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Summer with Orion

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There wont be any major changes from what was uploaded to FFNet - but these chapters have been slightly reworked.

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NC Chapter 4: Summer with Orion

Harry strolled around the neighbourhood that afternoon, not caring where his feet took him particularly. Several girls he passed thought he was something to stare at as he bought a coke from the corner shop and continued on. Their eyes followed him as if he were their prey, and it was starting to make Harry feel very nervous, but he shook it off and hurried away. He was starting to wonder whether Tonks was right and that he was getting more handsome when he returned to Privet drive to find Dudley and his friends lounging outside in the back garden. Gina made an excuse and left when she saw Harry through the conservatory doors and caught him before he could get into his room.

"Hey, Harry," she said, taking in his appearance and catching her breath. "Whoa... you've changed a lot since Diagon Alley," she said, and Harry smiled a little.

"Yeah," he said, running a hand through his long hair. When he had it in a ponytail - as it was now - he left the bangs at the front so that they covered his scar, and it framed the top of his face to make him look even more mysterious. "Did you guys get home ok from Diagon Alley?" she nodded, shivering suddenly.

"Yeah, and I wanted to thank you for saving us," she said, looking at the floor. "We never would have survived if you hadn't stopped that curse." She stepped forward and hugged him. Tensing for a few seconds while he overcame his shock (he still wasn't used to this sort of contact - Hermione was pretty much the only girl who had ever hugged him) and finally relaxing, he hugged back. For a few moments they stayed that way, and then Harry got the feeling that they were being watched. He opened his eyes and saw Piers Polkis standing at the top of the stairs and looking at Harry as if he wanted to kill him - which he did. Harry released Gina and she turned to see what Harry was looking at.

"You dumped me for this freak?!" Piers spat at her, and she rolled her eyes, turning to look at her 'ex' fully.

"One, you and I snogged twice, so it was hardly dumping you, and two, Harry and I are friends." Piers was shaking with rage, and looked ready to hit her, and Harry stepped forward to make it plain that the other boy wouldn't get close enough to harm her. Piers looked at Gina and shook his head.

"You're a slut," he spat, looking her up and down with a look of disgust. "A worthless whore. Don't ever talk to me again, bitch!" and he stomped off back downstairs. Gina sighed and pretended to be nonchalant, but for some reason those words had cut deep. She was trembling. Harry pulled her into a hug and she collapsed against him.

"I'm sorry, Harry," she said finally, looking up. Her eyes were tearful and slightly bloodshot. "I just hate being called those sort of things, it hurts a lot, whoever it is that's saying it." Harry smiled and sighed.

"It's not true, so don't feel bad," he said into her hair. "You know it's not, and so does he, he just likes being someone that causes pain and misery." Harry heard rising voices outside and remembered that Gina's sister was out there. He released Gina and went down the stairs, two at a time, and entered the conservatory to see Piers and Dee shouting at one another at the tops of their voices.

"Calm down, Piers," Dudley warned, standing beside Dee in a surprising attempt at defending the girl. "She's just a girl, and whatever her sister's done, it isn't her fault, so just leave her alone." Piers fumed but nodded and sat down again - between the two of them, Dudley had the clear advantage in a fight, being of equal height but holding much more weight and muscle than the much leaner Piers. Dee thanked Dudley with a kiss on the cheek, making the large boy blush violently before Dee stormed through the house and left through the front door and Harry retreated, unseen, upstairs. He smiled at Gina and stood outside his room for a moment, silent.

"Dee's left already," Harry said, and she nodded.

"Hey, come over to our place for a bit," she said, pulling him by his arm. "It'll be more fun than staying in here with that lot," she added when Harry made to argue. He realised she was probably right, and agreed, casting some magical locks on his door and made it indestructible before leaving number four and heading to the corner of Privet Drive, across the road from which was the Mathews' new home. Gina slipped her key through the lock and let them in, taking Harry into the kitchen where her mother was making some sandwiches for her and Dee.

"Hey mom," Gina said, pulling Harry through the door. "This is Harry Potter." Her mother smiled down at him and stopped what she was doing. She was a slim woman that had her bright blonde hair pulled into a bun.

