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Devil may be jealous

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Dante welcomes Vergil as he comes back from the dark side...butwill they ever be able to stop fighting each other? one else ever wrote anything about I wanted to do Verg...

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"Dante, I really don't think this is a good idea."
"Just shut the fuck up, Vergil."
The two brothers were standing in front of the "Devils never cry" neon sign, both looking at the building. Both of them were trying to hide how excited they really were. Vergil, of course, never had much problem hiding his true feelings, but Dante was having a hard time trying to prevent himself from shouting with happiness.
Finally, his brother was back. After all those years after their mother's death, finally they were together. He had saved his brother from the terrible fate of being the pawn at the hands of the demon king, and together they had saved the least for now.
"It's been so long since...I mean I just feel a bit weird, that's all."
"Don't you ever stop whining? We're brothers, we gotta stick together. And I see no reason for you to stay somewhere else when I'm here in this town."
"I know, brother, but after everything what happened....I mean I can't believe I screwed up that bad, and you turned out to be the one to...what is that you say? Save my ass, yeah. I fought you and wasted my energy when we could have taken down Mundus together, if only I had told you what my plans were...I only wanted to take revenge, pay him back for what he did to mother....that's why I opened the tunnel to the demon world, so I could avenge mother's death by killing that bastard."
"But Mundus was defeated anyway wasn't he? I have freed you from his influence, and now is our chance to start over. We are not going through this conservation again."
"If you say so..."
Vergil walked up to the stairs, but suddenly stopped and turned back.
"What was that you wanted to show me when I'd move in?"
"Your surprise awaits you inside, brother," Dante said with a grin on his face.
Vergil raised an eyebrow, but didn't ask any more questions. Together, they entered the shop.


Vergil looked around the shop as he entered.
He said in a teasing voice, "This is the ghetto you've been bragging about? Shit, do I really have to stay here?"
Dante turned to Vergil and snapped, "Hey! Watch your tone, big bro."
"What are you gonna do? Shoot me with those useless pistols?"
"Don't test my patience, Verge."
"That's because you don't have any, little brother."
A female voice said from behind, "Don't you guys ever stop fighting? Damn, I thought you'd lay off fighting at least for today."
Vergil turned to see who she was and was struck in awe. His jaw dropped as he watched the beautiful woman standing on the other side of the room.
"Vergil, this is Trish. Trish, you know Vergil, right?"
"Actually, no, I only saw him once with Mundus, and it's kinda hard to recognize him from that armor clad 8 feet tall demon."
Dante laughed seeing the dumbfounded look on Vergil's face. " offense, Verge, but if you don't close your mouth, a fly may get in there. Trish was created by Mundus to trick me to go to the mallet island, but she decided to go against him to save my life, then started working with me here."
"Oh Dante, don't lie like that. I admit I was a bitch to try and trick you like that, I've absolutely no idea how you managed to forgive me."
"God, save me from guilt-ridden people." Dante said sarcastically.
"Anyway, it's nice having you here, Vergil," Trish said to Vergil with a friendly smile.
Vergil managed to return to his usual self. "Thanks," he said in a low voice.
"Let me show your room, Verge," Dante guided Vergil into the guest room. As he followed Dante, he slightly turned his head to find Trish staring at him as well.

For the first time in his life, he was captivated by a woman's beauty. She is so beautiful. So wonderful. He told himself that was only because she looked like their mother, the mother he loved so much.

He was lying to himself.


"Is this really necessary?"
"Hell yeah! Give yourself a break, Vergil, have some fun once in a while."
"Fun? Is this your idea of fun?"
Vergil gazed at the love planet as he said this. Dammit. Dante and his immature ideas of "fun". He had no idea what kind of pleasure humans found in this type of noisy and worthless places. It was nothing more than a waste of his time.
Trish giggled hearing the two brothers' conversation. "Vergil," she said, "Even if you don't like it here, let your brother celebrate. He has been as keyed up as a little girl waiting to open her Christmas present ever since you decided to move in."
"Don't buy that trash, Verge. Let's go inside."
Vergil frowned. "Ok, but don't ask me to come here again."

