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part seven

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Remmie Epps was taken as a child and 19 years later is looking for who she is

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Remmie made notes as she looked at the skeleton of the third victim discovered. Crystal Dane was the second eldest to go missing. Alive she had fiery red hair, bright green eyes and pale skin. She had been found in a river, seeming to have been weighted down but the body was loosened and she moved along with the tide. Her arm was broken in five places and some of the small fragments were lost.
Scrubbing at her nose as her hair tickled it, the cause of death was guessed as drowning but Remmie had discovered deep groves on the one scaphoid discovered. Looking over the many notes taken cuts had been discovered on the flesh but because it was too decomposed and ripped it was determined to be caused by ride through the river but Remmie believed she had discovered the cause of death. Her wrists had been cut causing her to bleed out.

Remmie finally straightened when pains shot up and down her back due to her bending over the skeleton. There was three black body bags lying on the steel tables, Phoebe Brennan had been strangled with such force that her cervical vertebrae had been fracture. She was twenty years old and still lived with her parents. She had gone missing whilst traveling home from the stables at which she had worked at for over two years. She had been stabbed several times.
Remmie rubbed her eyes, when she open them she saw Mathis standing in front of the doors "got anything" Mathis questioned holding to foam cups, he strolled over to her and handed her one of the cups "thank you" she thanked before looking at her notes "I have found nothing more on these skeletons than has been written in the autopsy notes" Remmie stated as Mathis nodded and glanced at the skeletons "is he a psycho" Mathis asked as Remmie frowned at him "I don't understand what that means" Remmie admitted causing Mathis to stare at her "you know loopy, swinging from the lights, mad, screw loose mental" Mathis declared as Remmie understood before shaking her head "I don't believe he is mentally unstable. In fact he is completely sane, he's become confident in his killing" Remmie admitted as Mathis watched her "each death has been how he wanted it, apart from Lucy Ramon" Remmie admitted causing Mathis to stare at her "what you mean" he asked as Remmie looked at him "Lucy Ramon died because bleeding in her brain" Remmie told him but Mathis shrugged "maybe that's what he wanted" Mathis offered causing Remmie to look at him but say nothing.
"I did find something with Holly Wicks remains" Remmie admitted as she glanced at her notes "what" Mathis asked cocking his eyebrow "the inside of her Fibula show signs of a healed fractures... her feet are arched and the joints in her phalanx are smoothed which on it's on may mean she was a runner but I think she was a professional horse rider" Remmie stated as Mathis sipped his coffee and looked at the bones "we didn't get anything about her job with horses" Mathis stated as Remmie shook her head and bent over the notes "this would be recreational, perhaps when she was younger" Remmie told him as Mathis nodded "well we'll go talk to the parents" Mathis declared before the doors opened and Mac stepped in "about what" Mac questioned as both Remmie and Mathis looked at him "she's good Mac" Mathis declared as Mac nodded and walked over to them "gathered that... who are we talking to" Mac asked as Mathis sighed "Holly Wicks was a professional horse rider... recreational" Mathis stated as Mac thought "well, Holly Wicks parents had an healthy bank account, it makes sense that they would send her to the best stable in the city... the exact stables Phoebe Brennan worked at" Mac declared as Mathis nodded.

Mac thought for a few moments before he gave Mathis a smile "divide and conquer" he questioned as Mathis nodded "I'll take the parents you get the stables" Mathis declared as Mac nodded "ok... and for god sake drink your coffee before you drive, I'm not explaining to Carter why you had to go home to treat burns" Mac declared as Mathis nodded and they began towards the door "I want to go to the stables" Remmie declared as she stood causing both men to look at her "why" Mac questioned as Remmie frowned "well Phoebe Brennan's body was discovered there... I would like to search the area" Remmie declared as Mac looked at Mathis then back "ok" he stated before they turned and walked out.
Mac glanced at Remmie as they drove, though not as busy as that morning the traffic was still heavy. Remmie had said nothing during their journey so far, after requesting a bag and few items for collecting she didn't say another word. Mac was beginning to become bored. By now he and Mathis would be arguing over sports or their latest dates. Taking a deep breath Mac looked back at the road ahead "where did you use to work" Mac questioned receiving a look from Remmie but Mac waved a hand "I know, I know you don't small talk but you know what that before you were assigned to my team" Mac looked at Remmie who continued to stare at him "humor me, please" Mac pleaded as Remmie sighed and looked out the window "I'm not at liberty to say" Remmie declared as Mac raised an eyebrow and continued to drive "why" he asked as Remmie looked at him "because of my time spent with the military... I would like to make this clear any reform to explain or expand on my past is not out of dislike of you or your team it because I have been ordered to restrict what I say about my self. My past is troubled and many details are still held from me also" Remmie stated as Mac looked at her "what does that mean" Mac questioned as Remmie gave him a look.
"Sorry... it's the agent me, ever since I can remember I've always asked a lot of questions. It's what made me want to be an agent... well I wanted to be a detective but I hit university by the time I was finished the FBI seemed like a good enough place for me, it offered the best and I could save the day" Mac declared with a childish grin on his face. He glanced at Remmie and looked away "sorry, I forgot you don't do small talk" Mac stated but Remmie shook her head "I was listening" she stated as Mac looked at her then smiled as he watched the road.

