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Never an Eclipse

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'Kyouya was, in Tamaki's not-very-humble opinion, a blanket hog, never mind what the other boy complained about the 'indignity' of that term.' Fifty sentences about Tamaki/Kyouya.

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Never an Eclipse

#01 - Ring:
Somehow, Kyouya resisted the urge to whack Tamaki upside the head when the blond proposed to him with bended knee and glittering engagement ring; he was no woman, damnit!

#02 - Hero:
Suoh Tamaki might be Prince Charming, but Ohtori Kyouya was never the damsel in distress; that was Haruhi's job.

#03 - Memory:
The fondest memory Tamaki had of Kyouya was of the darker-haired boy smacking him on the head quite painfully for asking for his kotatsu; it was his first real look at the true Kyouya, the Kyouya that he found himself falling for.

#04 - Box:
"Think outside the box," Kyouya said cryptically, and Tamaki, briefly, wanted to throw the whole mess of envelopes and death threats at the other boy's head.

#05 - Run:
Tamaki ran, dragging Kyouya with him by his hand as they hid inside the rose maze, pressed together and stealing quick kisses as they waited for Hikaru to find them.

#06 - Hurricane:
Tamaki was like a hurricane - he rushed into things, mess then up, then was calm, quiet, for a while before he messed things up /more/.

#07 - Wings:
"Being in love is almost... no, it is better than having wings."

#08 - Cold:
Kyouya's eyes were dark and heated as they stared into Tamaki's own, and the blond couldn't help but wonder where the hell had all those people gotten the impression that Kyouya was /cold/.

#09 - Red:
'Blood,' Kyouya thought dully, 'is of a most disgusting shade of red.'

#10 - Drink:
Kyouya vowed to never let Tamaki near the blender again, no matter what the blond might plead; kiwi and chocolate sundaes were not supposed to be mixed, thank you very much.

#11 - Midnight:
Briefly, Tamaki thought that Kyouya might be displeased that he was sneaking into the room at such a late time, but he dismissed the thought - of course Kyouya wouldn't kill him!

#12 - Temptation:
Sometimes, Kyouya felt exceedingly tempted to smash his clipboard over Tamaki's head.

#13 - View:
Kyouya's office had the most beautiful view of Tokyo Bay, Tamaki found, and he smiled at the nightlights and the fireworks behind his eyes as he was pushed back against the window once more, Kyouya's lips enveloping his in a deep kiss.

#14 - Music:
The only music Kyouya would never tire of was the sound of piano strings thrumming beneath Tamaki's skilled hands.

#15 - Silk:
Silk has many uses, Tamaki realized as he pulled against his restraints and gave the smirking Kyouya a small, shy smile.

#16 - Cover:
Kyouya was, in Tamaki's not-very-humble opinion, a blanket hog, never mind what the other boy complained about the 'indignity' of that term.

#17 - Promise:
"You promised," Tamaki's voice wasn't choked, and he wasn't - wasn't - about to cry, "you promised, Kyouya!"

#18 - Dream:
Years before Tamaki had ever met Kyouya, the blond dreamt of dark eyes and a secretive, yet strangely open smile.

#19 - Candle:
"Light a candle for me," Tamaki said, and closed his eyes.

#20 - Talent:
"Ohtori-kun is very talented and very smart," Tamaki said finally, not meeting his grandmother's eyes.

#21 - Silence:
Kyouya had once valued silence (peace and quiet, as he had called it), but now he was unaccustomed to it, so used to Tamaki's constant chatter as the norm.

#22 - Journey:
"No, Tamaki, riding West in a car to your goddamn 'commoner's supermarket' does not mean that you're on a 'Journey to the West'."

#23 - Fire:
Kyouya's touch burnt him, sometimes, so hot it was, underneath Tamaki's own slightly flattened fingertips, so hot that it belied any chill in those dark eyes.

#24 - Strength:

Tamaki was strong, a tie-dyed piece of silk, coloured with all sorts of clashingly bright colours, wrapped around a steel dagger.

#25 - Mask:
To his family, Kyouya was the perfect brother, quietly subservient, yet talented; To his customers, he was the perfect gentleman, courting them with poetry and soft smiles; To the Host Club members, he was the Shadow King, manipulating them for their own and the club's profits; To Tamaki, he was /Kyouya/.

