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Real MenAre Bloo!

by Rambeltilx 2 reviews

A humorous short story from Barkeep's point of view. There is no real plot, but I think it's humorous. Go Barkeep!

Category: Final Fantasy X-2 - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Barkeep - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2005-07-22 - Updated: 2005-07-22 - 400 words - Complete

I like my job.

I get to shpend all day shtanding behind a bar, watching the beautiful women run around and shteal shpheres. I get to make their food, I get to harbor there waresh. They even let me shell them shtuff! Itsh a definitively good feeling when beautiful women pay yoo for shtuff.

Hash a beautiful woman ever payed yoo for shtuff? I bet not. Yoo're mosht likely not the pretty bloo that I am. Chicksh dig the shcerulean, man. And it has to be real bloo, none of that sphray on shtuff or blooing bed shtuff. You gotta have the real deal.

Anywaysh, back to my point. I remember the day I wash hired for my job. It wash a shunny day and I was jusht lounging about in all my glorioush blooness, when all of a shudden...there they are! Missh Yuna, Missh Rikku, and Missh Paine! Of coursh, at the time, I didn't know who they were. But that wash quickly resholved when they introduced themselves.

"Ohhh, Mishter Shtunning Blue Hypello!" Missh Yuna said, "You musht come live on our airship sho I can shtare at you allll day long!"

Ok, sho maybe I went a little bit to far with that? But they did ashk me to come live on the Shelshius with them!

...ok, sho I begged for them to let me on the Shelshius. But they said yesh eventually, which is all that mattersh, yesh?

The other hypellosh shay I'm a losher becaush I think theshe human girlsh are pretty...shexy. But they have nothing on me becaush I am ten timesh blooer than they are! I bet that Missh Yuna wouldn't hire any of them! They musht be jealoush? Yesh, thatsh it. Jealoush becaush they knew that if I wash in danger, the Gullwingsh would shave me, and not them! ME! The booesht hypello of them all!

All in all, Missh Yuna has payed me 200,000 gil over the yearsh for poshions and hi-poshions and shtuff like that. Do yoo know what I'm doing with all thish gil that I am shaving up? I'm going to buy 3 engagement ringsh sho one day...all three of them can marry the blooesht Hypello of them all (me)! Missh Yuna shays she ish after a man named Tidush, but when she findsh Tidush...I will show him what a real man ish!

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