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Gehen Sie Raus!

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I am a spirit sent to guide the Chosen Ones of the Movieverses. My first assigment: Nightcrawler in X2. (Chapter 2)

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Sure enough, a few moments later we heard the sound of the big wooden doors downstairs bursting open. Kurt jumped slightly at the loud noise that sent the pigeons roosting downstairs into startled flight.

"That's them, Kurt," I explained quickly. "Go on down there now and do your thing." Kurt nodded and Bamfed away. I moved to the doorway of Kurt's room to listen.

"These are the coordinates," I heard Jean Grey say to Storm. I frowned slightly at her voice. Hearing it only reminded me of her near future. There was a pause as Strom noticed Kurt's offering candle. Then I heard Kurt begin to teleport and shout at them in German.

"Gehen Sie raus! Ich bin der Bote des Teufels. Ich bin die Ausgeburt des Bosen."

Even I had to admit that Kurt sounded quite threatening, as compared to his normal, gentle tone. The whooshing sound of his teleporting was also a nice, mysterious touch.

"He's a teleporter," Jean observed.

"Well, no duh!" I thought as Kurt continued to Bamf around the church.

"Must be why Xavier had trouble locking onto him," Jean concluded aloud. I nodded knowingly. She was right.

"We're not here to hurt you," Storm called out. "We just wanna talk." By now, I knew that Kurt was perched on the beam above them. Kurt tried once more to frighten the ladies away.

"Gehen Sie raus! Ich bin der Bote des Teufels," he shouted down at them again. I could hear the pigeons cooing and fluttering around in the background. I knew that Storm and Jean were anything but scared at Nightcrawler's attempts to shoo them away.

"Are you bored yet?" Jean asked her friend.

"Oh, yeah," Strom responded, her eyes on the rafters where Nightcrawler was hiding. "Sure you don't wanna come down?" she asked the indigo shadow above her. Kurt stayed put.

I heard the winds suddenly pick up and thunder crash. I grinned. Kurt would soon know why Ororo had received 'Storm' as her nickname! More thunder rumbled and there was a great flash of lightening inside the church. Kurt screamed in shock and fear as the lightening struck his beam and he fell. His screams were cut short as Jean caught him upside-down in midair with her telekinetic powers.

"You got him?" Storm inquired as Kurt was slowly lowered a bit and was turned to face them.

"He's not going anywhere," Jean responded. "Are you?" she asked her captive.

"Kurt! They're here about what happened in Washington!" I shouted down to him quickly. The back of his coat flopped down behind his head.

"Please don't kill me," he pleaded, as he realized that they easily could do just that. I knew they wouldn't, of course. "I didn't mean to harm anyone."

"Now, why would people have gotten that impression?" Strom said. She changed her tone ever so slightly and asked, "What's your name?"

"Wagner. Kurt Wagner." Kurt responded. I smiled.

"And with that, the ice is broken," I thought to myself. I moved back into Kurt's room to wait for them to come upstairs and continue the story.
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