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The Woman in his Bedroom

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Gerard Thinks Love Isn't For Him......Ha Ha

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Monica tried to ignore the woman across the grocery isle that seemed to be staring at her. Maybe it was because she looked as tho she didn't fit in. She was after all from Kansas and honey she wasn't in Kansas anymore. She was in New Jersey. Kind of a culture shock for somone who thought anything over 20 people was a crowd. There were lots of people here. It was like a whole new world. Well that was what she wanted wasn't it? After her husbands death she wanted to get as far away as she could from the memories, she was running from the memories. So she sold everything and moved to Belleville New Jersey. She and her two daughters that is. They were supposed to move into the house her aunt had left her. Only problem was when they arrived at the address this morning, after driving all night, the house was gone. Well not actually completely gone but missing the roof did pose a problem. The fire had kindly left the walls.
Monica shook her head as if to clear it. OK she needed a plan and buying snacks for the girls waiting in the car really wasn't what you would call a great plan. She had nowhere to go. Couldn't move foreward and couln't go back. Tears threatned her eyes and she brushed at them without thinking.
The woman who had been staring at her earlier moved closer. "Are you alright?" she asked kindly.
Her kindness just seemed to make matters worse. Now the tears fell. "Uh, no not really" she chocked out while pushing her long brown hair out of her eyes.
"Is there anything I can do to help?" the older blond asked.
"I think I am beyond helping" Monica sighed. She took a deep breath and blured out "I sold everything to come here with my daughters for a fresh start only to find the house burned, lots of people, my daughters are driving me insane, our car is making a sound not unlike a death rattle and I can't decide between baked chips and string cheese". She added the last part while holding up a bag of chips in one hand and cheese in the other.
The stranger smiled softly. "I'm not sure I followed everything you just said but I can tell you are having one hell of a bad day".
Monica tried to smile "Yea you could say that" she agreed.
The older woman thought for a moment then asked "You are a fan of My Chemical Romance?"
OK the question really caught Monica off balance. "What?"
The woman pointed to the hoodie Monica was wearing. My Chemical Romance was printed across the front. "Oh, yea I forgot I was wearing this I wondered how you guessed that. My daughters hate when I wear this. They keep telling me that I am too old to like their music" She smiled sadly. Her teen daughters thought 35 was ancient.
"Well thats just silly." she laughed. "I have lived in Belleville my whole life and maybe I can help you"
Monica was touched by her offer. "But you don't even know me" she said.
"You are a woman with two daughters who are driving her crazy. You came here and have no where to go and" she paused and smiled "you like my two sons music".
Monica stared at her. Her brain seemed to have shut off.
"You know, my sons Mikey and Gerard?"
The brain finally turned back on "As in Mikey and Gerard of My Chemical Romance?"
"That's them.. I am Donna Way" She laughted. "Nice to meet you...." She was waiting for a name.
"I'm Monica" she whispered. This day was just getting stranger and stranger by the moment. She was chating with the mother of two of her favorite musicians. What else could possibly happen?
Donna's cell phone rang. She fliped it open. "Gerard honey how are you?"
Monica just stood there still holding her bag of chips and cheese.
"When are you comming to visit" she asked him in that Mom voice all mom's have.
He must have answered something that pleased her because she smiled. "That's great, but you will have to sleep on the sofa I'm afraid."
Monica guessed he must have asked why.
Donna smiled "Because Monica will be in your bedroom"
That was what made Monica finally drop both the bag of chips and the cheese.
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