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Chapter Five

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Court and Vampires

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Disclaimer- If I owned Harry Potter would I be writing this? No, that is why J.K. Rowling is worth so much money. This story will be very AU

11:00 a.m. - Flat 1313 Wolf Towers, London - November 7th, 1996

Vega woke up and started his normal routine of two hindered push-ups and sit-ups. The hearing for the Wizengamot was today. God, I hate these kinds of things. Vega thought. Vega had been to many hearings before about killing people, which was unavoidable in his line of work. Of course M.A.R. wanted people in alive, but they didn't really punish him for killing hostiles.

When Vega was getting ready he noticed something. He could not go to court wearing a black leather bracer that had intensive magical properties. He was pretty damn sure that the whole building would go into red alert. Vega jumped into his trunk to talk to the Tome of Asad. When Vega opened the tome he entered a pure black plane. It was light enough to see him and the man in front of him of course.

"Let me guess, you are Asad right?" Vega said.

"You will treat me with the respect that I, Asad the Shadowed One deserve." Asad said in a double voice. Vega just flipped the man off. "You got guts kid, now can you back them up?" Asad appeared right behind Vega and tapped him on the shoulder. Vega turned around to get chopped in the back of the neck. He then used some invisible force to throw Vega around like a rag doll. When Vega was being thrown around, he realized that this place was a part of his mind, so he could set the rules. Vega then started to move around like he did whenever the gauntlet was activated.

"Using my own powers against me? That is not very wise Vega!" Asad said as he moved what Vega thought the speed of light was. "My speed is faster than anything on this plane. Try to keep up." Asad said mockingly. Asad hit Vega in various place before moving into for a major wound. Vega's eyes the turned pure black, while his skin became darker as well. Vega then dove into the shadows and started assaulting Asad mind; well he was trying to at least. Vega started attacking Asad physical body trying to distract him, well that didn't work either.

"Very good Vega you have passed my test." Asad said. Vega's eyes returned to normal as he felt every fiber of his magic burning. "I see you have found away to release your emotions. From the way you fought I am guessing that you released anger, hate, and sorrow. All understandable from a person in your position, now let me help you up." Asad said as he lifted up Vega. Vega felt instantly energized as soon as he was up. He looked at Asad for an explanation but never got one.

"Now I understand that you are going in front of the corrupt Wizengamot today, correct?" Asad asked. Vega nodded. "Alright, normally I would train you more deeply in these arts, but you already know some of it and we do not have much time. I am going to teach you a very powerful defense against invaders. First, you must think of an invader probe an unarmed foe. This foe how ever is about to attack you. Form a sword in your mind's eye and cut down this foe. This is one of my least artistic skills, but it will have to do for now." Asad instructed Vega. Vega practiced this until it meet Asad satisfaction, which was very high. Vega then left his trance like state with his phoenix pecking at him.

"Alright, alright I am up you damned bird! I just realized something; you don't have a name do you? I am guessing that you are male right?" The phoenix nodded its head. "Okay, how about Constantine, after the Roman general." The Phoenix, now know as Constantine nodded its head. "Look, I am going to be out for a while, should I get some treats and a stand for you." Constantine nodded his head again at this. Vega finished getting ready, when he noticed that the gauntlet had disappeared. He was about to go and ask Asad what the fuck, but the answer popped into his mind. He wished that no one would see it, so know one could. Good idea, but I can still feel its presence. Vega thought. Damn it Asad why did you tell me what you could do to my mind? Vega asked. Asad told Vega to shut up and be happy. Vega chuckled as he apparated with a crack.

11:45 am - Wizengamot High Court, Ministry of Magic - November 7th, 1996

When the man who was guarding the door asked for Vega's wand, Vega showed him his M.A.R. badge. The man still wanted his wand. Vega gave the man his wand, and he continued to the courtroom.

"All rising, the honorable Chief Wizengamot Albus Dumbledore is presiding on this issue of the Heir Apparent Law 0f 1750. The summoned is Baron Vega Crowan Black. The summoner is the Chief Wizengamot, Albus Dumbledore. Does the summoned have an opening statement?" The secretary, Percy Weasely asked.

Son of the minister and still a secretary that just made my day! Vega thought. "No, I'm good, you bureaucratic prick." Vega mumbled the last part under his breath. Vega dozed off, but still heard everything that they were saying. He felt a small probe from a professor from Hogwarts. He knew that the suicidal asshole was from Hogwarts because he was soaked in the school's magic. The man's essence was bathed in potion making materials. Vega knew the man's name, Severus Snape. Vega quickly killed the probe, and made sure that the ass was out for a few hours.

