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Another angsty love poem

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If love is pure and love is free, than why is it punishing me?

Fear of rejection, fear of sin, I just want to be put back together again.

If love is blind, and a state of mind, then ow come I can see?

Why is it that what makes me happy, always winds up torturing me?

Several times I've tried to die, but the light has never come, and then on the horizon, appeared someone.

He didn't have wings, or a halo above his head, he didn't wear white robes of silk. But when he reached out his hand, he bore is heart, and pulled me from the dead.

This angel, my savior, has saved me so many times that he will never know, and if only how much I truly love him, could ever fully show.

We're not perfect, and we do not calim to be, but none the less, he will always be perfect for me.

Through the guilt and through the pain, even through the bloody rain, I hope that hand and hand, we can pull back together again.

Love is pure, and love is blind, and above all is a state of mind. Like all states of mind it comes and goes, and like the streams and rivers flows.

But now and then you find that this state of mind is strong, it can withstand the test of time, and last an eternity long.
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