The women in the love planet stared at them as they entered. Most women here had always tried to seduce Dante, but he never gave them any chances. Now they were totally thrilled to see the two of them.
"Oh my," a woman with dyed hair whispered, "Look at him!"
"Yeah," said another, "and him too!"
"As if one wasn't enough to give us nose-bleeds, there are two of them!"
"I like the new man......he's so divine..... I love the way he has back brushed his hair."
"No way...."

Vergil walked uneasily as he noticed almost half the women in the club staring at him, their eyes filled with desire and yearning. Shit. I shouldn't have come here. He quickly went through the crowd and sat in front of the counter, still being gaped at by many.

The barman said when he saw Vergil, "Ah, welcome. What should I give you? The usual?"
Vergil looked up at him, irritated for being mistaken for Dante.
"Nah, Verge isn't into this, are ya? Get me the usual, fat guy." Dante said, appearing beside Vergil.
"Alright." The bartender turned and went to get his order.
"Chill, bro. What's your problem?"
"This place is a hellhole. I'd rather be in the demon world."
"Huh, I'm never going to understand you, Vergil. Anyway give me a sec and I'll go say hello to some friends." Dante hurried off and was lost in the crowd.
"Wait! Damn."
"Mind if I join in?"
Vergil turned his head and found Trish standing beside him.
"Of course."
Trish sat on the chair next to Vergil. "You know, when I said it's nice to have you here, I meant it. You mean a lot to him, more than you realize."
"Big surprise."
"Why are you both so....reluctant to show your emotions?"
"Don't know about Dante, but I don't have any."
"Is that so?" she said with a roguish smile. "That explains why you are sitting here alone, hiding from all the women here."
"Don't give me that."
"Seriously, have you ever dated a woman? Being Dante's brother, I didn't think you'd be such a shy boy."
"Listen babe, don't count your chickens before they hatch. You don't want to make me angry." He was amazed at himself. What did he just say?
Trish looked at him seductively. "Is that a threat?"
"Think whatever you want."
"Well I'd like to see what you do when you're angry." She said coyly, leaning close to him.

Vergil stared at Trish. Fuck. He never thought he'd fall for a woman, and here he is, in a strip club, being flirted with a woman with an exact resemblance of his mother. But strangely it didn't matter to him at all. His head felt dizzy whenever she was close to him. The sweet scent of her perfume seemed to mesmerize him as Trish ran her finger down the left side of his face. He admired her striking figure, her beautiful white shoulders, her gorgeous breasts, and most of all, her lovely red lips.
She was so perfect.
They were still lost in each other's eyes when Vergil spotted Dante coming closer, accompanied by two women. Vergil recognized one of them; it was that demon hunter he had encountered years ago, that filthy Arkham's daughter. Mary, if he remembered it right. He held Trish's hand and said, "Let's go."
"Back to the shop. This place seems a little too crowded for us to have a civil conversation, don't you think?"
Trish looked at his face. He was smiling. God he looks so sexy when he smiles like that, she thought.
"Let's go then."


Vergil and Trish entered the shop together. Trish cast a quick look at Vergil. She couldn't understand what was going inside his head from his emotionless face.
Was he just teasing me? And here I was getting all so horny. She cursed herself for being such a pervert fool.
She tried to walk towards her room upstairs but was caught by the hand. Vergil pulled her close to his chest and whispered in her ears, "Why in such a hurry? We have all the time we need."
Trish threw her hands around his neck. "'re not a pussy after all."

