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Life is Hell

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It has been a year since the war. And now Yami, Yugi, and Senarius can get back to their lives. Meeting new friends, and hanging out with old ones. But sometimes happiness doesn't last forever when...

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Life is Hell


Summary: It has been a year since the war. And now Yami, Yugi, and Senarius can get back to their lives. Meeting new friends, and hanging out with old ones. But sometimes happiness doesn't last forever when an old foe reappears. YYxY Slight SxJ
Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! Get that out of your heads! .:mutters. Oh how I wish I did own Yu-Gi-Oh though...
BE Kitten: I wanted to say, thank you to those who read Love is War and reviewed it. It made me happy to know that people liked it! And thank you Sapphireluva for giving me this sequals name! Read her stories people! They are way better then mine! .:nods:. Thank you all again!
Yami sat on his spot on his blue couch with a black laptop on his lap. Colored pictures flashed on the TV screen as Senarius watched as if in a trance.
Two pale colored arms wrapped around Yami's neck, placing kisses on his jaw bone.

"Marhaban, Yugi. How was work?" he asked said Yugi as he looked up to see his lover's amethyst eyes he loved so much.

Yugi smiled. "Boring, except for the fact that the copy machine blew up and I got ink all over my shirt to prove it." Yami laughed at Yugi's inconvenience at his job as an assistant to Seto Kaiba.

Yami placed a soft kiss on Yugi's lips. "Live and learn. Never put more then ten papers in the copier."

Yugi frowned, and amusing frown. "You just made that up!"

"I know, but didn't it sound so old and real?"

"No. It sounded like you pulled it out of the gutter." Yugi smirked.

Yami chuckled as Yugi walked over and sat next to Yami. "What are you writing?"

"I don't know. Just random things."

"He has been sitting like that /all day long/." Senarius said, exaggerating on 'all day long'.

Yami set the laptop on the small table next to the couch and pulled Senarius away from the TV. "And you have been sitting there on the floor all day long too." Yami said.

"Na uh! I got up at least twice to get something to eat and drink!" she said with a chibi pout. "And plus! No copy cats!"

Yugi laughed at Yami and Senarius's new little fuse, throwing things like 'copy cats' and 'over exaggerating person'. Boy was he happy, ever since he had moved in with them, he hasn't had a dull moment, except for when he was at work.

Things were going great.

It had a been a year since the war ended and Yami had moved to Domino. Yami and him were dating, and he liked it that way.

Yugi smiled as Yami and Senarius wrestled. He chuckled a bit as Yami was scrambling to walk away, only to have Senarius cling to his leg in an unbreakable hold.

"Le-le-let g-go Senarius!" Yami stuttered, clinging to everything he could get his hands on so he wouldn't fall.

"Take. It. Back." she argued as she was pulled along the white carpet.

"F-f-fine! I give! I take it back! Uncle! Uncle!" Yami gave as he fell to the floor.

Senarius smirked and stood up. "Senarius one! Atem zero!" she chirped resuming her station in front of the TV.

Yami rolled his eyes as Yugi helped him up. "Ever since she learned how to work the TV, she hasn't budged from it, has she Yami?" Yugi asked.

"No Yugi. Only to get something to eat or drink, or to go to the bathroom." Yami said. He walked off into the kitchen to start their dinner, Yugi fallowing.

"So. What have you been up to?" Yugi asked sitting down in a chair that was in the adjoining dinning room.

"Typing, typing, eating, typing, bathroom, typing." Yami said, getting a laugh in a response.

"Har, har. Very funny, koi." Yugi said with a smile.

Yami smiled back and went up behind Yugi, wrapping his arms around his lover's shoulders.

"I love you, aibou." Yami whispered. Yugi smiled. Yami was trying really hard to learn the Japanese language, and had to remind himself sometimes not to talk in Egyptian seeing as Yugi still had no clue to what he was saying except 'bahebbak' which was said to him often.

Yugi turned his head to face Yami and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Yami smiled down at his said aibou. They didn't really ever get time alone, unless Senarius was sleeping over at a friend's house and Yugi had the day off. That was rare.

