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part nine

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to be contiuned

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Mac and Remmie looked away from the two mirror to see Mathis stroll in. the observation room was dimly lit and smelled of stale cigarettes and coffee. The ceiling tiles were stained yellow. Mac raised an eyebrow at his partner "I paged you over an hour ago" Mac declared as Mathis shrugged "sorry, it took longer to reach the Wicks place then I first thought and then I had to grab something to eat" Mathis declared as Mac shook his head "well we collected Simon Hutton, what you get from the parents" Mac asked as he watched Sasha and Simon Hutton speaking. Simon Hutton was a nervous man by nature, his thin fingers twisted and picked at each other. The muscle in his right eye twitched throughout the interview.
"Holly Wicks did attend the stables, but she left. Her fathers take on it was that she got bored of the riding out grew it. The real reason according to her mother was that some one was always watching her. Mother couldn't give me a name" Mathis admitted as Mac nodded before he turned the volume up on the intercom. Sasha's soothing voice filled the room "I didn't have anything to do with that girl's death I told you that" Hutton's high pitched voice declared. Mac lent forward and hit the microphone leading to Sasha's ear piece "question him about Holly Wicks. The girl rode at the stables" Mac ordered as Sasha gave a slight nod "Mr. Hutton; I need to ask you about another young lady, who attended the stables. Her name was Holly Wicks, do you remember her" Sasha questioned as Hutton sat up like a pole at the mention of the name. Licking his thin lips his dark brown eyes darted around the room like he was a cornered rat "I didn't touch that girl" Hutton squeaked causing Sasha to straighten "I didn't say you did Mr. Hutton, all I asked was if you knew of her... did you know her on a personal level" Sasha asked as Hutton slumped his shoulders rubbing at his forehead, his thin fingers drawing circles "they didn't understand her... no one did" Hutton stated as Sasha studied him "expect you" she questioned gently as Hutton looked at her, his eyes borrowing into her "yes... you think it's wrong don't you... but it wasn't, it wasn't like what she thought I didn't want her... I wanted to help her, she wanted to be free of her parents, of that life but they wouldn't let her... parents always make you do things that you don't want to do" Hutton stated firmly as Sasha nodded and gave him a small smile "did you tell her that" she asked as Hutton looked at the table before them "yes... but she didn't want to listen" Hutton stated as Sasha nodded and folded her hands on the table "what did you say to her" Sasha probed as Hutton lent back in his chair "that I understood... I could help her get away from it but she didn't want my help... no one ever wants my help" Hutton stated sadly.
Mac lent forward and switched the intercom off "I've heard enough, the son of a bitch did it" Mac snapped as Remmie gave him a look "have you searched his home" Remmie asked as Mac looked at her "yes, most of the stuff is down stairs. But it won't tell us much, we need him to tell us where the last victim is" Mac ordered as Remmie thought "if he did dispose of Phoebe Brennan's body at the stables then why Holly Wicks' as well and if it was him he activated the sensors at 0332 hours then why didn't he use his car to transport the body in stead of carrying it" Remmie asked as Mathis frowned "what I miss" Mathis asked as Mac looked away from Remmie "the stables have a pressure activated sensors at the service entrance, they log when anything puts enough pressure on them but only logs the license plate of cars" Mac explained as Mathis thought "we didn't know that" he stated as Mac looked at Remmie who was staring at him "we do know and this guy has something to do with those deaths, look at him his twitching... guilt" Mac stated as Mathis raised an eyebrow "or perhaps he doesn't trust law enforcement" Remmie offered before there was a knock at the observation door and Monty walked in "what is it" Mac asked looking away from Remmie and folding his arms. Monty took a deep breath glancing towards Hutton and Sasha before looking back at Mac "they've found another body, it's the thirteenth victim she's on the way down to Pollok" Monty stated as Mac rubbed his forehead and Remmie looked at Hutton as he spoke to Sasha "well at least we know no more girls are going to go missing" Mac stated as Remmie studied the man accused of murdering young women. A strange sense of doubt ran through her mind. Though she had never really used her instincts before she knew that Hutton didn't kill those women.
"Monty starting putting a face to the body, Mathis find out what Hutton was doing when the girls went missing" Mac ordered as both men nodded and walked out "and you, we're going to look at a body" Mac ordered as he walked out followed by Remmie who stopped "I don't think he did it" Remmie stated causing Mac to stop and look at her "what" he asked as Remmie stepped forward staring him directly in the eyes "I don't believe Simon Hutton murdered any of those women" Remmie declared as Mac rubbed his forehead "ok, ok so maybe he didn't kill any of the other girls but he had something to do with Phoebe Brennan's and Holly Wicks death I know that for sure" He admitted as Remmie shook her head "I don't believe he had anything to do with any of the deaths" Remmie stated firmly folding her arms. The pair stood staring at each other in silence before Mac's cell rung. Slowly he pulled the cell out and answered it still staring at Remmie as though trying to win some unspoken war "Cohen" Mac snapped before a voice made him look away "ok, I'm on my way" he ordered before hanging up "Pollok is waiting for you, I'll be down soon" he ordered before stalking past her leaving Remmie shaking her head.

Pollok looked up when Remmie walked into the morgue "the only one I like, Remmie isn't it" Pollok asked as Remmie nodded looking at the body "Remmie Epps, what have you found doctor" Remmie questioned looking a blonde hair dirtied with blood, mud and other debris "a baby" Pollok declared making Remmie look at him with confusion "this young lady here was pregnant, not far along... that's where testing comes in useful but she was pregnant but here's the real kicker, she was miscarrying" Pollok informed her as Remmie stared at the bruised and bloody face of the young woman laying on the table "have you discovered why" Remmie asked as Pollok shrugged "could be a number of reasons, stress or the killer knew what he was doing" Pollok stated as Remmie frowned and felt the skin "how long has she been dead" Remmie questioned as Pollok looked at his notes "ME on the scene said liver temp was consistent with her being dead for five to six hours" Pollok declared causing Remmie to frown in thought "she was discovered two hours ago, so three to four hours before hand her body was dumped" Pollok told her giving her a strange look "what is it" he asked as Remmie stared at him "Simon Hutton didn't kill this woman" Remmie told him matter of factly as Pollok shrugged "what the guy you have upstairs" he asked as Remmie nodded "yes, he was unable to kill this woman, agent Cohen took Simon into custody an hour ago. Simon Hutton visits his grandmother in her retirement home for seven hours a day. He has an witnesses" Remmie stated as Pollok looked at the girl laying on his table then sighed "well then your sick son of a bitch is still out there and from what I heard, he's probably looking for his new victim" Pollok declared as Remmie glanced at him.

The hidden figure flipped through the pictures he held in his hand, stroking the still image of Maggie Lawson's face. Her hazel eyes alive in the photo and her chocolate brown hair whipping behind her in the wind. The figure put the photos away before turning back to the computer and discovering he was finally in the security system of the Stables at which Phoebe Brennan was discovered.

To Be Continued...
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