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Life Goes On

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Boy meets boy. Boy dies. Other boy deals. Life goes on, after all. [Mikayl x Kailen, Ragette]

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A series of five drabbles that show this relationship through it's stages. I play with these characters quite often, so you can certainly expect more of this style of thing. They come from a "series" of mine which I have dubbed (temporarily) Ragette, or Jeanette, depending where you look. I have a few more in this uploaded here as well.

This was written for the 50_lovequotes community on livejournal. In bold is the challenge theme. yes, I do understand these may be somewhat annoying, but I think it works better with them there than without them. If you think otherwise, tell me.


26. Kiss; a lovely trick designed by nature for when words become unnecessary.

It wasn't something he'd thought about and wasn't something he'd had any intention of doing. But now, with Mikayl's arms wrapped around him and with Mikayl's fingers tangled in his hair and Mikayl's heartbeat all he could hear clearly as he was hugged so tightly to Mikayl's chest... It was all he could think about. So he slowly detangled himself, and sat back on his heels. Mikayl tried to say something, but Kailen shook his head. "Words," he muttered, "aren't necessary when you're so obviously sorry."

So he kissed him, and wondered why he hadn't thought about doing this before.

33. Right now, I can't remember yesterday, and I don't care about tomorrow. This moment is all that matters.

The rain was falling heavily outside, and roaring as it hit the roof. Kailen woke up to find Jessica asleep lying across his legs with her head resting on his thigh, to find Emmanuel's back pressing to his own, and to find Mikayl watching him. He blinked fuzzily. "What happened?"

Mikayl shifted closer to him on the bed. "Don't worry about it, Kai. Yesterday doesn't matter, and tomorrow doesn't matter either. All that matters is now, this moment." He pressed his forehead to Kailen's and sighed. "Just try and go back to sleep, babe."

Kailen saw no point in arguing.

44. Tears are words the heart cannot say.

He should of said "This doesn't have to happen."

He should have said, "Don't make me do this."

He should have said, "I love you."

But he didn't.

He'd just pulled the trigger, like he had been ordered, because he'd do antyhing Mikayl ordered. And even now, with Mikayl's head cradled in his lap and the sound of sirens off in the distance, he still can't say anything. He cries, and sings their song under his breath because even if no one can hear him, it's not right otherwise, and even through the rain it's impossible to miss the tears.

36. Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt.

These days, he is alright.

Nothing is perfect, but he was moved on. Even though the wounds still sting and aren't quite healed over yet, he is still alive, and so he must keep living. He has found another lover, and a family, and a place in the world, and they go drinking every Friday and dancing every Tuesday, and even when their song comes on, he doesn't stop, because everything is okay now. And then Wolfgang squeezes him just that little bit tighter and moves just that little bit closer, and all of a sudden everything really is okay.

40. Hello is such a simple word. But from the right person, it can mean everything.

Kailen opens his eyes and all he sees is light.

It's bright and everything glows faintly and there is no sky or walls or ceiling or floor. There's just light and stretching /nothing/. And then he know's he's dead. "Wow," he mutters in amazement.

"It's kinda like that," He whirls around, and stares, because standing there is the one person he had thought he'd never see again

"Hello." Mikayl tilts his head to one side, familiar smile in place, and offers out his hand.

And Kailen's only coherent thought is that a simple hello had never meant so much before.


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