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Sugar Died

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So close to the wall, so close to each other, they died in the wake of teenage heartache. (Sam and Emily)

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"Sugar Died"

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(A/N: Wow another one-shot. Pairing: Sam/Emily some Derek/Emily. OOCness intended and reviews are welcomed, sorry it's short but I started typing this at seven in the morning, so yep. xoxo emily)

It was after school, everyone had already left, and in the music wing the janitors already had the radio blasting classic rock. Emily had stayed after to work on a science project with Derek, who ended up being a no-show. The empty hallway felt creepy to walk down, and it had that all to familiar, nasty smell of frog day that Emily remembered from her freshmen year.

She pulled on the straps of her backpack and sped up her pace. Irritated , annoyed and just plain pissed off, Emily didn't even hear her name being called. In the atmosphere of the whole 'creepy hallway' thing, she jumped when the person jerked on her arm, turning her around to face Sam. Her breath she had held escaped sharply, in relief.

"Shhh, Emily, it's just me."

"Fuck, Sam. What was that for?" She was half joking, but Sam wasn't amused, his face was stern. Subconsciously, she swallowed a breath of air rather hard and she could just feel his eyes skimming her body. Emily relaxed a bit when he offered a small smile, and leaned her head against the wall.

"Maybe you should listen when your name is being called."

Emily looked down her at her feet, studying the speckled floor for minute. Sam stepped closer, and was now about a foot away from Emily, she could feel the heat from his body teasing her skin. He brought his hand and ran it through his messy, blond hair.

"Sam, what do you want?"

He was gazing at her face, her body so hard, she wasn't sure that he had heard her. Emily took a step back, but Sam just moved closer , his hands brushing her hips.

"Casey and I just broke up. Again."

She turned to the side and he captured her with her back to the wall, his hands on either side of her. His face was close, so close.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Sam. I have to go though..."

He ignored her, moving his body closer. Sam was taller then Emily and was looking down upon her, his hands against the dirty, white wall holding his weight up. Emily squirmed beneath him.

And it was then Emily knew that Derek had told him.

Casey was upstairs with Sam and Derek sat, with only Emily as his company, on the living room couch. Emily was a funny drunk and had just situated herself on Derek's lap, nuzzling her face into his neck. Slowly, Emily brought her lips to Derek and gave him a soft, sappy kiss on the lip before pulling away.

"It's not you I like; It's Sam."

She said in between giggles, taking another sip of her beer. Derek was buzzed but Emily was flat out drunk.

"But, he's with Casey?"

Emily giggled some more, and nodded her head. "I know and I wouldn't like have him like cheat on Casey but...."

She dazed off for a minute, realizing how warm Derek's face was, and how he seemed to be flushed.

"But what?"

Emily shook her head, coming back to life. "If you were Sam right now, you have no idea what I'd do to you."

Derek smirked, and Emily was so drunk she would've been able to hear the gears clinking and turning in his head. He had a malicious, evil idea that only seemed innocent.

"What would that be?"

Emily sat still and thought for a minute, before slowly pulling him down, so she lay on top of him kissing his lips, and neck. Murmuring every dirty thing in his ear before she acted.

She was a goofy drunk, but not a forgetful drunk, she knew and remembered everything that went on that night, a few weeks ago on a cold and lonely Friday.

"Go where?"

His voice was demanding and with each word he spoke, he brought his face closer to hers.

"Study, at home."

Sam cocked his head to the side, knowing she was full of it. Knowing she was lying through her teeth. He brought his head closed to hers, breathing an air kiss against her lips. Emily wanted to push him away, shove him off of her, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"I could help you study."

Then, he went in for the kill, harshly kissing her lips, and pushing her body against the wall. They were so close to each other. She couldn't breath; it was is the air had turned to water and she was melting.

Emily jerked her head out of reach, "Stop it" His breath was hot from where his head rested in the crook of her neck, and they both tried to calm their breathing before speaking again.

"Isn't this what you want, slut?"

And she just cringed at the last word he spat out.

"I'm not a slut."

Sam laughed menacingly, throwing a sarcastic fake grin on his face. "You fucked Derek while thinking of me, slut."

"I'm not a..."

"Slut." He moved his face real close to hers, and she could feel it's warmth against her cheek. And slowly they kissed again, soft and slow. She could've sworn he mumbled sorry against her lips, but wasn't sure.

And when they pulled away with mussed hair and red lips, he was Sam again. Goofy, silly, Sam.

It was all fucked up and she knew she shouldn't like him, she knew why Casey always broke up with him, and why Derek was his best friend. Yet, all the same, she gave him a piece of her heart in an abandoned hallway because for a second and a half, it seemed right.

(A/N: You can draw your own conclusions. It's kind of an open ended story.)

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