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Your Unlikely Hero

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Jann Lee's life gets a little crazy when he saves another girl and this time it's Kasumi.

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Our story begins with our protagonist, Jann lee walking down the streets of Kanagawa on his way to his work.

Jann lee: "Now...lets see. Was I supposed to take a right or a left here? Argh! Why does Japan have to be so damn confusing!?"

Unaware of where he was looking, he bumps into a girl and drops her school bag.

Jann lee: "Oh!"

She then bends down to grab her bag and Jann lee also does the same thing.

Jann lee: "I..I'm sorry about that."
"Oh it's ok. As long as nobody was hurt that's all."
Jann lee: "Ah...that uniform?"
"I'm from Azumara High school (made up name obviously)"
Jann lee: "Right! That's the name I was looking for."
"Umm sir what exactly are you doing?"

Jann lee: "Me? Oh...well I was looking for this bar. Do you how I can get there from here?"
"Sure. You go..."

and she briefly explains directions to him.

Jann lee: "Ah. I see. Um...thank you very much uhh..."
Jann lee: "Miss Kasumi...uh san."
Kasumi: "Hehe. No problem."
Jann lee: "Well I'm off then."
Kasumi: "Take care umm..."
Jann lee: "Jann lee."
Kasumi: "Jann lee-sempai."

and with that they part ways.

Jann lee: "Ok! Thanks to miss Kasumi's directions I should only be about 15 minutes late to work. Ha ha ha!"

He then arrives at the bar but then something strange happens.

Jann lee: "...? It sounds like..."

Just then a guy flies out of the bar and into the streets and along comes another figure. A big guy with a army jacket and a turban on his head.

Big guy: "I thought I told you to leave."
Punk: "Tch. You think I'm going to leave? I'm not leaving until I get what I want back!"

He lands another punch on the guy.

Punk: "Cough cough. Damn. You got lucky this time asshole. I'll be back!"

The big guy then walks back into the bar and things seem to have settled down.

Jann lee: "W..who was that?"
"That's your partner that's who"

Suprised by the mysterious voice, Jann lee jumps and turns around to see that it was his Boss.

Jann lee: "B.b..Boss! I uh I...ehh."
Jann lee: "Oh cmon. It's only 15 minutes"
Boss: "OH...? Then I guess I'll just take your paycheck this weekend then HUH?!"
Jann lee: "No boss! Anything but that!"
Boss: "Then get your ass in there newbie!"

Hours Later...

Jann lee: "I'm off!"
Boss: "Better come back tommorow and on TIME! All RIGHT JANN LEE?"
Jann lee: "eh he he...sure thing. Next time."

He then takes off for home.

Jann lee: "Man. The first day and I'm already getting yelled at. Geez...what a day."

Jann lee: "Hm?? What's that noise?"

Upon hearing strange noises, he goes on to investigate to see that a group of people are ingaging in a fight.

Jann lee: "AH! It's...Kasumi!"

She knocks out a few gangsters but is then surrounded by another bunch.

Jann Lee: "Damn! She's outnumbered. I gotta do something!"

He then rushes in and successfully gets to Kasumi on time.

Kasumi: "Eh!? S...sempai? What are you doing here?"
Jann lee: "I could ask you the same thing. Isn't it a little to dangerous for someone like you to be walking here?"
Kasumi: "If I go home this way it's faster."
Jann lee: "Still. You have to becareful. This is Japan after all."
Kasumi: "I'm sorry sempai."
Jann lee: "We don't have time to talk right now. You think you can escape here while I handle these guys?"

Kasumi: "No! I can't do that!"
Jann lee: "Wha...why not?"
Kasumi: "I can't just leave you here by yourself!"
Jann lee: "Don't worry about me. I can take them all with one hand...actually I can do it with my eyes closed. Actually I can do it with..."
Kasumi: "OK OK Sempai I get the point."
Jann lee: "Uh well then. Shall we?"
Kasumi: "Yes!"

They then enter the fray and begin kicking some lame asses here and there.

Minutes later....

Jann lee: "Phew...that should be all of em."
Kasumi: "I'm sorry to have got you invovled with my problems sempai"
Jann lee: "Nah don't worry about it so much. Instead you should hurry on home before some more of them come."
Kasumi: "Ok. I will. Thank you sempai."

She then heads for her house.

Jann lee: "Still...I never knew she could fight like that. She's both cute and!? No...what am I thinking? No bad thoughts Jann lee. Sleep is the top priority right now."

And with that our hero Jann lee heads home.


Inside Kasumi's apartment...

Kasumi: "I'm home."

She picks up a picture frame and says

Kasumi: "Todays been a really strange day today. I met a person today. He was really kind and seemed like a very gentle person. I also got into a fight with some gangsters and he saved me. The person I met earlier. His name? His Jann lee. How does he look is what your wondering right? Well...I think he's handsome...and really strong. I think he's someone I'll see again. I just know it. What do you think...Mom?

She then gently sets the frame back onto her kotatsu and falls asleep.


Jann lee: "Achoo! eh...Am I catching a cold? Nah it's spring. It's probably just my nose. Ahh....tommorow is another day."

and with that he too falls asleep. Waiting for tommorow.

end of chapter 1.

Preview of chapter 2 "We meet again..."

Jann lee is late again for work but this time he's also attending college instead of just working. He then meets Lei Fang again and things start to change from there. Lei Fang is then desperate to get closer to her buddy Jann lee but Kasumi also meets Jann lee too. Whats a guy to do with girls here and there?

Next time on Your Unexpected Hero
Chapter 2 "We meet again..."

See you next time....
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