It had taken two hours to drive to the stables and twenty minutes of winding around the main dirt road to stop in front of large wooden gates with a metal speaker box beside them "FBI agent Cohen and Miss Epps" Mac declared into the speaker box after a few minutes the gates swung in wards and Mac drove the car up the gravel path. A large manor house stood straight against the sky. Mac pulled stopped the car and climbed out followed by Remmie who grabbed her stuff "we'll talk to the manger. Mrs. Banks stays on the grounds all year round; she maintains everything the staff, horses and clients. Last time me and Mathis was here she got prissy because we were meant to be scaring the wealthy away" Mac declared as Remmie nodded noting the path leading around the side of the house to the stables and riding area "I want to see where Phoebe Brennan was discovered" Remmie ordered as Mac grinned "well, we have to introduce ourselves before going around poking at things" Mac ordered before the large and heavy oak doors leading into the manor swung open and a grey haired woman stepped out in a fleece and leggings. Her aged face looking firm and natural "Mrs. Banks, afternoon" Mac greeted as Mrs. Banks stepped down the steps glaring at Mac "agent Cohen I thought we had seen the last of you" Mrs. Banks snipped not taking her eyes off Mac "well what can I say you keep drawing me back" Mac joked looking at Remmie who was studying the immediate area "agent Cohen" Mrs. Banks growled as Mac propped his hands on his hips "Phoebe Brennan" "was worked for me, we found her body here" Mrs. Banks spat. A shiver running down her spine "we know, she's among a list of girls that were abducted and killed... we came here to ask you if you know another girl named Holly Wicks, she was a professional rider and seeing as this is the best riding school and stables I thought she would have been sent here" Mac declared as Mrs. Banks folded her arms "yes... about five years ago. She was good probably could have gone all the way but she fell off her horse" "fractioning her leg" Remmie inputted as Mrs. Banks stared at her before nodding "yes... how did you know that" Mrs. Banks questioned as Remmie stepped forward "I examined the skeletal remains of Holly Wicks" Remmie stated matter of factly. Mrs. Banks paled while Mac shot Remmie a look but said nothing to her "my colleague here needs to examine the stable where Phoebe was discovered and I will need to ask you more about Holly" Mac stated as Mrs. Banks nodded and motioned to the side path.

Remmie looked at the stall in which phoebe Brennan was discovered. The stall was still bare, no hay had been land down after the scene was cleared "how many ways in here" Remmie asked ignoring the smell "three, the main entrance which you passed to get here, the riding trails that lead in one circle through the woods and the service entrance" Mrs. Banks told her as Remmie straightened and walked out of the stables followed by Mrs. Banks and Mac "they have cameras on the main entrance and the trails if there's a problem" Mac told her as Remmie walked towards the service entrance "what about this way" Remmie asked as Mac looked at Mrs. Banks "we have sensors that track the license plate of any car coming in" Mrs. Banks stated as Remmie looked at the gate leading up the service path "just cars" Remmie asked as Mrs. Banks nodded playing with the collar of her fleece "well that's all we need to know" she stated as Mac looked at Mrs. Banks "we're going need to see those records" Mac ordered as Mrs. Banks looked at him "you already seen them" Mrs. Banks stated as Mac gave her a look "humor me" he ordered as Mrs. Banks sighed.
Mac watched over Remmie's shoulder as she typed on the computer "ok what are you looking for because she can demand for a warrant" Mac asked as Remmie studied the results "the sensors are set to detect any pressure placed the pads beneath the ground. What is recorded and sent straight to the user, is the cars because of the weight. But the sensors also detect when a sufficient amount of pressure is placed on them. Taking that in consideration the killer may have gotten through unseen" Remmie stated as Mac smirked.
"Well the last car noted to come in was at 0300 hours and left at 0315, belonged to one of the three night guards assigned to look after the horses during the night, one Simon Hutton. He checked out" Mac told her and Remmie typed on the computer and brought up another file and looked through the numbers displayed "the pressure sensors were set off at 0332 hours the morning on which Phoebe Brennan was discovered" Remmie told him as Mac thought "the night before Phoebe Brennan was discovered Simon Hutton was rotated to patrol that area. He might have seen something" Mac declared as he slapped the back of the chair making Remmie jump then look at him "come on, we have a suspect" Mac ordered as Remmie stood "you can not assume that" Remmie ordered as Mac smiled "just watch me, come one we're going to collect Hutton" Mac ordered as he walked out of the office followed by Remmie.

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