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Drabble about Picard having a difficult time with the mother of one of his officers.

Category: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Published: 2006-11-20 - Updated: 2006-11-20 - 133 words - Complete

Author's Notes: Written as a birthday drabble for my friend tigerkat.

Disclaimer: I own nothing nor make anything financially off of this piece. Everything belongs to the Great Bird of the Galaxy.


Jean-Luc Picard peered around the corner of one of the Enterprise's corridors. A science officer jumped back in shock, but walked on, and passed the captain with a curious face. The coast was clear and a relieved feeling rushed through him when his quarter's doors came into sight. However, footsteps caught his attention and he turned in surprise as Lieutenant Worf walked up with a serious face.

"I apologize if I interrupted you, Captain. Mrs. Troi has been trying to gain forcible entry into your quarters the entire afternoon. Her attempts were unsuccessful."

"Quite all right, Mr. Worf. Thank you."
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