RRIINNGG! Went the phone. Yami and Senarius dashed to the phone.

"HA!" Senarius said triumphantly as she picked up the phone. Yami glared at her before getting close to see who it was. "Um... moshi, moshi?" she said, imitating Yugi's greeting on the phone.

"Hey, is Senarius there?"

"Oh ahlan Nadia!" Senarius perked up, pushing Yami away.

Yami heard a mummble on the other end seeing as his sister had walked a foot away from him.

"Let me ask." she said as she looked at Yami. "Atem, Nadia wants to know if I can sleep over at her house. She is having a sleep over, can I?"

Yami thought for a moment. "Sure."

"YAY!" she squealed. "He said okay." she said to the other girl on the phone.

Another squeal was heard from the other girl and Senarius walked off into her room talking about what they would do.

Yami smirked. "Hmm..." he hummed as he slipped into the kitchen and saw Yugi looking at some random cooking book. "Oh Yugi-chan." Yami cooed wrapping his arms around Yugi's lower stomach.

Yugi looked up at Yami. "Yes?"

"Do you want to go out tonight?"

Yugi blinked at the random question. "What about Senarius?"

"She is going to sleep over at her friend's house."

Yugi smiled. "Okay!"

"Senarius! Your friend is here!" Yami called as Senarius rushed down the stairs with a backpack and pillow.
"Bye Atem! Bye Yugi!" she called as she ran out the door and into the van of her friend's.

Yami frowned. "Wow. That was... nice?" Yami murmured.

Yugi smiled and wrapped his arms around Yami's waist. "She is growing up, koi."

"I know aibou... wait. Now your sounding like if you were her mother!"

Yugi smiled. "Then that makes me your mother!"

"Na uh!"

"Uh huh!"

"Na uh!"

"Uh huh!"

"Na.Uh!." Yami said as he picked Yugi up and dropped him onto the couch.

Yugi blinked at his new position, sprawled out on the couch.

Yami sat on top of him. "Told you, you weren't. If you were my mother, you wouldn't have let me do that."

Yugi blushed a light shade of read. Yami chuckled.

Yami leaned down and kissed Yugi on the lips. Yugi wrapped his arms around his neck, bringing Yami closer.

Yami swiftly shifted so he was straddling Yugi's hips. Yami nipped Yugi's bottom lip, begging for an entrance, glad he was when Yugi parted his lips so Yami's tongue. Yami's tongue explored Yugi's mouth, enjoying the sweet taste he was getting. The lack of air caused them to part, somewhat panting.

"How about we just stay home, aibou?" Yami asked with a smirk.

Yugi smiled. "Lets watch a scary movie!"

Yami rolled his eyes. "You always get scared though."

"More the reason to cuddle closer."

"I'll pick the movie!" Yami hopped off of Yugi and went to their DVD shelf. They had quiet a collection of movies, ranging from Horror to Humor to Romance. Yami, being the neat freak, had one or two shelves for each of them.

Yugi smiled as he got up to go make some popcorn. He opened up the plastic covering and stuck the popcorn into the microwave and pushed a button with the word 'popcorn' on it. He heard soft tapping at the window of the kitchen and saw it was starting to rain.

"Hey Yami! We have the perfect weather for a horror!" Yugi said as he walked into the living room. Yami nodded and looked out their window.

"True." Yami said closing the curtains to keep anyone from looking in. They, unfortunately, had very nosy neighbors.

Yugi smiled and went back into the kitchen as three beeps indicated that the popcorn was done. He poured it into a bowl. He went into the living room and placed it on their coffee table and went back for a pack of sodas.

Yup. When ever they watched a movie, they would drink soda till at least half or one pack was finished. Odd habit.

Yugi went back into the living room and placed the cokes on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch. Yami placed the DVD in the DVD player and pressed start and turned off all the lights except the upstairs hall light, knowing Yugi would get scared in the movie. Yami sat down and laced and arm around Yugi.

Yugi leaned against Yami's shoulder and watched the movie start.

-50 minutes later-
Yugi sat at the edge of the couch watching the movie. Yami had fallen asleep, not understanding the movie.

The girl walked down the dark hall, calling out 'hello's and 'is any body there?'s.

