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The Budgerigar

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The thoughts of a budgie in her cage. [For The Wingless Raven]

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Written for my friend The Wingless Raven. She gave me the words; wingless, reckless, swiftly, mountain, flying, invisible, vanish, power, justice, thunder and told me to go write a poem with them. So I have. Please note: I am not actually against the keeping of birds as pets. Nor am I for them. I am netural. But I do quite like this piece. And also, yes, I do know the genre doesn't quite fit it, but it was the only one that came near.

Also! Go visit her on this site, and when she uploads them, read her own Ten Word challenges. They are wonderful examples of why poetry is such a fantastic art form.


A budgie in her cage

Wings clipped

A cruel display of power

She doesn't understand

Why not just rip her feathers out

It would leave her equally wingless

She dreams of flying

The wind invisble

Pushing her to reckless heights

Forests and cities pass far below her

Mountain after mountain

Winding rivers

Fields and towns like patchwork beneath her

She moves swiftly

Savouring the feeling of freedom

The feeling of feathers ruffling in the wind

And then the thunder growls

Ripping her back to reality

She glares at the creature in front of her

Wishes she could stop the obscene noises it makes

The cloth goes over the bars of her prison

The darkness envelopes her

So she waits paitently once again for justice to be served

And her freedom delievered.


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