coming from the stairs that Ron was coming down for his breakfast. "What is going on here", he barked, looking at Ginny on the ground. Ron looked up and saw Harry sitting on the table, inhaling his pancakes.

Ron's face changed immediately into a mask and he sat next to Harry on the table. He took his plate and started to load it full with pancakes. "So what's up, Harry?" he asked with a straight face.

Harry looked strangely to Ron. He had no idea what was going on and he didn't trust that straight face of Ron. "I have no idea what is going on, Ron. It looks like today is laugh-at-Harry-day." He heard Ginny roaring in laughter, but Ron's face continued to be expressionless. "Well mate, you know how woman are, they are mental ... all of them."

"Ron, do you think there's something wrong with me?"

"What do you mean with wrong, Harry? I don't see anything unusual, why do you think that?"

"Why do I think that? Why do I ... ". Harry pointed his fork to the laughing Ginny. "She is laughing at me, and I have no idea why she is doing that! It seems that I give her some kind of reason to laugh, but how and why I don't know."

Ron was looking at him more thoroughly. "Sorry Harry, but I don't see anything special ... you look like the dust ball you normally are ... maybe a little bit more ... let's say appropriate for this family."

"What do you mean with appropriate for this family", Harry replied indignantly.

"Well ... you know ... the Weasley color ... and the love for the Weasley's woman", Ron said hesitantly. Harry looked perplexed to Ron. "Maybe you need to take a look into the mirror, Harry," Ron continued.

"But I looked in the mirror when I was shaving this morning, Ron ... and I did not see anything special" Harry whined.

"Did you look at hour hair, Harry?" Ron smirked.

"My hair? Why should I look at my hair? I was only shaving!" Suddenly it hit Harry ... his hair! Harry stood suddenly up from his chair and bolted to the bathroom with the only mirror he knew in the Burrow. Laughter was following him up to the stairs to the bathroom. Harry opened the bathroom door and hurried inside, walking in front of the mirror and he froze.

His hair was bright red ... Weasley red ... flaming red ... and on his forehead, he could see letters ... but could not read it because the mirror displayed them reversed. Harry could see that Ron came into the bathroom, still smirking towards him. Harry turned to him and asked, "Ron, what does it say?"

Ron looked to Harry and with a laugh; he said, "It says that you are property of a certain Ginny Weasley".

Harry looked astonished in the mirror. "Does it all say that?"

"No Harry, it says Property of Ginny Weasley" he replied with a big smile on his face. "I only hope that it will fade within fifty years" and Ron left the bathroom in a hurry. "Well I am off to finish my breakfast, bye," he said before disappearing.

Harry looked lost for a moment and stared into the mirror ... looking at his new image, he shrugged and left the bathroom as went in search of his girlfriend.


The next day, Harry continued his routine of running and exercising as the sun rose above the Burrow and every morning he would walk into the kitchen to proclaim how hungry he was. Mrs. Weasley really thought that Harry was just saying that to make her happy. Every one knew how thin she thought he was and that he had many years of hunger and neglect to make up for but she loved him even more for just indulging her.

Harry's hair was still Weasley red and on his forehead, the words Property of Ginny Weasley were still visible, but Harry did not care. He thought that now he truly looked like a Weasley and was proud of that. Ginny thought that Harry would be very upset when he discovered that a day later the effects did not disappear, and she thought it was a bit strange that Harry did not mind ... he even did not ask who was responsible for that prank!

Today was the day they would take their N.E.W.T.S. exams at the ministry, and were waiting for the twins to arrive. As part of the requirement of teaching at Hogwarts, they needed to have their N.E.W.T.S. 'What if one of them didn't pass their N.E.W.T.S.', she thought to herself. She did not know what would happen then, but teaching would not be possible then. She would just have to hope for the best.

Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Mrs. Weasley were finishing their breakfast and waiting for the twins to come. "They're late as usual", Ginny growled.

"They're always late ... I have no idea how they can run a business when they can't even open their shop on time each morning", Mrs. Weasley said.

With two loud pops, the twins appeared in the kitchen. As soon as the twins arrived, a commotion could be heard in the kitchen. Everyone walked into the kitchen to see what was happening when all of the sudden the Weasley brooms were attacking Fred and George. They tried to shield themselves from the onslaught but failed terribly. Once the brooms stopped their attack, the back door opened. Suddenly, Fred and George were lifted high into the air and before anyone could register what was happening they were tossed out and landed in Mrs. Weasley's vegetable garden.