Scritch. Scratch.

The girl stopped and looked behind her. "Hello?"


She crept down the stairs and into the living room.

A black figure loomed over her shaking form.

The girl turned and saw it and screamed

Normal POV

Yami sat up rubbing his eyes as he noticed Yugi watching the movie and smirked an evil smirk. As the girl turned to see the figure Yami placed his hands on Yugi's shoulders. Yugi and the girl screamed at the same time.
Yugi jumped up from the couch and turned around and saw Yami snickering.

"Yami! You scared me!" Yugi yelled at him, fear in every word.

Yami chuckled again. "I told you aibou. You get scared when you watch these kinds of movies."

Yugi pouted as lightning and thunder clashed outside and the TV and upstairs hallway light went out, leaving Yami and Yugi in complete darkness.

"Yami.." Yugi whispered in a scared tone. "Where are you? Please Yami. Don't scare me again." Yugi pleaded.

"Shh. Hold on aibou." Yami said as he went up to Yugi, hitting his foot on the coffee table. "Ouch! Stupid table!" Yami muttered as he felt around for Yugi, it was still to dark to see and their eyes hadn't adjusted yet.

Yugi rubbed his arms and looked around at the dark that surrounded him before feeling Yami's hands take hold of his arm.

"Are you okay?" Yugi asked.

Yami nodded, even though he knew Yugi didn't see it. "Yes. Come on. Lets get the flashlight." Yami said as he went up to the stairs, Yugi fallowing him.

Yami got onto his hands and knees and searched for the stairs. As soon as he felt the first step he stood up again and held onto the railing and walked up the stairs.

Yugi hesitantly fallowed Yami, listening for his footsteps.

Yami toyed with every knob he came across, walking into the room and finding it either to be a bedroom or a coat closet. Finally he came across their emergency closet and he opened it grabbing two flashlights. He turned on one and shined it to where Yugi was standing, looking around.

"Here, Yugi." Yami said giving him the flashlight and turning on the other one.

"What do you think shut out the lights?" Yugi asked in a shaking voice.

"It was just the lightning Yugi. Must have messed with the power surge outside." Yami said as he walked down the steps and out of the house, Yugi on his heels.

"Ah. Mr. Muoto. Your power go out too?" asked one of their neighbors.

"Yes Mr. Kint. I suppose every one else's huh?" Yami said indicating all the other neighbors who had walked out of their homes to see the problem.

"Yup." said Mr. Kint nodding. "But nothing is working, have you noticed?" Mr. Kint asked.

"What do you mean?" Yugi asked in a nervous tone.

"The phones aren't working, nor the cell phones, the power and heat is out, and all our emergency power is gone too."

Yami blinked. "Then who is going to call the power company?"

"The Farmers left just a bit ago the go tell the power company. Be back in a while. You know how slow they drive."

Yami nodded.

Yugi looked up and a raindrop hit him square between the eyes. "Yami. It is going to rain again." Yugi stated.

Yami nodded. "Yeah. We better head back inside."

"Nonsense! Come with me and Mrs. Kint! We would be happy to let you stay till the power comes back. Mrs. Kint was smart to buy old fashion stove. Burns wood only." Mr. Kint said proudly.

"We wouldn't want to be a bother." Yugi said, holding Yami's hand.

"Yes. We wouldn't. And plus. I think I better go down to our basement and try the fuse box." Yami added.

"How abut you and me go try it and Yugi stays and helps me wife make coffee and hot chocolate with the others?"

Yugi shifted in his position. Mr and Mrs. Kint were some people to be. They always wanted to be near him and Yami. Why. That is beyond them.


"Oh looky here! You all are getting wet! Come, come! Let me make you somethin' warm to drink and dry you up!" said Mrs. Kint as she bounded up to them.

"Ne Lilly. Me and Yami here are going to check their fuse box, see if we cen get it running. Why don't you and Yugi go and make some hot chocolate and coffee for the rest of the neighbor hood." Mr. Kint said.

"Oh yes! That is a much better idea! Come Yugi!" she said as she pulled Yugi away and led him to her house.

