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In Your Arms

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Dean and Jo on their first date....first story for Supernatural!!! enjoy

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heyy! first story for Supernatural....enjoy! please read and review!!!! feel free to read some of my other stuff.

"Dean where are we going?" Jo asked curiously as he drove off with her in the car.
"You'll's a place that i think you may like." Jo looked at him and smiled. She still remembered when he asked her out.


Jo had been serving beer to some of the cutomers and then she saw Dean walk in, looking very plain and dull. He sat down on a table and Jo had came to assit him.
"Heyy Dean what can i get for you?" Dean looked at her and shurgged.
"I dunno....what do you like to drink here?" Jo looked at him and had a very odd look in her eyes.
"Dean....I work here....I don't really drink the stuff mom would kill me if I did." Dean looked down at the floor sadly.
"A beer would just be nice." Jo was about to walk away, but she noticed how sad he looked. She sat in front of him and had a worried look in her eyes.
"Dean what's wrong?" Dean tried to ignore her, but knew that he couldn't.
"Sam is in the hospital for a few days." Jo's eyes widened.
"Oh my god why? What happened?" Dean looked straight into her eyes and let out a big breath.
"We were on one of our hunts and the spirit we were after attacked him. He ended up with a broken leg. I'm glad i caught the thing, but I feel bad that I didn't take care of him." Jo took his hand and gave it a comforting squeeze.
"Sam is going to be alright....he is a fighter, he will make it through." Dean let out and smile and still held onto her hand.
"Hey....I was wondering....are you doing anything later tonight?" Jo looked at him curiously.
"I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date." Dean gulped hard and waited for her reply. She shook her head slowly.
"Sorry but I can't....I and my boyfriend are going out." Dean's eyes widened and he was about to get up and leave, when Jo started to laugh.
"Dean I'm kidding! Of course I'll go....Pick me up at six; I'm off work then." Dean nodded and smiled.
"I'll see you at six." Dean got up and left and drove off. For the rest of the day, Jo was really giddy when she was working.


Jo was still thinking of that moment, and she didn't even realize that the car had stopped. Dean got out and he opened her door.
"Out you go ma'am." Jo smiled and got out of the car, gracefully. She looked at where he had taken her, and found that he had taken her to a lake with a dock. Jo gasped in amazement.
"This is beautiful did you know that I loved lakes?" Dean smiled and took her hand.
"You seemed like the type of girl that liked 'em." Jo smiled at him sweetly. 'Damn why won't he kiss me now?' she thought over and over in her head. Dean held her hand tighter as he started to drag her to the docks.
"C'mon lets go look at it even closer!" They both ran to the docks and thye stood on the docks and stared at the lake that seemed to never end. Dean took both of her hands.
"Dance with me?" He asked shyly. Jo smiled and nodded.
"Always." He smiled in satisfaction and he held her close as they started to slow dance on the docks. They danced for what felt like forever and then Dean stopped. Jo looked at him curiously.
"Dean why did you stop dancing? Is something...." Before she could say anything more, he leaned in and kissed her. He put his hands on her soft and delicate face and she wrapped her arms around his waist. They began to make out and then Jo broke it off. Dean stroked her cheeks with his thumb.
"Jo....I love you....when i met was pretty much the best day of my life....I want you to spend the rest of your life with you in my you feel the same about me?" Jo starred into his hazel eyes and smiled like she never smiled before.
"I always will Dean....I love you." She tilted her head up a bit and she kissed him again. They both loved each other and would spend forever, in each other's arms.

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