Fred and George landed with a hard thump. Fred and George looked at each other with shock plastered on their faces. Just when they thought that things couldn't get worse for them, they were proven wrong when the garden gnomes began to kick them, pull their hair and bite them. One particularly nasty gnome took great pleasure in torturing them remembering how they had stupefied him, dressed him in a pink tutu and placed him on the top of their Christmas tree one year.

Everyone was shocked at what just happened in front of them. All except for Harry, who was watching with satisfaction and smirking at the twins, who looked annoyed. The twins finally freed themselves from the gnomes and began to limp their way back to the house.

"George, do you think that Harry figured out who pranked him?" asked Fred. George looked cautiously at Harry who was now sporting a brilliant smile and turned to his twin. "Duh!"

Mrs. Weasley tried very hard to keep her laugher hidden while Ginny failed miserably. Mrs. Weasley put her hands on her hips, "Are you boys done playing around? Honestly, how Minerva thinks you two would make good teachers is beyond me."

"Well its about time and we really do need to go. We don't want to be late for such an important meeting with the examination board", George said pompously.

"Right you are old chap. We have a lot of important people waiting for us."

"Oh yes, my brother dear ... Our genius minds need to be tested by some low ..."

"GEORGE! You will shut it", his mother shrieked. "Are you sure the two of you are ready and did you study enough for your N.E.W.T.S.?"

"Of course we did, mother dearest", Fred said in portentously.

"Yes mother dear", George helped. "We studied this morning and there is no need to get upset"

"You mean to say that you only studied this morning for the N.E.W.T.S.?" Mrs. Weasley asked with a dangerous low voice.

"Yes mum, we took our books while having breakfast", Fred said, not aware what was looming over him.

"Well, we could not find the right books anymore, so we used the only book we could find which was in one piece. Ginny I believe it was your Magical Creatures book; the one we stole from your bag during your first year. But I might be wrong at that ... because it started to melt when Fred dropped owl-ear resolver on it ... and now it is gone." George looked smug and looked around him until he saw the expression on his mother face. Harry hadn't seen that shade of purple since the pudding incident with Dobby and Uncle Vernon's important clients.

"Fred, I think we have an appointment," he said hastily and pecked his mother's cheek before apparating from the Burrow with a loud pop. A satisfied Harry and a smiling Ginny stood up grabbed each other hands and disappeared as well.



The secretary of the Head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority, Mrs. Marchbanks was staring at four red heads in front of her, one of them was claiming that he was Harry Potter for Merlin' sake. How was that possible, because Harry Potter had black hair, not red ... and then that ridiculous text on his forehead, which says ... Property of Ginny Weasley ..., Ginny Weasley; Arthur Weasley's only daughter?

"So Mr. Weasley, you're telling me that you are Harry Potter?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Harry Potter ... you know the famous Harry Potter?"

"Well ... much more famous than I would like, but yes I am that same Harry Potter" Harry replied with an annoyed expression on his face.

This was stupid. Being stopped because of his hair but in a way it was better then the star stricken women he always needed to deal with. Therefore, his expression cleared up and a big smile appeared on his face. "Yes, I the one and only Harry Potter" and he pointed to his scar. The secretary looked closely.

"Hmm, what about the color of your hair?"

Harry just pointed to the twins. "Well you have heard of Weasley's Wizard Wheezies haven't you?"

The secretary nodded her head, "Yes of course".

Harry just smiled at her and pointed at the twins, "Well these two are the owners of Weasley's Wizard Wheezies and the perpetrators of many legendary pranks played at Hogwarts."

The secretary finally caught on and smiled. "And that text on your forehead?"

Harry looked at Ginny and smiled. "Well I do belong to her." He could hear the twins holding their laughter in the background.

The secretary looked from Harry to Ginny, then the twins and back to Harry with an arched eyebrow. "Alright, I'll just inform Mrs. Marchbanks that you're here. Please have a seat."

Everyone took a chair in the waiting room and Ginny took Harry's hand. The twins were very interested in the wall behind Harry and Ginny, and said nothing. They looked strangely innocent ... and very quiet. "What are you two up to?" Ginny asked.

"Nothing" they replied both the same time.