Yami blinked as he, too, was pulled away, but back into his house.

Yugi played with his golden bangs as Mrs. Kint hummed a song he didn't know or wanted to know, and filled cups with hot water and coffee and hot chocolate powder.
What I would do to be with Yami. Yugi thought in his head as he rested it on the table.

A blue cup was placed in front of him. "Here ya go lad. You look a bit chilly." said Mrs. Kint.

Yugi smiled at her. "Thank you." he said as he took a sip.

"You really do love him, huh?" Mrs. Kint asked as she heated up some more water.

Yugi nodded. "Of course I do." he said.

Mrs. Kint smiled. "I can see. Ahh... I remember those days... me and John. We were so young. About you age actually! Has he proposed yet?"

Yugi almost chocked on the hot chocolate. He started to cough.

Mrs. Kint blinked and patted Yugi's back.

"Wha-cough- what?" Yugi coughed out.

"Has he proposed yet? I mean it seems like he would have already. Seeing as you moved in, and you two make out a lot."

Yugi blushed a deep red. "We-we-well.. N-n-no..." Yugi stuttered still taken back by the question.

Mrs. Kint smiled and laughed a bit. "Ahh.. Dear boy, don't be embarrassed about it!" she said patting his back again. "It is all normal!"

Yugi smiled a bit and chuckled. "Not to normal. I mean, we are both guys."

"Yes, but love stays the same either way! Doesn't matter if it were two girls loving each other! Just as long as they do love each other.

Yugi nodded.

"I said 'do love each other' a lot of times huh?"

Yugi nodded again and got a laugh. "Very well! Lets go hand out some hot chocolate."

Yami sighed as he held up the flashlight to the fuse box while Mr. Kint fiddled with it.
"Maybe if we pull the levers at the same time?" Yami suggested.

Mr. Kint nodded. "You take the blue, I'll take the red. Come on!"

Yami put the flashlight down and gripped onto the blue one.

"One, two, three!" Mr. Kint counted down and the pushed the levers down at the same time. They saw a light go on upstairs and the TV could be heard.

Mr. Kint chuckled. "Good! Now we have the back up power on!"

Yami smirked and nodded. "Yup. How about we go and tell the good news." he said.

Mr. Kint nodded. He looked at Yami and eyed his carefully as Yami walked up the stairs, the flashlight in his hands.

"Oh Yami!" Mr. Kint said as he went up to the younger man's side. Mr. Kint smirked and poked Yami's shoulder a few times. "You love Yugi right?"

Yami frowned. "That is a very stupid question Mr. Kint." Yami said as he smirked. "The answer is and will always be the same. Of course! I could not love his or Senarius more then the Egyptian Gods, the world, my own life for pity's sake." Yami nodded.

Mr. Kint smiled. "Have you proposed yet?"

Yami missed a step, but gripped onto the rails with grace. "Actually... no... but I plan to. Yami smiled a small smile.

Mr. Kint's eyes glistened. "Oh! Please, spare this old bag of crippling bones, show me the ring! Or have you not purchased it yet?"

Yami thought a moment as he walked into the living room. "Well... I guess I could just show you a peek." Yami chuckled as Mr. Kint grinned.

Yami and Mr. Kint walked up the stairs to Yami's bed room. He nor Yugi moved into the same bedroom for a few reasons. A) in the morning Senarius would giggled and jump up and down chanting "Yami and Yugi! Sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" and B) They were still sort of not used to it.

Yami opened it walk-in closet and reach up to a rather high shelf and pulled down a shoe box. He opened the shoe box and pulled out a small, black, velcro covered box and opened it.

Mr. Kint's grin grew as he saw an amethyst jewel on a silver ring. Yami took out the ring and showed Mr. Kint the inside of the ring. In the band it said 'For a thousand eternities, I will be your's. Bahebbak.' Mr. Kint looked at Yami as he put the ring away and put it in the shoe box and placed the shoe box on the high shelf.

"It is so wonderful! I bet Yugi will really like it." he said.

Yami smiled. "Thank you. And I hope so." a light tint of pink lined Yami's cheeks as he and Mr. Kint left the closet and walked out of the house and saw it was pouring rain.