Vergil didn't reply. Instead he wrapped her in his arms tightly, then gave an impulsive and passionate kiss on her beautiful lips. Trish trembled. She felt like as if she was hit by one of her electric attacks. She lost herself in his embrace as their bodies came together completely. She brushed his hair with her long fingers and held them tightly, as if she was afraid he'd go away. He gently moved his hands up her thigh, lifting her on his lap. After a few seconds of wild excitement, she found herself being crashed on Dante's table. She let out a moan as Vergil became wilder, his hands exploring every inch of her soft and pleasurable body. Trish didn't notice when she had started unbuttoning Vergil's shirt.
"Fuck, why do they need to give so many buttons in one shirt?"
"Maybe they want to prove how sweet the fruit of patience really is." Vergil answered, pulling down the zipper of Trish's pants.
He carried her off in his arms after her pants fell on the floor.
"I think my room would be more comfortable than here."


Trish let out another moan when Vergil dropped her on the ice-cold bed. After all, she wasn't wearing anything except her underwear.
"Feeling cold, babe?"
"Come and make me warm." She held his hands and pulled him over her. Their lips locked again, and they forgot everything as they made love with the fire of uncontrollable passion.


Dante searched around him for Vergil.
"Damn, where did he go?"
Mary eyed Dante with curiosity. "He really was here?" she asked.
"Yeah, seems big bro couldn't manage to be surrounded by so many women. I'll go check out in my office. Come."
"Maybe I should just..."
"No way, you're coming too. So is Lucia. I want you two to be with me today."
Lucia appeared beside Dante. She looks nice in regular clothes, seems her fashion taste has improved since the last time we met, Dante thought.
"Shall we go?" she asked.
The three of them came out of the club.


Trish could hear Vergil's heartbeat, laying her head on his chest. God. He was heaven. It was so intensely satisfying that she wondered if it was only a dream.
She raised her head and grinned coyly at Vergil. He grinned back. He placed his hand at the back of her head and pulled her at him, placing his lips on hers.
After a long and fulfilling kiss, Trish pulled away and whispered in his ear, "You are quite a love machine."
"Shut up and kiss me, you fool."
Trish chuckled as Vergil took her in his arms and within a second, he was on top of her, crushing her under his body. "You are such a brute." Trish said, biting his ear.
"You haven't seen anything yet," he replied.


Dante entered his shop with Lucia and Mary.
"Wow, you seem to have re-furnished your office. It looks much better than last..." Mary broke off in mid-sentence.
"What's the matter?" Dante asked, then he noticed the thing that had caught Mary's attention.
Trish's pants were lying on his table. He approached the table and picked it up. Wasn't she wearing this a few minutes ago? Even if she wasn't, it isn't like her to throw away things like that in the room. He looked for her in her room. She wasn't there.
"I'll go ask Vergil, see if she's in his room," he went to the guestroom and opened the door.

The sight before him seemed to kick him in the gut. Trish was there, lying under the body of his brother, making love with such passion that she didn't even notice him coming inside.

"WHAT THE FUCK???" the sentence came out of his mouth automatically.

Trish gasped and immediately covered her exposed breasts with the comforter, and Vergil turned his head towards Dante, annoyed being walked in like that.
"What the hell do you think you're doing, Vergil?" Dante yelled.
"I don't think you are dumb enough not to understand." Vergil said coolly, putting on his pants.
"You" Dante couldn't talk. His eyed were filled with jealousy and rage.
"Having sex with her? Yes. Dante, I thought you'd be happy for me, but no, as always, you had to try to claim everything that is mine. It isn't my fault if you were so foolish that you couldn't tell her how you felt. Go on, yell at me. That isn't going to change the fact that you're a pathetic loser."
Before Vergil could say anything else, Dante had jumped on him, smacking him hard on the face. Vergil returned the favor by kicking him on his belly and the two brothers started fighting. Dante pushed Vergil out of the room and Trish could hear the noises of them fighting in the drawing room. She sat up on the bed, still clutching the comforter in her hands.
"Damn," she said. "They are never gonna stop fighting."
"I can guarantee you that." Mary said as she entered the room. Apparently she and Lucia were enjoying the drama from outside the room.
Lucia smiled and said, "So much for a family reunion, what do you say?"
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