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Bittersweet Goodbye

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An angsty poem displaying Visser Three's mixed feelings as something happens (I can't even say what happens, the spoilers are so bad!)... Anyway, please R&R!

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A/N: Hello again everyone! This particular poem reflects on Visser Three's mixed feelings as Visser One died in Animorphs #45.

"Bittersweet Goodbye"

I lay here peaceful as I never have been
So long have I awaited this moment
By far the best thing I've seen
Your death marked the turning point of all this time spent

But as I look on, happy as the sky
I can't help but feel the rain
And no one will ever know why
Through this happiness I feel pain

I don't know what you brought to me
But you made my life worth living
Not in the way one does usually...
But of you I'll keep thinking

I thought that I'd be filled with pride
But through this happiness there's something I can't deny
A feeling of loss that I can't let slide
I feel the pain of saying goodbye

Goodbye, my hated enemy
My rival, my nemesis
Now you're nothing but a memory
Of all the things I'll miss

Why do I feel this way?
Overjoyed but dismayed
At seeing your body burned away
This end had no delay

How I wanted to kill you
To hear your tortured cries
But that never happened
For I lay here watching you die

Watching you die is a heartache
And an esctasy all at once
It's like swimming in a troubled lake
With all your problems lost

I'll miss you but I won't
And I cry for you yet I don't
It's hard to know what I mean
Unless you see what I've seen

Goodbye, the one I love to hate
It was a passion, though innate
I see you as you flounder away
Still I have so much left to say...

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