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part five

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Remmie Epps joins the FBI

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Washington, DC
FBI Headquarters

Remmie glanced at Carey who sat beside her in the unmarked car weaving its way through the traffic "you'll be brief as to what you will be doing when you we arrive. Director Carter will be your boss" Carey informed her as Remmie nodded, turning her attention back to the building crawling pass her window. They had taken a private jet which had amazed Remmie; they were then picked up in a car. She had never seen so many buildings, for that matter she had never seen the outside world; it was over crowded, noisy and smelly. The car pulled to a stopped outside a building marked FBI, Remmie waited until Carey exited the car and slammed the door. She climbed out and studied the building. It was glass fronted which made it shine in the morning sun light. Trees and shrubs dotted the front walkway, people dressed smartly buzzed around outside many walking in and out the building. Two guards stood alert outside "you ok Remmie" Carey asked as Remmie nodded, looking up to the top floors "what will I have to do" Remmie questioned as Carey looked to her "helping one of the FBI's most prominent teams" Carey stated as he shut the door and nodded to the driver. He waved a hand towards the building and guided Remmie.
The interior was spotless and dull. A few paintings hanged around the lobby area, leafy trees stood beside each leather three seat. A blue marble desk stood in front of four elevators. Two operators sat behind the desk, smiling politely. Carey stood in front of a red head and smiled at her "general Carey, I'm here to see director Carter" Carey stated as the red nodded still holding her smile "oh good morning General Carey, Director Carter is expecting you and your companion but an Admiral Van Holt phoned ahead and requested that you contact him immediately" the red head stated as Carey nodded and looked at Remmie "would it be possible for my companion to go ahead" Carey asked as the red head nodded "of course sir, miss if you take the second elevator and go to the fifth floor a guard will escort you to the directors office" the red head stated before Remmie looked at Carey who smiled "press the button marked up and once in side hit the button marked five" Carey explained as Remmie nodded then walked briskly towards the steel doors whilst the red head raised her eyebrows but said nothing.

He was late, and wasn't the usual five minutes late, he was the bad late that sometimes got you fired or worse pulled up in front of the director like a bad school boy. Agent Mackenzie Cohen skidded when he raced into the lobby of the FBI head quarters. Any other day would be fine but after a thirteenth girl was taken he was being watched by the director very closely. Mac waved to the two desk clerks only barely noticing the dark general standing by the desk dialing a number on the standard black phones. Not slowing down he slipped into the second elevator just before the doors closed. Taking a deep breath he sent a thank you to who ever was helping this morning. The only reason he was late was because he had been working till four o'clock that morning, and having to get up at six he over slept by an hour. Mac reached and hit the button for seven and sighed before looking towards his elevator companion. Mac straightened when he took the young woman in for the first time. Her rich brown hair had been clipped back, showing off her rounded face. Her slim figure was accentuated by a white buttoned shirt and black boot cut trousers, Mac cleared his throat and straightened his tie. He had gone with a basic dark blue suit. Mac looked at the woman again as the elevator began to ascend "morning" Mac greeted causing the woman to look at him and raised an eyebrow at his ruffled hair and unshaven face "good morning" she greeted before looking back towards the door. Mac looked away before rocking on his heels and looked at her again "I'm agent Cohen, I don't believe I've seen you around here before" he stated as the woman looked at him again with an expressionless face "Remmie Epps, I have never been here before" she stated matter of factly before looking at the door again "right, just visiting" Mac asked as Remmie sighed and looked at him "I don't do tiny talk" Remmie admitted as Mac frowned before he smiled "small talk" he corrected causing Remmie to look at him "excuse me" Remmie as Mac smiled even more "it's called small talk and why don't you do it" Mac questioned as Remmie sighed "it's irrelevant, two strangers attempt to fill the awkward silence with small talk that mean nothing to each other only to depart with awkwardness because neither know each other well enough to say goodbye and mean it" Remmie stated before looking back straight ahead while Mac stared at her with confusion before he went to say something but closed his mouth before the doors pinged and opened. Remmie nodded to him before she walked out and spoke to the guards who nodded before the doors closed as Mac shook his head.