"Maybe we should bring the umbrellas.." Yami said as Mr. Kint nodded in agreement.

Yami grabbed two umbrellas and handed one to Mr. Kint. They both rushed through the rain and into Mr. Kint's house. All the neighbors were there, children and all.

"Oh John! Yami! It is about time you came back! The rain is coming in through the fireplace and it goes in through the tube of my oven! And all the wood is wet! We have no heat!" she complained with a sigh. "Did you get your power working?" she asked Yami.

Yami nodded. "Heater and all! But it is pouring out there and I think it is best if we take children and women first. It is gonna get harder by the looks of it." Yami answered.

"You heard the boy! Children and women please file into small groups and head into Yami's and Yugi's house!" she instructed. The women stood up with their children. One man stood up, holding an infant close.

"Uh Yami. Would you mind taking Caroline? I think I will help Mark put up something to block out the rain from coming in through the fire place." he said pointing to his, also, gay husband.

Yami nodded and took the child in his arms. He held up the umbrella.

Mrs. Kint pushed Yugi to the few women and children. "You're the girl in Yami's and your relationship! That makes you a true girl!"

Yugi frowned and Yami laughed. "Come on, aibou. I'll need your help." he said as Yugi rolled his eyes and fallowed quickly as they left the house and entered their's Yugi turned on the lights and brought down blankets while Yami brought candles and pillows and an inflatable bed.

Yugi and Yami move the coffee table and side table out of the way and set down the blankets as the men entered and lightning and thunder roared outside.

"Damn us for living so fucking close to the damn ocean!" complained one of the women who clutched onto her crying child. And it was true. They lived but a couple of miles to the ocean.

As every one entered Yugi and Yami placed towels where there were cracks in the windows and under doors to keep the tremendous amount of rain from coming in. They even passed out a few of the remaining towels to those who were soaking wet.

Mark and Hank, the gay couple tried to calm down Caroline as she wailed and cried as lightning and thunder continued to roar.

Yami sat Indian style with his back resting against the couch arm. Yugi and Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Donaldson (random! I'm using my third grade teacher! XD) all made coffee and hot chocolate.

Yugi sat in Yami's lap and handed him a cup of hot chocolate as he covered both of them with a blanket. Damn weren't they lucky it was cold in Egypt during the night? If not, they would have ran out of blankets!

Yugi snuggled closer and sipped his own hot chocolate while Yami and Mark and Hank talked, Hank was lightly bouncing Caroline on his knee, but the infant still cried. Both Mark and Hank had adopted the child after Mark's older sister, and his last family, died. Shortly after did he marry Hank.

Yami set his cup down on the carpet, glad it stayed steady. "Let me try something." he said as he held out his hands.

Hank gently handed Caroline over to Yami. Yugi moved over a bit and watched as Yami cradled to the child.

"Shh... it is okay... hush.." he cooed to Caroline as he rubbed her smooth scalp, which had some brown hair. Yami took a small breath before he hummed a soft tune, and soon added words saying, "Ay da urbi? Theoris siti: An iznik ramla. Ode olabisi madisa umm. Jendayi oseye panya! Remhema eshe. Sadaki asim. Kamila is Ra. Halima thema Bahiti sharifa Meskhenet rashallan. Theoris siti: an iznik ramla. Ode olabisi madisa umm. Jendayi oseye panya! Remhema esh. sadaki asim. Kamila is Ra. Halima thema Bahiti sharifa. Meskhenet rashallan, ma'a salaema." Yami sang, still keeping a soft tone.

The small child fell asleep and so did a few of the other children.

Hank smiled. "How did you do that?" he whispered, taking back Caroline from Yami gently.

Yami smiled. "That is a lullaby I made up for Senarius when we were younger." he whispered back with a smile.

Mark smiled at the sleeping child. "Aww... don't you think she is adorable?" he asked in a whisper.

Yugi nodded and smiled took back his position and took another sip of his chocolate.

Yami smiled and wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist.

One girl stared out the living room window. "This is a messed up day." she complained. As she sat next to Yami and smiled at him.

Yami smiled back and Yugi's eye twitched. Yugi wrapped his arms around Yami neck and kissed him.

