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This is the story about how death can in fact be our friend...

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Let the feelings flow from your lifeless body. Let everybody see your scars... Be proud that you've survived thus far. Look up to the sky and imagine that you are a bird flying in a breeze. Let others learn what it's like to be you. If they are too ignorant to listen, forcefully enlighten them. The end is comeing... Are you ready to die? So you have someone that loves you, who will hold your dying body tightly and cry? Will they kiss you goodbye, or ignore you as you die? No one truly knows until the moment that death finally flows over them... And the voice whispered, "Don't be afraid... I have come to take you pain away..." And the the angel spoke, "I do not fear you..." Then death smiled and reached out it's bony hand, "Then come with me, for you have been tained, your innocence has spilt."

The angel replied, "It's from living amongst the humans. For they are such wretched thing." And with that, the angel took death's hand and vanished. Once again, death had saved yet another of the world's victims by making them unseen, unheard, unthought of. Such beauty only belongs to death.

The sky cired out and the wind whispered, "Save me..." It's please for help were quickly answered by a hooded figure.

"If you want to be free from your pain... follow me..." and a bony hand was outstretched.

The wind sobbed and swirled around the outstretched hand, only to vanish from this world forever.

A child lay helpless and abandoned in a ditch, too hungry and too cold to move. No one cared, no one listened, no one even stopped to look, but ignored the starving child. The child opened it's eyes and saw a kind face staring down at her. It didn't matter that this face was dead and withered, it was the first kind face she had ever seen. "Come with me, I'll feed you. I'll keep you warm. I'll give you a place to sleep, away from bitter weather." A bony hand reached for the child, who with the last ounce of her strength put her hand into the loving grasp. Within seconds the child vanished from the face of the earth, never to return again.

And once again, death began it's prowl to find more abandoned and miserable souls to save. To free them from their pain and anguish.

The lesson to be learned, is that you should never fear death, but embrace it's loving grasp and allow it to free you. Once death has taken over, there can be nothing but happiness.
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