#26 - Ice:
There were some benefits, Kyouya thought, half-dazed, shivering half due to pleasure and half due to the cold, about this idea of Tamaki's after all.

#27 - Fall:
He had never expected to fall in love with /him/, of all people.

#28 - Forgotten:
"Tamaki, that's my shirt, yours is over here!"

#29 - Dance:
"Dance with me," Tamaki said, and his smile was bright and hopeful, shining in the silver of moonlight coming through the curtains, so Kyouya obliged him.

#30 - Body:
His lover had a magnificent body; silky skin stretched taut over lean muscles and well-defined bones, long-fingered hands and long limbs, managing to look slender instead of lanky.

#31 - Sacred:
Nothing was sacred to hormonal teenaged boys, Kyouya thought, only half-sardonic when he suggested that they have sex in the chapel; predictably, Tamaki was horrified... and fascinated.

#32 - Farewells:
"Goodbye," Kyouya said, smiling genuinely as he waved Tamaki and Haruhi off to their honeymoon; he was surprised to find tears in his eyes when he turned away.

#33 - World:
Kyouya's world consisted of these: his father, his sister, the Ohtori group, the Host Club, and, most importantly (though how it had outweighed the Ohtori group, Kyouya did not know), Tamaki.

#34 - Formal:
It was a formal party, stiff and fake and full of false smile and harsh laughs... it was completely inappropriate for a spontaneous make-out session from behind a set of curtains, and that was why Kyouya initiated it - he liked taking certain risks.

#35 - Fever:
He must be sick, Tamaki thought, pressing the back of his hand to his flushed face as he watched Kyouya change, unable to modestly turn his eyes away.

#36 - Laugh:
"The first time I heard you laugh, I thought the angels had just spoken to me."

#37 - Lies:
"I will never leave you."

#38 - Forever:
'Forever' is a foolish concept, Kyouya knew, but he couldn't help but hope that Tamaki's eyes would never turn away from his.

#39 - Overwhelmed:
He was overwhelmed, filled by the sensations of his lover's hair on his chest, of lips against his, of glass pressing against his nose, of the hand on a hip and the other hand on his inner thigh, slowly stroking; he was burning, meteor-bright, from inside out and he never wanted this sensation to end.

#40 - Whisper:
He (They) had always waited until the other was asleep before whispering those three words that all lovers said.

#41 - Wait:
"Wait for me here, Tamaki, and don't drop the bag... too late."

#42 - Talk:
When Fuyumi had caught them awkwardly kissing each other, noses and foreheads bumping with each other painfully, she smiled a small, secretive smile and passed him a book, telling Kyouya that she 'feels too awkward talking to you about it, so this is a comprehensive, written guide!'

#43 - Search:
It was an extremely amusing sight - Tamaki fuming and blushing, utterly incapable of hiding the jealousy and possessiveness in his eyes as the airport security patted Kyouya down, searching for unauthorised objects.

#44 - Hope:
"He's alive, he's not dead, and he's still in there somewhere; I know /this/, so don't unplug the machines... please!"

#45 - Eclipse:
In their world, the moon would never block out the sun, because the moon preferred working in the shadows, basking in the light and warmth of the sun.

#46 - Gravity:
'/Bungee jumping/,' Kyouya thought, grimacing as he was dragged back upwards, was only worth it for the surprised, awed and completely happy look on Tamaki's face every single time they flew.

#47 - Highway:
Kyouya was never going to let Tamaki drive again, or to let Tamaki sit in shotgun, or... Tamaki was never going near his car

#48 - Unknown:
"No, Tamaki, I don't know where Kuma-chan is, but he isn't kidnapped by aliens; don't be ridiculous."

#49 - Lock:
He kept his heart in a box in his chest, reducing it to merely pumping blood for him to survive; it was Tamaki who held the key, and who had held it ever since they met.

#50 - Breathe:
"Tamaki-senpai, breathe, or you'll hyperventilate; I really don't want to explain to Kyouya-senpai why you died of suffocation," Haruhi, Tamaki thought, half-pouting, was really uncute sometimes.

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