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Seifer at the SeeD Ball. Rated for use of the 'f-word'. Gen, although I won't argue against Squall/Rinoa or Seifer/Squall if you squint, look sideways, and use your imagination.

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They really look good together. Out there, I'm watching you, everyone's fucking watching you because the two of you look so good together, and you go and screw it up. Rinoa knows how to dance, I taught her like Garden taught me. Should I have given you lessons too, Squall?

Ah, now you've got it, twirl her around, twirl my girl around like you've got every right to do it. No one will remember your first stumbling steps, they never do. They'll just stare in awe, the prince and the princess with the fireworks backdrop.

"Who is that chick, man? Look at 'em, Squall's practically smiling out there." Chikenwuss has a penchant for stating the obvious and expecting a pat on the head for it, and I'm really not in the mood for him, not after he made SeeD and didn't even have the courtesy to gloat. I open my mouth to tell him off, but here Rinoa comes, scampering to my side like a good little girl. Squall's just standing there, looking like a lost little boy alone on the dancefloor, and God, isn't that sweet?

I wrap my arm around her waist, which kinda surprises her a bit but she goes with it. Now Zell's looking wide eyes, mouth gaping, impressed, and I smirk. We might not be dating anymore, but Rinoa and I have history so even if we're not lovey-dovey anymore, she still knows that she belongs to me. I bring out the best in her, make her stronger, and she knows it. Squall better fucking realize it too. The two of us saunter, really saunter like we own the place, and even though I'm pissed, everyone's staring. SeeD or no, this party really is for me.

Squall will be an okay SeeD, but he won't start climbing the ranks until I get there too. No one pushes him like I do. He's my pet project. Pets wait for their owners.

Cid's in a back booth with a couple of hangers-on that I scare away with a look. He pouts, but cheers up at the sight of Rinoa climbing in the booth next to him. We'd spoken earlier in the week, that I had a 'mission' for him. It was supposed to be me, and I didn't know how recent events would impact our little agreement. I let Rinoa do the talking, for all it was worth. She let Cid pinch her ass, giggled when he did it, and the man was pretty far gone already, the lush. I sat back in the booth, scanning the crowd.

Chicken was dancing with the girl (SeeD) from the exam, both of them moving too fast for the waltz that was playing. I frown at them, but it isn't really my business, was it? I don't see Squall.

Rinoa presses herself back against me, a signal that things are set. She probably wants to get away so she can hang herself all over puberty boy, go shag him and make mopey babies that would have undeniably good genes. The two of them should never have met.

I pull myself up, and glance at the wine-splattered contract she and Cid had been working on, read the SeeDs assigned, my little girl's Dream Team.

Messenger girl and Chickenwuss, lead by everyone's favorite Ice Princess.

Shit. Now I have to go to Timber.
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