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The Final Battle: Part 1

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The sky was darkened with the gods rage from the battle that was about to take place. Cloud was awaiting for his enemy............

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The Final Battle
Part 1
Good V.S. Evil

Chapter 1

The sky was darkened with the gods rage from the battle that was about to take place. Cloud was awaiting for his enemy. He could smell the mist that the darkened clouds where creating. And from behind him, a dark shadow was immerging from the ground. It looked like a portal but Cloud didn't want to take the chance of it being a trap. He picked up a rock and chucked it into the dark portal........ nothing happened. He waited patiently for something to happen, or at least something to attack, he lifted his right hand to the handle of his 7 foot buster blade, as he gripped it, he heard a voice.
"It is finally time to bring this long awaited battle to an end", a voice coming from the portal said
Emerging from the portal was the enemy cloud had been waiting for, Sephiroth.
"You don't seem happy to see me, cloud".
"Why would I be?", Cloud replied with anger in his voice.
"You cant tell me that you aren't excited to finally end this long battle, don't you want to end this nightmare once and for all?".
Sephiroth to a step closer to cloud, as he did so Cloud got into a guarding stance, from the looks of it cloud was prepared for this battle. In fact he was never more prepared in his entire life.
"Are you really prepared to die so soon?", Sephiroth asked with eagerness in his voice.
"My blood wont be the one spilled today", cloud replied, revealing his buster blade, enough to where Sephiroth could see what Cloud was packing.
"You seem ready to begin, shall we?", Septhiroth asked as he vanished from the front of Cloud to behind him striking him in the back with the hilt of his blade, Cloud fell forward but caught himself and jumped to his feet. He look to where Sephiroth had hit him but he wasn't there, He pulled his blade from his back, and held it in front of him ready to fight. Cloud stood their looking for Sephiroth, waiting for him to attack, all of a sudden a boulder came out of nowhere and was about to crush him flat, but he jumped out of the way. Cloud looked behind at the boulder, (still on the ground), and as he turned his head the blade of a 9 foot katana was at his throat, Cloud recognized the blade, it belonged to Sephiroth.
"You cant beat me cloud, just give up, if you do I swear to make your death as quick as possible", Sephiroth continued, "and don't worry about being alone, in due time your friends and everything you ever cared for will join you".
At that moment Cloud had a rage of fury go through his body, he moved out of the way of the
blade and swung his blade at him to cut the basterd in two, but Sephiroth was to fast, he dodged the blade with ease.
"If that's the best you have then I hate to say it, but you have already lost", Sephiroth said as he grinned evilly.
Cloud stood up and gripped his blade tight, got into his defensive stance and waited.
"Are you completely out of your mind cloud? Why fight me when we both know that you and I can change this world and create a new more dominant world, we can make the world the way our mother attempted so long ago, what do you say Cloud?".
Cloud looked at Sephiroth for awhile before giving him his answer, and it wasn't the answer he was looking for.
"NEVER!", Cloud replied.
"What? Do you deny my offer?",
"Yes, I would never join a power hungry maniac, like you Sephiroth"
"then you just signed your death warrant". As Sephiroth was done speaking he charged at cloud with full speed, he swung his sword in all directions, and Cloud was desperately trying to block every attack. But he was doing very well at it. Sephiroth backed up and then charged with one full attack, cloud followed his exact movement and their swords clashed together. Sparks flew from their swords, Cloud was trying desperately not to let his enemy over power him. Sephiroth had incredible strength, no wonder he was a general for the SOLDIERS.
"Resistance is futile, if we keep this up, one of us will die, and I'm sure we all know who it will be don't we Cloud", Sephiroth said, as he was forcing Cloud back with his undeniable strength.
"I wont say it again Sephiroth, but my blood wont be spilled today", Cloud pushed Sephiroth back with force he never new he had, then he charged in for the kill, when he reached Sephiroth and was about to end the monsters life a bullet missed his face by about an inch. Cloud fell back and got up quick just in case another bullet happened to come his way again. He looked up to where the bullet came from, their was what looked like a teenage boy standing their holding a gun, Cloud knew he was the one who shot it because of the smoke coming from the barrel of the gun. The boy was dressed in black, and had sliver hair that hung to his shoulders and green eye's that resembled Sephiroth, Cloud recognized him, it was Kadaj.
"It seems as if you might need my help brother, isn't this wonderful, three brothers fighting to the death, each with different goals, it makes my blood boil, how about you?", Kadaj said looking at his brothers, awaiting for their answers.
"This has nothing to do with you Kadaj", Cloud said, he wasn't happy that he interrupted the attack that would of ended the nightmare forever. Kadaj jumped down from the cliff to where Cloud and Sephiroth where.
"please go on, don't let my presence stop you, please continue". Kadaj said as he sat on a boulder.
"why are you so eager for us to begin?" Cloud asked.
"so that one of you will lose and hopefully die so I can kill the victor and put my plan to work".
"I don't care if you watch Kadaj but when I win I doubt you will be able to kill me", Sephiroth said gripping his katana, "now Cloud lets begin, THE END!", Sephiroth said as he rushed towards cloud, Cloud jumped to the side and swung his blade towards Sephiroth, but Sephiroth's speed was unmatched, he blocked the attack by swinging his blade behind him, but he was trapped, all Cloud had to do now was move his blade to the right and his enemy would taste the steel of his blade, but for some reason Cloud could taste blood in his mouth, he couldn't tell why, he was so occupied by attempting to kill Sephiroth that he forgot about Kadaj. Kadaj's blade went through his stomach, he pulled his sword out of Clouds stomach and Cloud fell to the ground. Cloud's vision went dark, He could see someone walking towards him, but he couldn't tell if it was Kadaj or Sephiroth, then their was something red that covered him, the he blacked out.
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