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And So It Begins

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A nice relaxing break in a woodland lodge. What could possibly go wrong?

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The main living area was a lot bigger than it looked possible to be from the outside and contained no less than four sofas.

The middle of the room was sunken about two feet below the rest of the floor and was filled with bean bags.

There was a large fireplace, complete with what looked like a three year supply of firewood.

The ceiling went up the full two floors, the second floor being nothing but a balcony that ran around the walls and led off to various other rooms.

They all collapsed onto the sofas appreciatively.

"Ok" Yami said cheerfully, taking charge just like he always did, "Tea, Mai, Serenity and Ishizu, your room is the first one at the top of the stairs."

The girls all nodded, grabbed their stuff and headed for their bedroom.

"Yugi, Ryou, Mokuba and Duke, you're in the first room on the left, I'll be in with Tristan, Malik and Joey on the right" Yami continued, "and..." he shot the remaining three a less than friendly look, "Marik, Bakura and Kaiba have the room right at the end of the left hand balcony."

"Hey!" Bakura snarled "This is our holiday too you know, you can't treat us like lepers."

"As I recall, you didn't even want to come" Yami sneered.

"You're right, I didn't, but I'm bloody well here now and I refuse to be picked on by the likes of you, midget man!" Bakura growled, advancing on Yami threateningly.

"Now, now, calm down" Tea reasoned, coming back down the stairs as her friendship radar alerted her to the current situation "nobody do anything rash, we're all frie-"

"DIE!!" Bakura screamed, forgetting about Yami and going for Tea instead.

There was a small click sound followed by a short whoosh and Bakura slumped onto the floor, mere inches from his target.

Ryou frowned in annoyance as he put the tranquiliser gun back in his bag "I was really hoping I wouldn't have to use that..."


The bedrooms each contained two bunk beds, a wardrobe, a side table and a sink. They were all spacious and comfortable.

"This is going to be great" Yugi squeaked, bouncing on the bed slightly as he got excited.

"If everyone behaves" Ryou sighed, towelling his hair dry after his forty-five minute shower.

"Hey guys look! A squirrel!" Mokuba cried happily, pointing out of the window into the dark woodland that surrounded the cabin.

"Oh wow, I never would've expected to see one of those out here!" Duke yelled back in mock excitement.

Mokuba pouted and started to let his eyes fill up.

"Oh don't even try it" Duke smirked "That might work on your brother but it's not going to work on me, I don't care if you cry."

Screwing up his face, Mokuba burst into loud, angry tears.

Seto was there in seconds.

"What's wrong Mokie" he asked, walking over to comfort his brother.

"Dice boy's being mean to me" he wailed, burying his face in his pillow.

"What's the meaning of this?" Seto snarled dangerously, grabbing the front of Dukes shirt and nearly lifting him clean off the floor.

"I...I...I wasn't, I ...I just made a joke, I didn't mean to upset him!" Duke whimpered.

"He...he said he didn't if I cried" Mokuba sobbed.

"NO! I...ok, I said that but I'm sorry, believe me I'm sorry!" Duke cried, on the verge of wetting himself as Seto pulled back a fist to mince his face.

Snorting in amusement, Seto dropped Duke and turned to leave.

"If you upset my brother again, Devlin, you will regret it, understand?" he hissed over his shoulder.

Duke nodded meekly then sighed in relief as Seto finally left.

"The runt's definitely a Kaiba" he muttered to himself as Yugi and Ryou chatted away, desperately trying to pretend that the last five minutes hadn't happened.


"Uh, Malik" Joey said, sidling up to the unpacking Egyptian.

"Yeah?" Malik replied, looking up from his thong collection, which was currently spread over his bed.

"Why d' ya look like ya jumped in a needle pit?" Joey asked, studying the zillion cuts all over Maliks person.

Malik turned away from him and started muttering darkly to himself. Joey just about managed to make out the words 'beavers' and 'bust their little dams' before Malik started cackling evilly.

"Uh, ok, well I'll speak to ya later" Joey said nervously, patting Malik on the back and leaving him to organise his underwear in peace.


"Why do you care for that runt?" Marik asked as soon as Seto returned to their room.

"He's my brother" Seto replied, clearly thinking that was explanation enough.

"So? Ishizu is my sister...sort of...and I don't give a damn about her or her feelings" Marik growled.

"Yes, well, there's just a pinky coloured void where your emotions should be isn't there. You're not like other people" Seto sneered.

"Hmph, it's not my fault if I don't ca...what do you mean 'pinky coloured'?" Marik asked, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Interpret it however you like, the fact that your mind jumped straight to the conclusion that I was suggesting you are gay tells you something though doesn't it?" Seto smirked, neatly packing his clothes into the wardrobe.

"Wha...?" Marik gaped, confused for a moment.

It didn't take him long to figure out what Seto meant.

"I am NOT gay, beanpole!" he yelled angrily, clenching his fists.

"Fight, fight, fight" Bakura chanted, settling comfortably on one of the top bunks to watch his roommates knock the stuffing out of each other. (The tranquilisers have worn off).

Letting out their respective battle cries, they flew at each other. Marik, due to the power of the Millennium Rod, quite literally.


"Who wants to go and toast marshmallows in front of the fire?" Yugi asked, looking around at his roommates with eyes full of childish joy.

"That sounds like fun" Ryou smiled.

"Yeah!" Mokuba said excitedly.

"Yipee" Duke said flatly.

Ignoring him, Yugi pulled out a bumper pack of marshmallows and skipped off towards the living area, pausing on the way to invite everyone else.

"This is great" Tea said, fifteen minutes later as they all sat around the fire toasting marshmallows and crumpets.

"If by great you mean huge waste of time, then I agree" Marik grumbled, staring moodily at the lump of coal on the end of his skewer that used to be a fluffy pink marshmallow.

"I find it relaxin'" Joey said, putting his fourteenth crumpet over the fire.

The idle chit-chat continued for a few minutes before anyone noticed the funny smell.

"Dude, what's that funky smell?" Tristan said, wrinkling his nose at the unpleasant odour.

Instinctively everyone turned to Joey, much to his annoyance.

"I didn't do nothin!" he said defensively.

"That was a double negative Wheeler, you just admitted you did something" Seto smirked.

"Shut up egghead" Joey hissed.

"HEY!" Malik yelled as he noticed the source of the smell.

Bakura had one of his precious thongs on the end of a skewer and was happily toasting it, a mischievous grin on his face.

" you meanie!!" Malik cried, tears springing to his eyes as he tried to rescue his sequined baby.

Bakura, satisfied that Malik was distressed enough for the moment, moved on to stabbing a bean bag with his skewer instead.

"How can you live with that and still be sane?" Malik asked Ryou, cradling the charred remains of his underwear.

"A mixture of Valium and Buddhism" Ryou sighed, "The thought that he's going to come back as a slug in the next life keeps me going."


By two in the morning everyone agreed it was time to go to bed, except Bakura, who announced he was a creature of the night and jumped out the window with a fistful of marshmallows.

Once everyone had said goodnight and turned off the lights a peaceful silence fell over the cabin...for about ten minutes, before an ear splitting shriek rang out across the hills...
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