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Halloween Drama

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Just a short one-shot about how Kagome and Sesshomaru got togrther.

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Halloween Drama
Emily Underwood

"Yay!It's Halloween,"I said coming up behind sesshomaru.
"What the hell is Halloween,"sesshomaru askeda frown on his face.
"Halloween is a day when at night kids dress up as scary or funny things and go up to people's houses and get free candy,"I said thinking about the Halloween before I turned fifteen......................

I was going as Misty from pokemon and walked up to a big house and decided to ring the doorbell and hopefully get lots of good candy.
ding dong
"Hello,"someone asked appearing at the door.
"Trick or treat,"I said wondering why he looked so shocked.
"Kagome,"he gasped.
"Um do I know you,"I asked a little freaked out he knew my name.
"How old are you,"he asked me.
"Why should I tell you and how the hell do you know my name,"I asked freaked out.
"Here please come in and I'll get your candy and hopefully you can answer some of my questions,"he said while I came in.
"I'll come in but if you try anything,I know martial arts,"I said lying.
"No you don't and my name is Sesshomaru.....your future husband and mate,"he said making me spit out the water I had in my mouth.
"YOUR WHAT,"I said jumping up out of the chair.
"Yes,in one year from now you will travel five hundred years into the past and a little while after that get married to me.
"Fine okay bye,"I said wanting to out of there really soon.
"Wait,will you visit me when you find out more,"he asked me......................(To the present)Gasp
"I need to go to the present,"I said hoping it wasen't too late.

(In her own time running towards the house)
ding dong
"Hello,"Sesshomaru asked appearing.
"You jerk,"I said slapping him two times across the face.
"Wow Kagome is that how you greet everyone now,"he said witha smile on his face.
sniff sniff
"I love you Sesshomaru,"I said huging him crying too.
"Shh,it's okay,"he said stroking my back."I love you mate.

!The End!

I really hope you liked this and review._Emma
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