"You guys painted my hair red and wrote this text on my forehead", Harry said quietly. "And I love it ... but I have only one question for you. When does it wear off?"

The twins were looking at Harry hesitantly.

"We think in two weeks", Fred said.

"Well ... maybe in a month or something like that" George helped.

"We never tested it before ... you are the first one"

"You should feel honored to have the chance to test one of our superior products of late. "

"What do you think about the color?"

"Does it smell?"

"Does it itch? Maybe it burns your skin a bit. "

"Are you feeling weak lately? Maybe feeling dizzy?"

"GUYS! Stop" Harry barked, tired of listening to the ping-pong dialogue between the twins. "Really, I'm alright and I don't feel different, except when I look into the mirror and when I speak with stupid people like the lady over there. Well at least she thinks I'm a Weasley."

At that moment, Mrs. Marchbanks walked in with a pile of papers in her hands. She turned to the redheads. "Hello, you are here for your N.E.W.T.S. exam, is that right?"

"Yes, ma'am", everyone said at the same time. She smiled and pointed to the twins. "You two gentlemen, would you please go through that door". She turned to Ginny and Harry. "And you two through that door. All of you, good luck".

Harry and Ginny entered a wide square room with bright lights. In the room were several tables and chairs, and four other people were waiting for them. Mrs. Marchbanks took Ginny and they went to an adjourning room on the right and disappeared from his view. Harry walked towards the front of the class where the four people were waiting. "Welcome, Mr. Potter", an older graying man said. "Let's begin."


Harry was again in the waiting room where they sat before the exams started. It seemed that he was the first to finish his exams. The exams were not difficult for him. Harry thought that the exams would be administered in written form and practical parts, but he was very wrong. The examinations were oral and practical for most of them. He had transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, and Ancient Runes.

The Care of Magical Creatures exam was the most interesting exam, because the practical part was performed with simulated animals ... as real as possible ... but not alive. During his History of Magic exam, he was suddenly talking with Uric the Oddball. His task was to recognize the person and to discuss the issues with Goblins.

The door on his right opened and Ginny, the twins and Mrs. Marchbanks entered the waiting room. Mrs. Marchbanks walked towards her secretary and dropped some files on her table. She turned to the three redheads, "Well, that is it. Thank you all for your efforts and I will let you know the results tomorrow morning by owl. Have a good evening."

Before the group could reach the floo platform, they stopped. "Wait a second guys, we need to do something before we leave" Fred said.

Harry saw the look in his eyes and was starting to feel nervous, "What could you possibly need to do before we leave?"

George wore his most innocent face, "We want to leave something behind"

"Like our calling card"

"As proof"

'Oh no, they're doing that twin thing again", Harry groaned inwardly.

"That we learned something with the N.E.W.T.S. and all that"

"And that we found f practical uses and applications with charms and potions"

"We would like to introduce all of you to the Flying Messenger"

Fred took out his wand and started to wave it into the air. George took his wand and murmured some incantations and his wand began to emit some strange colors. The colors became smoke and started to whirl into the air, faster and faster ... until everything disappeared with a loud poof! In its place was a single paper airplane, hovering in front of the group.

"This bit of genius will duplicate itself and fly through the office and deliver any message or bit of gossip to any person or persons you send it to."

"And just for old time sake, we added the sweet loving voice of one Dolores Umbridge"

"And if anyone tries to intercept and destroy our messenger service, it will duplicate it self instead."

"What better way to announce our newest product!"

The twins, Ginny and Harry said their goodbyes. The twins were hesitant to accompany Ginny and Harry, and decided to floo to their shop while Harry and Ginny flood to the Burrow.


Ha'alem looked down to the city in front of him. The city was radiating so much light, that the night was now day. Ha'alem was amazed by the size of the city. There were millions of creatures for him to feast on. Bazaar was standing on his right and he too was staring to the city, while drooling. The liquid streaming from its mouth fell to the ground and dissolved with a loud hissing sound where it burned deep holes.

"It is true what you said, Ha'alem. There are millions and millions of them, and all of them are for us?" Bazaar asked, still staring at the city beneath them.

"Yes Bazaar, everything is ours. We will devour all of those creatures and then we will be stronger then ever"

Bazaar changed his view and looked at Ha'alem. "When shall we feed?"

Ha'alem opened its huge mouth and barked. "We will feed very soon".

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