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The TARDIS reflects on Rose and the Doctor's friendship. Part of my TARDIS POV series. One Shot.

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AN/ This fic contains no real spoilers for the 2nd season. Part of my TARDIS 100 series. TARDIS POV. The BBC owns it all.

For all my friends.


If nothing else, Rose and the Doctor are best friends. They've been through thick and thin. They lean on each other for support. They hold hands and laugh. They share private jokes and secrets. They are allies, companions, and cohorts. They shouldn't ever be separated.

They can hold hands and run for their lives.

They can go out for chips after witnessing the end of the world.

They can vow to go down fighting together.

They can change each other's lives and the lives of those they have just met.

They can be escorted to Downing Street and work together to get out again in one piece.

They can stand by each other, and agree to disagree.

They can stick together when everyone else has chickened out.

He's willing to give her the shadow of a doubt and she's willing to admit she made a mistake. He's also willing to stand by her after those mistakes are made. She's willing to apologise and he's willing to forgive her.

They can grieve together.

They can gang up on someone who has done the wrong thing, make him see the error in his ways, and give him a second chance.

They can dance.

They risk their lives for each other.

They sacrifice everything for each other.

They believe in each other, even if one of them changes drastically.

They can lie on apple grass and bask in the New Earth sun, talking about old times.

They can have fun, compete playfully for a few quid.

They can be banished and not mind too much. It only adds to the memories.

She can be jealous. He can tell her the truth, and she can understand.

They can wait for each other, even when everything seems hopeless.

They can fight the monsters, and win.

And all the while I'm there, watching them, transporting them, giving them a home. I like to think I'm their friend too. I'm there for them if they're there for me.

That's what friends do.
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