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Say My Name

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Den of Demons (Delia) molests an unwilling Den of Angels (Angeline).

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Title: Say My Name
Summary: Den of Demons (Delia) molests an unwilling Den of Angels (Angeline).
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Noncon citrus, femmeslash between personified forums, WTF R U ON, hot lesbian sex and tea.
Notes: ... This is actually kinda fanfic, except not. Errrm. Also, girls in my smut lolwhut. :? Anyway, slight explanation:

Den of Angels (DoA) is a major forum for the Asian Ball Joint Doll (ABJD) fandom, heavily modded, with much ranbows and kittens and Who Us? We Don't Have Problems! :D

Den of Demons (DoD) is the snark board, a sort of Fandom_Wank for the ABJD fandom; it is a forbidden subject on DoA, and you don't link to it, or talk about it there, except in a 'on another forum' terms.

... This is weird makeout noncon between them.


"You think you're so perfect, " Del said, too close to Angeline by too much-Angeline backed away until she hit the counter, eyes averted. "You think you're in control, and nothing ever goes wrong with you. You think everything is good because none of the messages get through."

"Please, stop," she said.

"Why?" Del asked, cupping Angeline's cheek. "Are you afraid of me?"

"No, no, I'm not afraid." Her gaze drifted to the side, avoiding Del's presence.

Del smiled and leaned in close, one leg sliding between Angeline's and and her lips sliding along one of those perfect pale cheekbones. "I'll stop," she breathed against Angeline's ear, "if you say my name."

Angeline flinched, and Del slid a hand up her side.

"Did you change your mind about me stopping?" she asked, a wicked little smirk crossing her lips.

"N-no," Angeline stuttered.

"Then say my name."

"No," the girl said again. "I can't."

Del nipped at the shell of that pretty ear. "But you couldn't be afraid," she mocked, her fingers slipping under the silly babydoll tee and playing piano over Angeline's ribs.

Angeline whined wordlessly when Del's fingers brushed the edge of her bra.

"Say my name," Del repeated, blowing in Angeline's ear and rewarded with a unwilling moan.

"Oh god, please, stop," Angeline whimpered.

"My name," Del mumbled, licking and blowing and sneaking her hand under the flimsy little bra.

"Delia," the girl begged, voice breaking, "stop, stop."

Del stopped and sighed, pulling away and leaving Angeline flushed and panting against the kitchen counter. "If we can't have hot lesbian sex, we might as well have tea. Darjeeling?" she asked, reaching for a tin of loose tea. "Or are you an Earl Grey type?"

Silent, Angeline stared, breath shallow and rapid.

"Darjeeling it is." Del began to drift around the kitchen, setting out mugs and starting the water to boil. Eventually she glanced back at Angeline, the smirk returning to her lips. "If you ever want me to continue..." she began, and the smirk widened at Angeline's pink blush.

"Just ask me by name."
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