"Do you have any thing else to say to this great court?" Percy Weasely asked. Vega just sat up and walked out.

Vega was blinded by the flash of the bulbs that the press had use. Vega quickly checked to see if there were any anti-apparation wards in this part of the courtroom, which there were not, thank god. Vega then apparated to Diagon Alley with a pop, once he was there he picked up a stand and some treats for Constantine. When he was walking into the Leaky Cauldron, he saw that Rayne Williams was drinking a muggle beer. Vega walked up to the bar stool next to her and ordered a beer as well.

"Hey aren't you Vega?" Rayne asked. Vega replied with a yeah. "Why the hell are you so dressed up?" Rayne said with a cheeky look on her face.

"What is with the Led Zeppelin laser show in the hair?" Vega replied. Rayne had black hair with a lot of red highlights and a few streaks of blue and a lighter blue. Rayne smiled at that. "So, how did you know Sirius?" Vega asked.

"When I was thirteen, my and Luna, she was the vampire at the will reading. We were about to go to the Three Broomsticks for a drink when the to of Hogsmeade was attacked by a group of rogue vampires, the same ones that attacked that rave a couple of days ago. They saw Luna and bite and almost drained her on the spot. Apparently the Lovegoods were vampire hunters in the 1200 to 1600's. Vlad the Darkener, who was the leader of the Darksong clan of vampires thought that it would be a good way to pay back the Lovegood family since they would have to kill one of there own because of an oath they took. The oath stated that they would kill any vampire. Luna's mother sacrificed herself to make sure that the magic would spare Luna. The only person who cares for now Luna is her Uncle Solis. A man made out of a organic metal came up to me and said to me 'You will have the honor of being the seventh.' Sirius showed up and sent out a powerful fire crush at the guy. All of the Death Eaters and vampires apparated away then, while the metal man kind of faded away. Sirius then injected Luna with an anti-thirst serum that was introduced into her DNA. She only has to drink blood once a year now." Rayne said. "So I hear you are going to Hogwarts? I am in Ravenclaw, thank god Professor Potter quit, and she was such a bitch!" Rayne said with a smile.

"Yeah, I hate the Potters too." Vega said. "Look, do you wanna come over to my place some time?" Vega asked.

"Sure, but during holiday break, oh shit I gotta get back!" Rayne said. She then apparated to Hogsmeade to probably sneak back into school. Vega laughed as he apparated back to his apartment.

If you want revenge you need to do research you idiot! Asad said in Vega's mind. If would suggest starting wit vampires or werewolves since they are closest to a human. Also, get PACKED FOR HOGWARTS, JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE LAZY! Asad screamed in his mind. Vega only replied with three words, Right away Mum. This made Asad only see red for an hour. After Asad cooled down Vega picked up a notebook, pen, and every book about vampires that he had in his trunk which were quite a few. After finishing what seemed to be every book here is what Vega got of the texts.

Homo Sapiens Nocturnis-Vampire

First discovered in 1317 B.C. vampires have always been associated with blood of any form. The Wizarding community started hunting vampires after a civil war led by the Dark King Dracula, known to muggles as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad commonly used magical enhancing rituals for his 'children'. After a Ministry hired Slayer, named Valios Lovegood, or known to muggles as Professor Van Hellsing killed Vlad the clans divided into twelve with one bastard clan.

Not much is know about these clans but they are so named:

1. Darksong
2. Bloodmoons
3. Wordbearers
4. Deathwalkers
5. Hellguards
6. Faustians
7. Truthkeepers
8. Judges
9. Demonborne
10. Redeemers
11. Frozenhearts
12. Deviltongues

The bastard clan is made up of Nosferatu. These vampires have drank corrupted blood and only are accepted by fellow Nosferatu.

Vampires have enchanted senses and have superhuman strength. Only one of the traditions elements of vampire slaying still work today. The vampires often have liquid silver injected in them so they do not have that allergic reaction any more. Garlic just smells bad to them and Holy water only sometimes work. It all depends on which clan you use it. It is known to work on Hellguards, Deviltongues, Demonborne, Bloodmoons, Faustians, and Wordbearers. Sunlight works on every single on though.

Suggested spells:

Astrum- Makes a small mini-sun in a containment field. All light gets through though.

Lumos- Duh.

Luminarium- Makes a blade of light starting at the tip of the wand.

Letum- A curse that is much more powerful than the Killing Curse. The Killing Curse has no effect on the undead, but this spell does and it has not been used in eons. It will kill anything within a mile radius including the caster.

The entry went on for another three pages with known vampires, possible weaknesses, etc.


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