Yami was taken back by this but kissed back. The girl's eyes twitched and she glared at Yugi.

Yugi saw her from the corner of his eyes and mentally smirked. Take that! Yugi yelled in his head triumphantly.

Her name was Amanda. She was a sporty, hyper, girl who had a crush on Yami. Yugi figured that out the day they moved in...

---Flash Back---
Yugi, Yami, and Senarius lugged in all their stuff. Which didn't have much. Only cloths, toys, papers, ect, etc.

"Why, hello there!" chirped a girl with sandy blonde hair that was cut a couple of inches above her waist. She waved to them from over the fence and smiled, her brown eye glistening.

Yami smiled. "Hello." he said before luging in another box.

When he walked back out, the girl smiled at him. "Need help?" she asked.

Yami nodded. "Sure." he said as she hoped over the fence to come and join.

Yugi passed down a box to her from the car they had most of their boxes in. "Hello, my name is Yugi." Yugi greeted. The girl smirked.

"Amanda." she greeted. She looked over at Yami and Senarius. Yami was helping her carry a big box. "Your brother is hot, ya know?"

Yugi blinked and frowned. "He... isn't my brother."

"Your cousin."


"Your dad?"


"Your... uncle?"

"Na uh."

"What is he then?"

"My boyfriend!" Yugi said with a grin as he took a box inside, leaving the teen girl stunned.

-Different flash back-

Yami shoveled snow off of the drive way, muttering things like curses and "Why does it have to snow so Ra damned much?"

Amanda bounded over to him and smiled at him.

Yami looked up. "Umm... hello Amanda." Yami greeted.

Amanda giggled and took a picture and ran off back into her house.

Yami blinked and rubbed his crimson eyes. "Yugi! I have gone blind!"

-Another different flash back-

Yugi looked around the yard, trying to find Senarius. Another game of hide and seek it was. And so far it was Senarius twenty and Yugi one. Yugi noticed a book on the ground and picked it up and opened it.

It was a scrap book. The cover was blue with gold bold letters saying: "Photo album of Atem." Yugi frowned. And looked through the pages.


It had a picture of Yami looking up, his nose a very light shade of pink, as same with his cheeks. Barely visible because of his tan. He had his black jacket on and a red scarf that brought out his crimson red eyes.

'Atem during winter. Doesn't he look cute!' it said on the bottom of the picture.

Yugi's eye twitched. He turned the pages and saw they were blank, but on each page there was a different season.

"Yami isn't going to be aloud to go outside." Yugi muttered as he looked over the book. On the back in small gold print it said: "Made by Amanda Scots." Yugi's eye twitched more. He put the book and walked inside, his mind cursing at every fragment of Amanda's being.

-An-other flash back-

It was Valentines day and the Farmers had invited every one in the neighborhood to a Valentines day party.

Yami and Yugi talked and joked around with every one, Yugi making sure Yami was not alone with Amanda.

"Oh Atem. Can you help me?" asked Mrs. Farmer. Yami smiled and nodded as he went to go help her while Yugi stayed and chatted with the others. A while later Yami came back and kissed Yugi deeply, making Yugi blush deep red and getting a few "whoooo"s.

After that, Yami and Yugi left.

"Yami... what was that all about?"

"Amanda kissed me." he muttered and spat on the ground and rubbed his lips. "It burns Yugi!"

---End of Flash Backs---

After Yami and Yugi broke their kiss, Yugi looked at Amanda and smirked as she scowled at him. Yugi snuggled closer to Yami as he and the others talked.
Soon the rain stopped and the neighbors thanked Yami and Yugi for letting them stay before they left.

Once every one was gone Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi and kissed his neck. "You know, we still have the rest of the night and half a day tomorrow for ourselves..." he said as his voice trailed off.

Yugi blushed and smirked.

"Is that so?" he asked as he turned around to face Yami.

Yami grinned. "Yup. How about we go to bed, I have an idea." he said, his grin turning devilish.

Yugi raised an eyebrow. "Okay." he said as he and Yami went upstairs and went to bed. In the same bed. No Senarius to taunt them.

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