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Roxi was cold.. From Lost in Macrona. My Manga/Anime series.

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Shivering- (Roxi x Alex fic)

In an underground bunker outside Macrona City, a now desolate and hellish place, much like the rest of the world, a small colony of surviving humans lived in a somewhat protected community, and as bad as the situation was, the luxuries of running water and hot food made many forget about the impending death and destruction that lurked over them each day.
But despite this partially safe environment, protected from the horrors of the outside world and despite the blessing of living this long in a safe home, the nights were frigid cold, and most perished in this seemingly intolerable night. Most people slept with space heaters inches from their bed and most huddled together. But some were not so lucky. Late at night, in the freezing cold barracks that served as a bedroom, sitting on the top bunk of an old army bunk bed, sat a young girl, not older than just sixteen years old. She shivered, pulling her legs close to her body to keep warm as her auburn hair covered her face, which bore a sad and lonely expression, much different from her usual happy and cheerful disposition. Her name was Roxanne Thompson, or Roxi for short.
She sighed, looking at the other bunks in the room. Children, brothers and sisters cuddled to keep warm and even Sharon and the mysterious Sharem slept relatively close that night.
She felt alone, sitting up on her bunk, looking at everyone sleeping, sharing the night with someone while she sat alone. So she sat there, alone and shivering. Not even wearing her favorite Roxy long-sleeved shirt and heavy jacket could keep her warm this night. They did nothing to purge the cold, lingering loneliness from her heart. There wasn't a garment that could do that, that could take these dark feelings away. The couldn't take away the feeling of being absolutely alone.
A tear rolled down her cheek as she sat there.
Maybe...maybe I've always been alone.. She though. Her father left when she was just five years old and her mother died soon after from heart disease. But she knew she died from a broken heart because of her father. After that she lived with her grandparents and soon met her best friend Alex, and the feeling of being desperately alone started to fade just a bit, but it never really disappeared from her heart. But now her grandparents were dead, killed in the hellfire just a week earlier that decimated the earth population. And now, she feared, Alex and her family would leave her too.
She lifter her arm, looking at the face of her watch in the dim light cast by the emergency lights running along the paneling on the floor. It read 1:57 am. She hoped no one heard her; she didn't want to plague anyone with her sadness.
Everyone has their own problems, they don't need mine. She thought.
A sudden creak, like weight on old wood planks caught her attention. Roxi looked as a dark haired girl climbed the ladder and sat on the bed in front of her, looking at her apprehensively.
"Allie?" Roxi asked, "Did I wake you?" she said, wiping her eyes.
Alex smiled, shaking her head.
"No. I can't sleep either. It's too friggin cold." She said, rubbing her arms. "Why were you crying?"
"No reason.' Roxi said, curling protectively.
I don't need to bother her with my problems. She thought.
Roxi was caught by surprise when she felt Alex's arms wrap around her and pull her in close to her. She looked inquisitively with her emerald green eyes at Alex, her head resting on her shoulder.
"Allie...?" she asked, so quiet it was almost a whisper.
"Just because your family isn't here, and you don't have someone special to hold you don't mean you should be alone. You shouldn't have to cry yourself to sleep because you're so cold, so we'll keep each other warm, ok?" Alex smiled as she lay down and adjusted herself. A tear strolled down Roxi's cheek once more, but this time, she was no longer alone, or shivering.

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