Director Mike Carter's office stood at the end of a long hallway, fronted by a serious and middle aged man. He regarded Remmie for a few moments before buzzing into the room behind him "yes" a gruff voice answered as the desk clerk continued to watch Remmie as he talked "sir there is a Miss Epps to see you" the clerk declared before general Carey hurried to her side "and General Carey" Carey ordered as the clerk looked him up and down "and a general Carey" the clerk stated before he waited "send them in" the voice ordered before the clerk gave a nod and pointed to a heavy and highly polished door behind him "go straight in" he ordered without even looking at them.
Carey opened the door and allowed Remmie to step in first to a large and well lit room. Book cases lined two walls and where filled with books, binders, photos and a few statues. A large slick black desk stood before two large windows over looking a lush garden where agents milled around. A middle aged man with dark hair sat, he had cared for himself and toned his muscles. He looked up from the papers spread across his desk, setting his hazel eyes on the pair over his rimless glasses. He looked from Carey to Remmie then back "General Carey, we've spoken on the phone" Carter declared as he stood and held his hand out. Carey stepped forward and took the other man's hand firmly before letting go and pointing to Remmie "and this is the expert I was telling you about" Carey declared as Remmie shook Carters hand "so is your past going to a problem" Carter asked as Remmie pulled her hand a little confused, questioningly she looked at Carey who sighed "I explained what happened to him. He had to know seeing as your going to be working for him" Carey explained as Remmie took a deep breath and looked at Carter "so is it" he asked again but Remmie shook her head "I don't believe it will... but I can not know for sure until I have started to work" Remmie admitted as Carter studied her with furrowed brows before he grinned "straight to the point I like it. I think your going to do well here" Carter declared as Carey smiled and looked at Remmie who raised an eyebrow "general your more than welcome to stay" Carter offered but Carey shook his head "I'm needed back on base" Carey admitted before looking at Remmie "you have an apartment set up for you, guards will still be watching you. You will have everything you need" Carey assured as Remmie nodded "understood" she admitted as Carey smiled at her, sadly he held his hand out and Remmie "good luck Remmie, any problems you have your direct number to my office and the base" Carey questioned as Remmie nodded letting go of Carey's hand "thank you general" she thanked before Carey nodded and gave a nod to Carter before turning and walking back out of the office.
Carter waited until the door shut before he looked at Remmie "let's get down to business shall we" he stated before walking around the desk, grabbing the grey jacket to his suit "you will be working with our best team here. Over seven months twelve girls have gone missing, the last five of them have been discovered mutilated" Carter told her slipping into his jacket and opening the door for her.
"Have you got any suspects... any links to the victims" Remmie questioned as the pair walked down the hallway towards the guarded elevators "no, each victim is different from the last. It's as though they are random" Carter told her as Remmie shook her head "there must be a connection, other wise you should have been able to capture him by now. Serial killers with random victims don't care about the victim, they are not important the act of killing itself is important and disposing of the body is an after thought for the killer" Remmie stated as Carter looked at her "yep your going to fit in well" he stated hitting a button for the elevator.

Mac strolled into his team's room. The room held a large desk around which he and the rest of the team sat and spoke. Glass doors stood at the back leading to a set of stairs that led to the lab and examining room. Mac lead his small team with fellow agent Jack Mathis, most agents refused this position due to the fact that the team consisted of four doctors each bringing their specialized skills to the team in order to solve cases deemed unsolvable or difficult. Mac looked down and saw the team sitting in the lab beneath him. He walked over to the door and swiped his ID card and pulled the door open and walked down the stairs. The team looked towards him and fellow agent Mathis pushed over the stainless steel counter top "well morning sleeping beauty" Mathis greeted scratching at his short dirty blonde hair. Mac shot him a look before heading straight over to the coffee machine "don't tell me you're all waiting around for my input" Mac asked not looking at his team. The only female of the team Doctor Sasha Halliwell grinned and sat up, her raven black hair was tied back but its natural curl caused strains slipped out of place and fell around her creamy heart shaped face "the boys here are getting excited, it seems our pleads have gone answered. Carter has appointed a new member to the team" Sasha stated as Mac looked at Mathis who nodded "heard the rumor this morning. Meant to be an expert or something, though I don't know why because we have the experts sitting here now" Mathis stated as Mac shook his head "no offence but of we were that good then we would have caught the sick bastard all ready" Mac pointed out causing a deep auburn haired man looked at him with wounded eyes "hey Mac we don't dig about your lack of tact do we now" Doctor Matthew Hawkins exclaimed before Mac shot him a look "you got my results" Mac demanded as Matthew handed him a folder "just as the others, no traces. This guy is good" "he's not good, he's sick and it will be a matter of time before we get him" Mac interrupted causing everyone to look at each other "I got a face for the girl, the twelfth girl" a voice stated from beside Sasha, Doctor Monty Yu stepped forward and showed the team a picture of an African American female with delicate and soft features. Her dark hair hung loosely around her face. Mac studied the face and sighed before handing the reconstruction back to Monty, the Chinese doctor took it back and gave Mac a look "she's different" he stated as Mac grabbed his coffee and squared his jaw "just like the others. Their too different" Mac snapped as Mathis looked at Mac "like you said we're going to get him" Mathis admitted as Mac nodded "alright people, lets put a name to this face and tell her family she isn't coming home" Mac declared as everyone nodded before Mac zeroed in on the youngest member of the team lab tech Sam Jones who was nervously shuffling a stack of papers. His deep green deer like eyes turned towards Mac and stared at him "from the small amounts of flesh I was able to take from the bones I couldn't find any traces of drugs or anything to suggest that she was chemical subdued" Sam admitted as Mac shook his head "but that doesn't mean she wasn't given something that would dissolved in the system after a few hours" Mac questioned as Sam nodded "it's possible" Sam admitted before he looked up towards the main and frowned. Mac stared at him before he turned and looked up director Mike Carter stood before the window talking to someone out of view. He caught Mac's gaze and gave him a sharp nod. Mac looked to Mathis who shrugged before walking over to Mac and watched their boss "think that's the new kid" Mathis asked as Mac folded his arms "well who ever he is he better be good" Mac declared before Carter walked to the door and swiped his card, holding the door open allowing someone to walk out first. Mac straightened when he saw it was the woman from the elevator. The rest of the team watched as Carter and Remmie walk down the stairs.

