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No Longer An Avenger

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Sasuke finaly kills his brother then goes back to find Sakura.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Sakura, Sasuke - Published: 2006-11-26 - Updated: 2006-11-26 - 469 words - Complete

His cruel dark eyes clashed with his raven colored hair. The night was cool and he felt the wind on his face. For the first time in a long time he felt free. He looked down at his blood stained hands covered in his brother Uchilha Itachi's blood a cold smirk crossed his face looking down he felt a warm tingle flow through his body what was that familier feeling? He was no longer an avenger he could feel again.
Days after this accomplishment he could not help but think of this old team mates. Every time he saw a cherry blossom he thought of her she had given him such unconditional love shown him such kindness... Sakura-chan... Would she forgive him after so many times of hurting her? Did she still love him? Was she okay?
The hidden Leaf Village had not changed much except for the age of its villagers five long years after leaving the one place he felt wanted and he was back. "Sasuske-sama?" asked a familier voice "WHERE WERE YOU?!?!!?" Naruto, damn he thought to him self as he looked at the boy he had once was rivals with. "Where is Sakura-chan, Naruto?" he asked still slightly annoyed by this whole situation. "Wah? Are you okay Sasuke?" Naruto teased still not letting his guard down. "hn" that cold response so familiar came out of sasuke's mouth. "Naruto. Where. Is. She." he said more stern and almost silent. "Probably on a mission." Naruto had given up. "Ask Ino she'd know." "Ino?" Sasuke asked slowly. Great, a full time fan girl but then again so was Sakura...
Ino. A smirk formed on his mouth. She seemed utterly suprised by this she thought he had died. "....Sasuke...." her mouth fell into a gape. "Where is-" he started but he was cut off. "You came back for me!" Ino ran to give him a hug but his words stoped her. "Ino, where is Sakura, tell me where she is." he said this as if it was not a question but a command. "She's under your tree." she replied but she said somthing else under her breath but he couldn't make it out.
A place where he once spent so many hours was now just a part of his childhood. Sauske was shoked when he saw not a girl under the tree but a tomb stone with the name of the one he loved. He knew the girl who had given shown him love when all he could do was hate was under that stone. He knew as soon as he saw the cherry blossom petals spred around it and was strucken with horror that it was her. Sakura was dead. He had been too late and for the first time in a long time he shed a tear.
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