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Rainy Day

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Jesse is bar owner whose wife recently died and is now taking care of his sister. Stephin is an author whose recently lover died. Both are heartbroken but a find a way to love through each other. (...

Category: Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-09-22 - Updated: 2006-10-25 - 438 words

\n\nThe night was cold as usual. Wind gusted in its chilly way, trying to make every bystander in its way shiver to the bone. It brought pain and loneliness to those who stood its path.\n/\n\"Is it true? Do you confirm you relationship with writer Stephin Parker?\"/\n\nIt had to rain too. It\'s dampness and harshness set a perfect /mood. One of loss, of pain, of regret.\n\nKal looked into the reporter\'s eyes and shrugged. \n\nIt hurt him to feel this, to know this.\n\n\"What is there to deny?\" He replied./\n\nHow? How in the world could this happen? They were so happy together.\n\nWhy did it have to be cold today? Why did it have to rain today?\n\nWhy did he have to die!?\n\n\"You promised me you bastard! You said that you would stay with me forever! Now, here I am, standing on YOUR grave.\" Shouted a man standing upon a grave, rain pouring upon him.\n\n/\"I love you Stephin. I\'ll always be here for you.\"/\n\nStephin fell to the ground on his knees, the mud soaking into his pants, dirtying the perfect flesh that it covered.\n\n\"You said that you would never leave me!\"\n\n/\"I\'ll never leave you, no matter what.\"/\n\n\nStephin slammed his hand into the mud causing it to splatter.\n\n\"You promised me you bastard. Do you rememberthat you promised me Kal? Do you remember? You said that you loved me, that you would always be with me Kal! And now you\'re gone!\" Tears began to stream down Stephin\'s face. \"How could you do this to me Kal? I needed you. I needed your love, your warmth, your soft kisses, the never-ending peacefulness you gave me. And now you\'re gone. I loved you Kal, with all my heart. You hurt me Kal. You hurt me.\"\n\n/\"Kal please don\'t die on me, I\'m begging you! I need you! You can\'t just leave me!\"/\n\nThe wind gusted, and the rain poured harder, trying to hurt the man kneeling in the mud. But all the Stephin could do was stare at that grave. Nothing in the world right now could tear him away from that right now. He was lost now. Nothing could guide him back to where he used to be. He was lost and wandering. No one, no matter how hard they tried, could make him forget how much he loved this man that lay rotting in the damp soil beneath him.\n\nStephin looked at his watch.\n\n10:13\n\nTears began to roll down his face. He forgot. This watch is broken. It broke at the same time Kal broke his heart.\n\n/\"I love you Stephin.\"/\n\n
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