"Hello, Harry dear," she said, sounding remarkably like Mrs Weasley. "I'd like to thank you for saving my daughters from the death eaters in Diagon Alley. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help. Would you like something to eat? I was just making lunch..." Harry was about to say no but Gina answered for him.

"He'd love to have lunch with us," she said, looking pointedly at Harry. Harry, taking the cue, nodded.

She pulled him into the living room where Dee was watching TV and they sat down on the couch, watching some movie Dee had pulled out of her collection called "Snatch".

"Oh, hey Harry!" Dee said when she noticed who it was that had joined her. "Gina, Piers is completely pissed at you; he even had a go at me." Gina sighed, rolling her eyes.

"He saw me hugging Harry and now thinks he and I are dating," she said to her sister. They laughed at the movie as Dee smirked.

"So," she said, looking at her twin sister, "you and Harry aren't dating?" Gina shot her a warning glance and Dee smiled sweetly. Harry knew that smile - it was the sort of smile a Hungarian Horntail gave a lamb. Instantly, Harry knew something was about to happen, and he wasn't sure it wouldn't involve some wand play.

"No," Gina said. Dee stood up and walked over to Harry, slid into his lap and gave him a big kiss.

"That's good," she said, before heading back to her original seat. Gina looked really angry now and Harry was left blushing slightly. "You would /really /be pissed at me for that if you were, huh?"

/Orion said, exasperatedly, /Orion said, sounding disappointed.

/'Well, this is ok for now - I can actually see things fine,' /he said, testing his eyesight - things were a little blurry at a distance, but otherwise fine - much better than his eyes were before, that's for sure. Orion started teaching him to use his shadow abilities to the best advantage possible - he explained that when he was shadow, using magic wasn't possible, and for a couple of seconds after returning to human form, this would remain true.

/ /Harry nodded and conjured some knives that Orion told him about - the shape was double edged and simple, and the balance was as perfect as possible. Orion taught Harry to hide them discreetly in his clothes, like up his sleeves - and how to draw them out quickly. Throwing them came to Harry quickly with Orion's natural skill with them and Harry's excellent Hand/eye coordination. He transfigured a book into a dummy and practised throwing his knives at it as he came out of shadow, and soon learned how to do it almost lazily. Orion transferred memories of learning how to do it originally helped a lot, and Orion decided his eyes could now be corrected with a potion, being so close to perfect, so Harry made the potion under Orion's supervision and soon had 20:20 vision again, only without his glasses on. He continued his lessons in using his abilities and their drawbacks. All injuries sustained during physical form would be gone when in shadow, but return equally bad when he shifted back to human. It was harder to transform when in light, but at night he was able to do it with a mere thought. Transforming got easier the more he did it, and he quickly mastered everything Orion taught him.

He was constantly scanning the country at night, looking for Death Eaters and Voldemort himself, trying to find where they were and what they were doing, but never came up with anything - their apparating to meetings was probably the cause of his difficulty in finding where they were and what they were doing. He retreated at sunrise, always sighing at his failure, but never wavering in his search.

He spent more and more time with Gina and Dee - watching movies, going to the cinema for the first time, going out for food and so on. They introduced him to some Muggle friends of theirs (mainly girls) that they had met, and he was not surprised that he recognised some of them, and they recognised his name as the boy that was always getting bullied way back when, but they barely believed he was the same person, being more confident and looking very different from the way he had.

Hanging out with Muggle friends was fun when Gina and Dee were there - they shared a secret world away from their friends, and it was kind of a thrill to have that knowledge. They went to gatherings of friends like the ones Gina and Dee had with Dudley and Piers, only with more people. It was at the first of these that Harry first got drunk. It was a night of many firsts.

He had tipped back a large amount of alcohol, and several people had just passed out on the floor of the living room they were in (Gina and Dee fell into in this group). The girl whose house they were at, Kat, had told them her parents had gone away to stay with friends, and she was supposed to be staying at someone else's house. She was rather drunk herself when she jumped onto Harry's lap and started whispering suggestive things into his ears that he was sure he wouldn't forget when he sobered up, and she made sure of it by licking and nibbling his ear in between comments, and in her position, Kat could feel the effect she was having on him.

