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Love Will Find A Way

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Gabriella has always had a crush on Troy, but she can't bring herself to tell him. How does Troy find out that she likes him? Rated PG-13 for later chapters!

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Okay, so I watched this movie again tonight, can't wait for the sequel, and so I decided to write a story about it. This is the first HSM that I've written, but I have six other stories on profile at, so here it goes...

Wait, this is Troyella, for those of you who want to know...don't get me wrong, I do like Ashley Tisdale, just not Troypay, so...Please review!

Love Will Find A Way

Chapter One: Me and You

Gabriella Montez sat down on her bed, opening her Creative Writing journal. She flipped to her next free page and continued her story about her and Troy.

I stood in the gym, waiting for him to come out of the boys' locker room. When he finally did, I smiled. He came over and took my hand in his. As we walked down the hallway, he slipped his arm around me, pulling me closer to him. He leaned down to kiss me, and I felt my heartbeat quicken.

This was the moment I'd been waiting for, ever since I'd moved here. The moment that Troy Bolton would kiss me...

At that moment, there was a knock on her bedroom door. She jumped up, slipping her journal into her purse. She opened the door, and there he was.

"Hey, Troy! What's up?" she asked him, trying to keep her cool.

"Not much. I just thought we know...go out for pizza or something. Just as friends," he replied.

"Sure, let me get my purse," she said, grabbing it off the floor and following him down the hallway.

"So, Gabi, who are you going to do your biography about?" he asked her.

They were supposed to choose one celebrity to write about for English class. She turned to look at him as he drove down the street.

"I was thinking about doing like, maybe Ashlee Simpson. How about you?"

"Well, I was going to do her, too, but I think I'm going to do her sister."


He nodded. "Is that weird to you? I mean, my doing a girl for my report."

"No, I think it's cute that we are doing them. Maybe we can get together over the weekend and work together."

"I just hope that Miss Camp doesn't find out, or we'll both probably get E's," he replied. They both began to laugh. Miss Camp was their teacher. You could pretty much call her a witch. She did not under any circumstances like people to work together on stuff. She called it cheating.

After their pizza, Troy took her home. She couldn't wait until the coming Saturday. She might get her kiss after all...

Okay, so it isn't very long, but later chapters will be... thanks for reading it!
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