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Thanksgiving Morning

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Thanksgiving morning at the Way home. It seems that Bob and Kara are attracted to each other.

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The wonderful smell of roasting turkey welcomed Monica as she opened her eyes. Briefly she was confused when she saw she was still dressed in last nights clothing. Then she remembered watching television with Gerard. He must have carried her to bed. A smile crossed her face as she remembered the gentle kiss she was sure he had pressed on her forehead. However she forced herself back to reality. She had to remember that it would be all too easy to care deeply for him. She couldn't let that happen.
Monica noticed that Kara was already awake. "What time did you get back last night?" she asked sitting up and looking over at her daughter.
Kara snuggled back down in the blankets. "It was around midnight. We watched movies and ate pizza. I had a great time. Alicia is really nice. She even gave me a new shirt I'm going to wear today. Why did you sleep in your clothes?"
The idea of telling her daughter that Gerard had basically put her to bed wasn't appealing. "Oh I just fell asleep, I was very tired" That wasn't a lie she was just leaving out a bit.
She rose, took a quick shower and dressed. By the time she arrived in the kitchen it was already full of people. Mikey, Alicia and Bob were drinking coffee around the table. Gerard walked in, poured two cups of coffee, and handed one to Monica.
"It smells so good in here" Mikey said smiling. "Mom is it ready yet?" he teased Donna who was standing by the sink peeling potatoes.
"You know we are not eating until this afternoon Michael" she tried to sound stern but no one believed it. "Alicia why don't you take my son in the other room and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade?"
They both laughed and walked hand in hand into the other room. Monica walked over to stand by Donna. "Can I please help? I can peel potatoes"
Donna shook her head "Nope, I have it under control. Oh, and by the way you got another bouquet of flowers. I put them on the dining room table for now".
Monica rolled her eyes, "Somebody help. How do I make Bert stop?"
"Maybe Bob could talk to him, he was once the sound tech for The Used" Gerard said looking over at Bob.
The drummer took a sip of his coffee "Oh hell no. Trying to talk to Bert when his mind is set on something is impossible. Gerard you talk to him, you two were best friends"
"Not anymore man. Monica maybe you should just call him and tell him to stop" He looked over at her, "Bert is kind of crazed sometimes"
She took her coffee over to the table and sat down beside him. She wondered why he and Bert weren't friends anymore. More than likely it had something to do with Gerard getting sober while Bert had not. "I don't want to hurt his feeling but this is ridiculous. "
. Kelly, arriving from her friend's house, came in the back door with a blast of cold air. "Hey everybody Happy Thanksgiving"
Kara arrived in the kitchen at the same time "It smells so good in her" She walked over and gave her mom a hug then turned to Donna and did the same. She smiled at Gerard but spoke to Bob "Hey," was all she said with a grin.
Bob smiled back and returned her greeting. The mother radar in Monica went off. The two of them were grinning stupidly at each other. They both suddenly decided that watching the parade on T.V. was all-important.
Monica watched them walk out together. A slight frown marred her face. Gerard noticed, "Bob is a great guy," he told her quietly.
"And Kara is a great girl who is only seventeen" she replied without looking at him.
Donna turned from the sink and added, "Who is seventeen until next week." She laughed "I do believe she had done nothing but talk about her 18th birthday non-stop for the past week."
Monica shook her head "How old is Bob?" she asked.
"He will be 28 on New Years Eve" Gerard sighed "I know that seems like big age difference but Bob is really a nice guy."
Monica shook her head. "I think he's a nice guy too. I just think he is too old for my daughter" She walked over to the doorway and saw that Bob and Kara were sitting next to each other on the sofa. She wouldn't press the issue today but tonight she intended to have a talk with Kara.
Gerard stood behind her and spoke quietly "She will be 18 next week. Don't make her feel like a kid about this."
Her temper got the best of her "Excuse me but she is a kid. I don't want to see her ruin her life. At her age I was married. I want more for her than that." As soon as the words left her mouth she regretted them.
Gerard looked confused "You sound as if you had a bad marriage. Were you unhappy?"
Monica turned to him "You have no idea. No one has any idea. As far as everyone knows we were the happiest couple in the world. Leave it at that." She turned and quickly left him standing there. She told Donna she had woke with a headache and was going to lay down a few minutes. Downstairs she had just sat down on the bed when Gerard knocked on the door.
"Can I come in for a minute?"
"It's your room," she answered immediately regretting it. It wasn't right to take her anger out on him. "I'm sorry Gerard, come on in"
He walked in and sat down next to her. "Hey, if you want I will talk to Bob. Let him know how you feel."
"No I'll talk to Kara tonight. I'm sorry I snapped at you. " She rubbed her temples trying to make the headache go away.
Gerard noticed, "Be right back" He soon returned with a small glass of water and two aspirins. "Here these will help." After she had swallowed them he took the glass and gently pushed her down. "Close your eyes and rest. The medicine will kick in soon and you'll feel better."
Monica smiled "Thank you Dr. Way."
He sat on the bed beside her not moving. Monica opened one eye "Why are you staring at me?" Not that she exactly minded but she still felt she should ask.
"I guess I'm trying to figure you out. You have a sadness in your eyes sometimes. You look almost lost. When you mentioned your husband there is something else in your eyes too,"
Monica sighed and closed both eyes again. "Gerard there are things from my past I can't talk about. They are dead and buried and that is how they have to stay."
"Only problem is they never really stay buried, the past always catches up with you," He told her softly.
Her tone was flat "I can't talk about it. Please don't ask anymore,"
He stood and walked towards the door "remember if you change you mind I will listen. As soon as your headache is gone please come back up. I want you to meet my dad when he gets her"
She opened her eyes to see him slip out the door. As soon as it closed the tears began to fall.
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