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Freak Out

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Songfic to Avril's "Freak Out". Yami gets bored and decides to cause havoc. Cussing, comic mischief.

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Tea Gardner, Yami Bakura, Yami Yugi, Yugi Mutou - Published: 2006-11-20 - Updated: 2006-11-21 - 1217 words - Complete

Note: Songfic. Wrote it quite some time ago. Once again, something I used to have on my ffn account, but I deleted it when too many people pissed me off. Hope you enjoy it. Lyrics are in italics.

(blah) hikari

blah yami

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, though I'd like to

Chapter 1, Freak Out:

Yami walked around Domino City looking for a decent challenge to amuse himself with, so far, he'd been searching for several hours without any luck. He let out a bored sigh and continued his search for a worthy opponent.

(Yami, you know you shouldn't go looking for trouble just because you're bored, there are tons of things you can do to entertain yourself.)

I'd prefer having a decent battle for once

(But Yami, you could get in trouble)

Do you really think I care about getting into trouble?

(Yami, everyone thinks you're me)

That's because everyone's so stupid it's sad

(Yami! You really shouldn't talk that way about other people!)

Yugi, why don't you go play with your little friends and let me try to find something that isn't boring as hell

(Yami, that was mean)

Oh boo-hoo, why don't you go cry about it then?

Yami cut off his mind link with Yugi, he didn't want to have to put up with his hikari's speeches about what he should and shouldn't do.

You try to tell me

What I shouldn't do

You should know by now

I won't listen to you

Walk around with my hands

Up in the air

'Cause I don't care

He walked through the alleyways looking for at least someone to duel and entertain himself by kicking them flat on their over-sized ego ass. No one was around, not even to tease or pick on. He came walking out of the alley bored as hell, and was he surprised by who he saw standing only a few yards away. Anzu was standing by the water fountain, talking on that horrid pink cell phone of hers.

"This could be fun," he said to himself under his breath. He snuck up quietly behind Anzu. 'Heh, I know what'll spook her,' he thought. He suddenly grabbed her around her waist and yelled, "Konichiwa Anzu-chan!!!" Anzu let out a scream and dropped her cell phone.

"Y-Yami!? Is that you!?" she asked nervously.

"You bet Aibou-chan!" he nuzzled her back and smirked. Playing with Anzu's mind wasn't very entertaining, but when there was nothing else to do, it could be fun at times.

"Y-Yami...are you feeling alright!?" she asked.

I'm all right

I'm fine

Just freak out let it go

Anzu bent down to grab her cell phone; Yami took this opportunity to slap her ass really hard. Anzu yelped and jumped up; Yami ran like hell. Anzu began chasing Yami down through the alleyways.

"Damn she runs fast when she's mad!" Yami said to himself as he quickly climbed up a fire escape and through a window leading into an abandoned apartment.

"Yami! Yami where did you go!? Yami! Get back here before I get mad!" Anzu yelled as she ran into the alley underneath the fire escape.

"As you wish," he yelled. He jumped out the window and over the fire escape, landing cat-like on the ground.

"What the hell has gotten into you!?" screamed Anzu.

"I think you're pretty," in his mind he started beating himself up for saying such a disgusting thing.

"Really!?" she blushed.

"No actually, I'm just bored as fuckin' hell," he smirked.

Anzu ran up and decked him in the face. She left the alley with only a triumphant "Hmph!".

I'm gonna live my life

I can't ever run and hide

I won't compromise

'Cause I'll never know

I'm gonna close my eyes

I can't watch the time go by

I won't keep it inside

Freak out let it go

Just freak out let it go

He decided to go to the arcade and see if there was anything there to keep him at least halfway entertained. When he walked into the arcade, he noticed that there was another DDR tournament going on. He slipped through the crowd and up to the front where he could see better, only to see that the current champion of the tournament was none other than his loathed enemy Bakura. He grinned evilly, this day was getting better and better.

"Yo! Tomb Robber!" he shouted, scaring Bakura half to death.

"What do you want!?" Bakura hissed.

Yami grinned, "What else than to say hello to my dear friend?"

Bakura fell over in shock, but quickly recovered and stood up. "I don't know what you're trying to pull Pharaoh, but I don't like that smile of yours one bit!"

"DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!" the crowd demanded.

Bakura then gave an evil grin of his own. "I challenge you to a game of DDR!"

"I'll accept your challenge Tomb Robber." Yami stepped up onto the dance platform and faced the screen. The crowd roared and cheered.

"You ready for this Pharaoh?" Bakura sneered.

"Hell yeah! Let's go!" they each slammed their fists on their own 'start' buttons, and the game began.

Yami tried to keep up with the beat in the music, but it was harder to do than he thought it would be. Several times he stumbled and almost fell, much to Bakura's amusement. Finally, the song such speed that Yami tripped over his own feet and went crashing down, his head meeting the metal of the dance platform.

Bakura burst out laughing at Yami, pointing and yelling insults at him. Yami stood up and slugged Bakura in the ribs, before kicking him between the legs, where it hurts most. Bakura yelled out in pain and he doubled over, cursing in fluent Egyptian.

You don't always have to

Do everything right

Stand up for yourself

And put up a fight

Walk around with your

Hands up in the air

Like you don't care

The arcade was filled with laughter and cringing as the crowd laughed and pointed at Bakura whimpering in pain because of a cheap shot taken by a Pharaoh. A fight broke out in the arcade between the people cheering for Bakura to get back up and fight, and the people who were laughing and pointing at him. A major riot started. The crowd started attacking Yami and Bakura. Yami happily fought back against the crowd, finally he was starting to be amused.

I'm alright

I'm fine

Just freak out let it go

On my own

Let it go

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

The manager of the arcade forced his way through the crowd and grabbed Yami by the hair. He dragged him out of the arcade and threw him out into the street.

"Don't you ever come back here again!" the manager yelled.

Yami got up and dusted himself off, before walking down the street. He was covered in bruises from the fighting, and his hair was really messed up. He walked down into another alleyway and laughed a psychotic laugh as he walked.

I'm gonna live life

I can't ever run and hide

I won't compromise

'Cause I'll never know

I'm gonna close my eyes

I can't watch the time go by

I won't keep it inside

Just freak out let it go
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