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The Doctor does a bit of work to the TARDIS. TARDIS POV. Part of my TARDIS 100 series. One shot.

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AN/ This was written to help a sick friend feel better. Inspired after both of us gave our rooms a much-needed clean. Part of my TARDIS 100 series and is in the TARDIS POV. I don't own anything, but the BBC does. Set sometime during the 9th Doctor era. Thanks to LilCosette for betaing. Enjoy.


Rose Tyler was frowning. She looked around the interior of my console room with a critical eye. The Doctor was working under the grating with his sonic screwdriver. It was very relaxing, like a water jet as I treaded water in the Jacuzzi of space. I took a minute from my relaxed bliss to peek into Rose's mind. One thought was particularly clear: we need to redecorate.

Redecorate? I just redecorated after the Time War! It was kind of necessary, considering the amount of damage that was done. I guess you could say the Doctor redecorated too.

I tapped into the Doctor's mind to give him the head's up. Something's up with Rose.

Right then, Rose spoke up. "Hey, Doctor?"

The Doctor popped his head up and looked at her. "Yes?"

"Have you ever thought about redecorating or maybe cleaning this place up a bit?"

"Nope." The Doctor ducked back under the grating.

"Why not?"

"No need. The TARDIS is fine just the way she is." I smiled to myself. The Doctor had been arguing that ever since we met.

"I'm just saying, it's a bit messy in here... and it could use a bit of brightening up, you know?"

"Rose, I've been in your flat. You don't mind a bit of mess," the Doctor argued, his voice drifting up from his subterranean spot. "Besides, I'm working."

Rose sighed and rolled her eyes, not really wanting to argue. "Fine. You want some tea?"

"No thanks," the Doctor said.

Rose sighed again quietly. She cast one more disappointed look around the room and left, heading towards the kitchen.

The Doctor recommenced his work with the sonic screwdriver, repairing some wires that were wearing through. As he worked, I reflected on Rose's idea. I looked at myself with my own critical eye - the one that most females have for themselves. Rose had a point about the mess. A little bit of work was probably needed. Wires and such were strewn everywhere, and perhaps a little decoration wouldn't hurt. Nothing big, but... something subtle might be nice.

I grumbled a little deep in one of my engines. The Doctor stopped buzzing. "What?"

Maybe Rose has a point.

"Nah, you're fine."

I grumbled again. The Doctor sighed. He could never win against me. He got up and had a look around the room. A thought wondered through his head that agreed that Rose did have a point. Things had become rather untidy as of late. So he spent a few minutes cleaning up and putting away anything that wasn't really necessary at that moment. (Which ended up being quite a lot of stuff.) It was just a little bit of work, not hard at all, but it made all the difference.

By the time Rose came back in, not only was my console room clean, but there was a small vase with a few yellow roses in it from my garden sitting on a small platform next to the time rotor. Rose was surprised and happy. The Doctor, who had gone back to work under the floor, only smiled.
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