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Not Really A First Date

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It was -not- a date.

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He refused to acknowledge it as a date for the longest time. But seriously, the least romantic person in the world would look at it and say it was a date.

To be fair, though, it hadn't started out very datelike at all.

Watanuki had been going to meet Himawari-chan at the movie theater to see some romantic comedy type thing. And Himawari-chan, being the kind, sweet, wonderful person she is, had invited /him/, of course. Watanuki didn't say anything about it, though, because at least then Himawari-chan could sit in the middle and he wouldn't have to sit next to him.

That's when things started to go into a gray area. Because Himawari-chan informed Doumeki (how, Watanuki would never find out, because Himawari-chan couldn't possibly have had Doumeki's phone number, don't be silly) that she had come down with something, a cold or a fever or something like that.

Doumeki, however, under Himawari-chan's suggestion, had already purchased the tickets, and resourceful little Watanuki hated to waste things. That, and he hadn't been informed of Himawari-chan's sickness until after he arrived at the theater.

So it had been like that; two perfectly normal-looking teenage boys, even if one of them was a bit loud, in a movie theater watching a romantic movie. Together. In the back row, because Doumeki had shown up late and those were the only seats left. Watanuki tried very, very hard to ignore the (cough) other happy couples around them, but between that and the spirits that lingered on the edge of his vision, he really didn't see much of the movie.

So he was in an awkward position when he was asked to describe it to Himawari-chan, and later Yuuko-san, who OF COURSE would jump to the wrong conclusion and make weird jokes about him and that jerk for weeks to come.

And really, he simply had forgotten about the ticket stub in his pocket, and when he removed it before washing the pants a few days later, the only reason he didn't throw it away was because he wasn't anywhere near a trash can. So months later, during Doumeki's first visit to Watanuki's apartment, he merely said he didn't know what Doumeki was talking about when he asked about it.

Because it really hadn't been a date at all. Really.
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