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Day 13

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Day thirteen

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Day 13
It was lunch time and we were sitting in a roadside diner, eating greasy, yet somehow healthy, food. Jon and Brendon had made up, eventually, and had spent the reminder of the evening drinking together, while we played video games.

"Hey Max, for how long are you staying with us again?"

"I'm leaving tomorrow evening, after the show."

"We should throw you a good-bye party tomorrow then."

"That would be nice, but I'm leaving immediately after the show."

"Oh, well, then we'll have a party tonight!"

"Jon, we have a radio interview in the morning."

"It's a radio interview Ryan. People won't be able to see us anyway."

"Just don't trash my hotel room."

"We can trash mine, I've always wanted to trash a hotel room."

"Guys! We're not trashing any hotel rooms."

"You don't have to be a part of it if you don't want to Ryan. It's okay, we'll understand."

Jon invited us and some of the crew back to his hotel room after their performance.

"Did you rob a liquor store or something Jon?"

"Nah, I just bought the essentials. It was only about 1500 bucks."

"You spent 1500 bucks on alcohol?"

"Don't be so surprised Ryan, you know I'm a big spender."

"Hey cut the crap guys, let's get wasted!"

Spencer walked over to the stereo, turned it on and turned the volume up. He then started to dance, busting some absurd moves which caused everyone to burst out laughing.

"Please Spence, we're not drunk enough for that yet!"

"Hey guys, I have an idea!"

"Alright, let's hear it Brendon."

"Why don't we have a drink or two over here, go to a club and pick up some girls and then come back here and drink all night!"

"And arrive still drunk in our radio interview that's at 7am in the morning?"

"Yeah, that would be awesome!"

"I don't think this is such a great idea."

"Oh shut it Ryan, it's the perfect opportunity for you to shine and speak for all of us."

"No, I mean going out, I always get gay guys flirting with me."

He frowned while Brendon laughed.

"You just send out gay vibes darling, nothing we can do about that."

"I think Brendon is more of a gay then Ryan, if you want my opinion."

Brendon threw a pillow at me.

"No one asked for your opinion."

"Hey, let's pair up Ryan and Max!"

For some reason, both Jon and Brendon shot Spencer a killer stare, but he was oblivious to it and just kept on dancing.

"So, shall we go dancing?"

"I am dancing!"

"I want to hook up with girls, not with Spencer."

"You didn't complain the last time!"

Jon pointed a finger in Spencer's direction.

"Hey, I told you to keep your mouth shut about that."

Brendon and Ryan looked at each other and smirked.

"Max, why don't you put on something sexy so we can go?"

I looked down on my jeans and t-shirt. Brendon grabbed my hand before I could say anything and dragged me towards the door.

"I'll help you, we'll be back soon!"

Somehow he managed to get me into a miniskirt, I usually never wear them but for some reason they always end up in my suitcase. He looked at me satisfied with the outcome.

"If we don't leave soon, I'll jump on you."

"Jump on me?"

"Yeah, you're sexy!"

"Mission accomplished, aye?"

"Oh yeah."

He kissed me on the lips and drove me up against the wall. His lips trailed down my neck and onto my collarbone. His hands ran up my legs and got under the skirt, squeezing my butt cheeks. Things would have gotten steamier if there hadn't been a loud knock on the door.

"Hey, guys, we're leaving. Aren't you coming?"

Brendon backed away from me and fixed his shirt. He winked at me before he went for the door.

"Hey! Can't two people ever have sex in peace?"

"Dude! You couldn't get into girl's pants even though you paid her!"

"Who said I was having sex? I was just merely watching."

"Woah! I had no idea you had such gorgeous legs Max!"

I was blushing, why was I blushing?

"Oh, thanks. Aren't we going?"

"We are, the taxi is waiting downstairs for us."

I grabbed my coat and followed them. We spilt up in two cabs and made our way to a club. I was seated between Jon and Spencer with Ryan in the front seat. Brendon had gone in the other one with some of the crew.

It has its advantages to party with famous people, for one, you never have to wait in a line, and second, the alcohol is more or less free. We were invited to the VIP lounge of the club were we reserved a booth. The guys didn't feel like sitting down, the wanted to mingle. So they went dancing. I sat down to drink and chat with some of the crew. I got along with one of their female dancers, who confessed to have the biggest crush on Ryan. She even blushed when she said that. I told her that now was the right chance to do something about it, she just had to get her ass to the dance floor and mingle with him. She was reluctant to go, but after she finished her drink she took a deep breath and headed towards the dance floor.

My view changed abruptly when a male figure stopped in front of me. I stared at the crotch in front of me before tilting my head back to face Brendon.

"You spoiled my view."

He pouted as he grabbed my hand and dragged me out on the dance floor. We got into the middle of the crowd, away from the guys. He pulled me closer to him, hips holding my waist as he thrust his hips into mine with the music. He kissed me hungrily and I entangled my hands into his hair. I leaned my body into his, hungry for his touch. His hands roamed over my body without touching me inappropriately although I desperately wanted him to do so. He just smiled at my frustration as his hands ran lightly over my breasts. He leaned in to whisper in my ear,

"We'll leave the good stuff for later."

I moaned slightly as he squeezed my butt cheeks and stroke down my inner thigh.

"We can always go into the bathroom."

I felt his breath tickle my neck. I had almost forgotten that we weren't alone when a bright flash blinded me. Brendon's head jerked up and he let go of me. His eyes scanned the room, looking for the person with the camera and once he found him he stormed over to grab the camera away from him. The photographer looked shocked at Brendon while e proceeded to delete the image of us from the digital camera.

"If I'll ever catch you taking pictures of us again, you'll never see the camera again."

Brendon walked over to me, shaking his head.

"I need a drink."

I followed him towards the table where Jon and Spencer were sitting, each holding a bottle.

"Hey guys! Have a drink!"

"Yeah, we've got plenty!"

We sat down next to them and Brendon handed me a bottle.

"Where is Ryan?"

Jon giggled while Spencer pointed towards the dance floor where Ryan was dancing rather closely to the previous mentioned dancer. Well, close was a bit of an understatement.

"When are we returning to the hotel?"

"Oh, in a minute. I want to see how far Ryan goes with that girl on the dance floor first."
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