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In 24 hours their life was changed. In 24 hours their love grew and died, yet the fire never went out. Their love is erternal but sometimes life can ruin it all. Ryo, I loved you so. RyoxDee

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Disclaimer: I don't own FAKE. Poo!


Seeing those tears, I don't know what set it off. I just wanted to make them stop. I wanted to hold you close and never let you go. I wanted you to crawl against my chest and snuggle into the warmth between us.

But they didn't stop. It was to late for them too stop. Just like it was too late for me...

Ch.1 24:00

"Ryo! No! God no please don't leave me. Open your eyes Ryo!" Dee held Ryo close, tears streaming down his face. "Open your fucking eyes Ryo." Dee clenched his hand within Ryo's light hair. "Please don't leave me Ryo. God don't leave me. I can't live without you Ryo!" Dee screamed.

A hand was placed upon his shoulder, its grasp tight and unrelenting. It tried to sooth but only brought more pain.

"Dee," The voice the whispered. "He's gone. Let go of him."

"No!" Dee shook his head violently tightening his grasp upon Ryo's limp body. "I won't let go of him. I won't let go of him. He's not DEAD!"

The hand tightened with another one trying to pry the hands off of Ryo.

"Dee, you have to let go of him. He's dead! Nothing you can do can bring him back!" The voice beginning to waver in tears.

No! He's wrong! He can bring him back. He won't let the love of his life die like this.

"Ryo!" He yelled clenched between his teeth.

"Dee." Another voice said gently to him. Wait. He knew that voice. "Dee. Let me go. I'm gone." The voice began to fill with tears. "I'm so sorry Dee. But I know you would have done the same for me. Please, take care of Bikky." The voice left him.

"No Ryo! Please don't go! I know what'll bring you back. I'll adopt a kid like you asked. I swear to God I won't complain. I'll change the diaper, feed it, do whatever you want. I-I-I'll even be the uke and I'll do all the cooking and I'll..." Dee began to cry harder. "I'll do whatever you want just please come back to meeeeeee." Dee shook the body more, but it remained limp.

Dee loosened his grip on Ryo. He knew that his love wouldn't come back. The hand left his shoulder and joined the other hand, pulling Dee's arms away from Ryo's body.

"Drake, come help me carry him." Said J.J. softly.

Dee sat there and watched them take away Ryo's body. He looked at him with tear stained eyes. Even in death he was the most beautiful creature.

Dee slowly stood up, eyes never leaving Ryo. He stumbled over to where they had lain Ryo's body. The precinct looked at Dee, his white shirt stained in blood, black pants darker and slimy covered in the same substance as his shirt. His hair was strewn and in disarray.

Dee kneeled over Ryo's peaceful body, gently placing a hand upon the unmoving chest.

"I'm sorry Ryo. I'm sorry I could never be the person you wanted me to be. Don't worry. I'll take good care of Bikky. And I'll even adopt that kid you wanted. I'll take good care of him too." Dee leaned over and gently pressed his lips against Ryo's lifeless ones. "I love you."

Dee fell to the ground unconscious and wished he would never awaken.


Don't worry. This isn't the end. The story's gonna kinda work backwards until it gets to 24 hours previously. Sorry if this was too sad.


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