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aw. thanks for not abandoning me you guys.

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Pete said nothing but only walked very calmly into Kate and Sara's hotel room with Sara at his heels. As soon as the door clicked shut everyone rushed to it in attempt to get a good listening spot. It was only when everyone was situated that the door swung open.
"Everybody go to their designated rooms right now before I murder you in your sleep." Pete said calmly. Everyone scattered, it wasn't like Pete to be calm and rational, and to tell the truth, it was kind of scary. Kate still stood in front of her brother. Pete glared at her and she responded with a shrug,
"That's my room." Kate said innocently.
"Go sleep in mine." He said coolly. Kate tossed a glance over her shoulder at room 422, and hesitated before turning back to look at her brother who was now annoyed.
"Kate seriously for once think of someone else besides yourself." Pete shook his head in disappointment before shutting the door once more. As if my life doesn't suck enough already, now my brother is mad at me. she thought while she shuffled over to the room. She knocked gently and pushed her ear to the door. She heard shuffling followed by a bang and then "God damned table thing." before the door opened revealing a still half naked and semi-surprised Patrick. Kate sighed,
"I was kicked out of my room for the obvious reasons and Pete instructed me to come here."
Patrick opened the door wider so she could come in.
"Nice socks." Kate swiveled around on he heels so she was facing Patrick.
"Don't talk to me Patrick. Honestly the only reason I'm here and not in somebody else's room is because I have to get a decent nights sleep which I can't get with Andy snoring, Joe kicking, Sam stealing the covers, Brian talking in his sleep, and Matt and Dirty, well sleeping in the same room as Matt and Dirty is just gross." Kate took a breath after her ramble, "I just don't sleep well with people, whatever, I don't have to explain anything to you."
"You slept fine with me." Patrick responded.
"That was a long time ago, just shut up alright I don't want to deal with this right now." Kate exclaimed while crawling into a bed. She pushed her brother's junk off the bed before settling into a comfortable position.
"Deal with what right now?" Patrick asked from his new position at the foot of the bed.
"THIS, our situation, anything to do with us, what we were, what happened, Pete and Sara, everything, just leave me alone please." Kate buried her face in the covers.
"I love you Kate."
"PATRICK STOP. HAVEN'T YOU DONE ENOUGH?" Kate yelled, she was now crying. "Just let me go, please, you've already smashed my heart into billions and billions of incoherent pieces." She pleaded in between sobs.
"Kate please don't cry." Is all he could manage to say.
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