True to his word, Orion taught Harry how to "play the game", when Kat pulled Harry up to her room and locked the door behind them. Harry let Orion take over and felt everything Kat did to him, and was sure she enjoyed what Orion did to her as much as he enjoyed what she did to him - which was a /lot/. Harry felt everything still, and it was, put simply, the best feeling in the world he had ever had, and he soon discovered that pleasuring a partner was almost as much fun as receiving it, as the gasps of pleasure and moans that elicited from Kat's mouth excited him almost to breaking point.

Orion hadn't been lying when he suggested he knew how to satisfy a woman, and as Harry lost his virginity, Kat nearly lost her mind to the pleasure. Harry was glad he had the memories to use for next time, and they lay in her bed for a while, Orion receding back to his mind and Harry, now much less nervous about holding a girl in an intimate way, back in complete control of his own body.

They had kept what they did a secret from everyone - Kat said she wasn't looking for a boyfriend and didn't want to lose friends because of a (great) shag, which Harry was glad about - he hadn't thought of that while they were going at it, but it made sense - he was off to boarding school and wouldn't see her for a year anyway. They snuck into the living room at about six in the morning, and Kat quickly kissed Harry before going to doze on the couch. Harry - who was much too excited to sleep, even if he needed it - stared at the ceiling for a long while, marvelling at the fact that by no means was he a /boy /anymore!

Several more gatherings like this took place - one almost every other night, in fact, although Harry managed to contain himself and neither he nor Kat said anything about it, even though, they would often lock eyes and grin at each other when the subject of conversation turned to sex. Sobering up became easier when Harry brewed a potion for hangovers and took a little with him wherever he went, disguised in a tiny bottle that had once held tobasco sauce.

On the following Monday since his time with Kat, Harry decided that it was time to put Vernon in his place when he started shouting at Harry because he had not got to his chores in three days. The first he was given was to clean out the garage, which had started to overflow with junk. Harry insisted that he be shown to the task, and once in the garage, Harry waved his wand and the junk disappeared. Vernon, who suddenly went pale as Harry conjured a glass of lemonade after this feat, fainted when Harry decided to fix Dudley's old bike in the corner with magic. Harry had laughed his head off for half an hour before he used /enervate /on his uncle (who, consequently, never asked Harry to do a chore again).

His departure to Grimmauld place loomed ever closer, and Gina seemed annoyed that her parents wouldn't let her and Dee stay with Harry for the rest of the summer holiday's, and got a little more depressed as each day went and got closer to Harry's departure. Harry still checked for his enemies through the darkness, but came up empty every time.

Except one night.

It was the night before he would be leaving for Grimmauld Place, and Harry was searching just as the sun was setting, first around the shadows cast by the houses in Privet Drive - Mundungus was on duty again, sitting on a wall across the road from number 4 - and then further and further out, and as he reached the country side somewhere West of London, he saw something through the ground floor window of a modest, two story house that made his blood run cold.

The death eaters were in a living room, and had a wizarding couple in front of them. The man was dead already, by the killing curse, and the woman was naked with a death eater on top of her. One was asking who was next, and another responded, "You are, I'm holdin' out for the daughter!" to which the rest laughed. Harry extended his senses in a sense of panic, looking for the daughter - there she was, in the back garden, scrambling away from some pursuers. She was blond and had a semi athletic body, a deep gash in her thigh and covered in glass, and her ankle appeared to be twisted. She was trying to run away, but the death eater came out of the house and fired a leg locker curse at her.

Harry now knew what he was to do - he was /not /going to sit by and let this happen, he was going to /do /something about it, and they were not going to get away with it. And he was pissed - this anger went beyond rage, beyond /reason/, and he felt so angry he doubted Voldemort himself could have stopped him now.

// Orion said grimly. Harry, wearing black jeans and a black hoody, quickly conjured a plain black mask to wear and slid it on before shifting to the house, where the girl had just been dragged back into the house.

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