As Remmie stepped down the steps fragments of memories echoed around her brain. She had seen a room like this before, a wall lined with machinery. But she couldn't pinpoint when she had been in room like that before. Carter stepped forward "this is Ms Remmie Epps, she will be assisting you in your investigation" Carter declared before motioned to Mac and Mathis "those two are agents Mac Cohen and Jack Mathis" Carter introduced as Mathis nodded but Mac looked at them "we've already met" Mac stated causing Carter to raise his eyebrow before looking at Remmie who nodded "that must have been an experience" Carter stated in a firm tone ignoring the wounded expression.
"And this is Doctor Sasha Halliwell, she is a behavior specialist, she helps us understand the criminal mind" Carter stated as Remmie nodded before Sasha grinned "thank god there's another woman on the team, I was getting snowed under with all the talk of football. Believe me these guys could talk the hind legs off a horse" Sasha admitted causing Remmie to frown at her "I don't understand what that means" Remmie stated matter of factly. Sasha raised her eyebrows before the men looked at each. Carter straightened and looked at Remmie "common expression, mean they can talk for ever about football" Carter stated as Remmie nodded before lowering her eyes.
"Um this is Doctor Monty Yu, he reconstructs facial images. He gives faces to skulls" Carter told her as Remmie nodded and smiled to Monty who nodded "welcome" he stated before Carter looked at Matthew "this is doctor Matthew Hawkins, he is an expert in entomology, and breaking down partials to discern where the victims have been" Carter stated as Remmie nodded and looked at Matthew he chewed on gum "and our youngest recruit Sam Jones, he is becoming the best with DNA" Carter beamed as Sam ducked his head with embarrassment. Carter sighed "and this is the team, Remmie will help with the skeletons and the crime scenes" Carter ordered but no one nodded. "Right good, Miss Epps any problems come and see me, I'll leave you lot it. I want up dates" Carter ordered before he turned and walked up the stairs but stopped and looked at Mac "and Agent Cohen if you need a new alarm clock I would gladly buy you one. We can't have you turning up late for work" Carter stated giving Mac a pointed look. Mac smirked as Carter walked out before he looked at Remmie who looked from each team member "oh for god sake" Sasha exclaimed as she stepped forward and held her hand out "hey" Sasha greeted before Remmie shook her hand "hello" she greeted before Sasha took Remmie by the arm over to a clear board that held pictures of twelve girls names written beneath each one and paper tact to the board with information about each girl "how much did Carter tell" Sasha questioned as Remmie studied the girls faces "twelve girls have been abducted over the past seven months, the last five have been discovered murdered" Remmie told her as Sasha nodded "that's correct. But the problem is we've found no connection between any of the women that were killed. Well at least not among the last ones, however the first and second victims are similar in their facial features. Shannon Moore and Carrie Gregson were the first two that we knew of, both twenty one years of age, both had blonde hair and came from good families who both reported them missing three days after they were abducted" Sasha explained as Remmie nodded "after the first two they were all different, my theory is that the first two were apart of a pattern. He got smarter after that changing the type of victim" Sasha stated as Remmie glanced at her "it's no longer about the victim it's the power and pleasure of the kill" Remmie declared as Sasha nodded "but like I said he's getting smarter, the need to kill normal over powers the killer, as though he craves and feeds on it to nourish himself and with those killers they are more likely to make more mistakes as their killings spiral out of control" Sasha explained as Remmie looked at her "but this killer hasn't, because it isn't a craving for him, he may prefer the killing to the victim but he is still in control over his actions. He saviors the kill" Remmie declared as Sasha nodded "can I look at the bones" Remmie asked as Sasha glanced at Mac who was watching them along with the rest of the team "ask Mac, he's the boss" Sasha stated as Remmie turned and walked over to Mac "I need to see the remains" she declared as Mac raised his eyebrows "please" he stated as Remmie frowned before sighing "please may I see the remains of all the women you have found" Remmie declared as Mac took a deep breath before looking at Mathis "phone Pollok, tell him we're viewing the bodies" Mac ordered as Mathis nodded and watched as Mac lead Remmie out of the room.
Sasha walked back over to the men "twenty she won't last the week" Matthew declared as Sasha grinned "I give her two days" Mathis stated causing Matthew to snort "I give her to the end of the day before Mac scares her away" Monty stated as Sasha shook her head "twenty she stays" Sasha stated before she walked away.

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