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The Best Way Home

by SinisterShadow 1 review

A poem in Jake's PoV about the night their lives changed forever...

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Sinister Shadow

"The Best Way Home"

Such an innocent choice
Nothing to worry about
Still all I heard was that voice
Saying "Find another way out"

But we didn't listen
For all we had to hear
Was our fate, that had fallen
From a dark cloud of fear

It's seemed so innocent then
But destiny had us swirled
Left to fend for ourselves
And for this whole doomed world

In my bed
When nightfall comes to rest
I'll think that hope is dead...
But we will try our best

And maybe...

Maybe somehow, we won't regret it
Maybe someday, we'll know we've won
But for now, we can't surrender
And we can't have too much fun

But call on me when you are bleeding
Pick me up, and I'll keep running
Because we're the only hope
As as I walk alone
I think "Tonight, we took the best way home"

A lot of time has passed
Since that dreadful night
Enjoying life while it lasts
And we haven't given up this fight

Tell me what you're thinking
I'm here to listen
And I'm not criticizing
You know I'm still the same person

You know you still can...

Call on me when you know you're dying
Call me up when you feel like flying
There is no other hope
And I know you still know
It was that night, we took the best way home

It's okay, I know we're falling
And there are times when you can't think of calling
But it's not over yet
And what I still don't get
Is that the battle's still not set...

So call on me when you've got the answer
That's always a mood enhancer...
You see we're not all done
No, we have just begun
And it's okay, maybe someday we'll have won

But for now, we'll keep on fighting
We'll have hope and keep on running
This war's not over yet
And what we can't forget
Is that night we took a lifetime bet

... And the battle's won
But the war's not done
So tomorrow, we'll come back and run

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