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I wrote this based on my past with one of my best friends... although he turned his back on me I'll continue to love him as a friend. Sweet little free verse poem.

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Note: This is dedicated to my childhood best friend who long ago turned his back on me. Jeremy, I still remember when you were my best friend, and I'll always love you like the friend you were. Go ahead and hate me for this, but this is who we were, and who I still am.

Wooden swords, wooden shields, a silk dress-up robe and sequin capes.

Two children laughing, playing, with magic wands and dragon tears.

The boy and girl laugh and shout spells and curses at each other while fighting each other until their deaths with painted wooden swords.

A sword goes flying, the girl shouts out a deadly curse, the boy grabs his chest and falls backwards onto the ground.

The girl runs over to him and nudges him with her foot, the boy jumps up and grabs her leg, pulling her down next to him.

Laughs and giggles escape the two as they begin fighting over marbles and dragon tears.
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