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Pretty Princess Cloud-chan

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Yuffie just wants Aerith to feel better! And Cloud is just the one to help her do it.

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a KH fic by MEG
who swears to God she actually likes Cloud.

Leon blinked.

"Aerith's been feeling depressed, Yuffie says," said Cloud. "Don't you want to cheer her up, Cloud? It would mean a lot to her, you know."

Leon opened his mouth, and closed it again.

"She's got such fond memories of it, Yuffie says," continued Cloud, bitterly. "Please, Cloud?"

"Where --" began Leon.

"Look, Cloud, says Yuffie," said Cloud. "We managed to save it. Come on, Cloud, do it for /Aerith/."

Leon considered his next words very carefully. "You, um, look, um ... very attractive," he said.

Cloud glared at him. "FUCK you, Leonhart."

"The, um, shoes really, um, make the outfit," said Leon, aware that he was digging his own grave but helpless to control the words coming out of his mouth.

"GOSH, Cloud, says Yuffie, let's go ask the PRINCESSES. You've got such NICE LITTLE FEET it's a shame to put them in those boots," said Cloud, acidly. "Why, YES, says Princess Aurora, I think you could wear my shoes."

Leon tried to control his face, but a snicker escaped.

"Fuck you, SQUALL," said Cloud. "And then Belle pipes up she has some makeup I could use."

The snicker became a full-fledged laugh, and Leon rolled, howling, on the floor.

Cloud glared at him. It was actually a pretty good glare coming from someone in a silk dress, heels, a blonde wig and makeup. Belle had done a good job; the makeover brought out his cheekbones and the full curve of his lips, and somehow she'd managed to make his eyes look big and blue and fringed by long, dark lashes. "I fucking hate everybody in this castle and I'm going to go show Aerith now. So I can take this shit off."

Leon snickered helplessly. Cloud kicked him in the groin with his pointy-toed shoe and stalked off.
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