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An attempt at Juubei's emotions after Kazuki left. Shouenen Ai.

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Author's Notes: My first JuKazu fic. My first Get Backers fic for that matter. I've only recently started getting into it. This scene was formed while I watched the rain through the glass window of a store.

I'm warning you! THIS IS ABSOLUTE ANGST!

It wouldn't be Kakei if he's totally nuts happy! I think this is pre-manga, just after Kazuki left to follow Ginji. C&Cs are greatly appreciated! This is angst. This is One-shot.

Standard Disclaimers Apply.


For some guy who was my sole inspiration for this fic.


A Get Backers Fanfiction by © Morrigan Mikagami
September 2005


I remember it was pretty much like on a day like this...


Thin billowing clouds in the afternoon sky painted a deep crimson hue. A gentle breeze whispered in our ears its promise of winter. And the last few rays of the afternoon sun warmed my cheeks as we watch it set far off into the horizon.

There was nothing between us but silence. And your smile. Its mirth was apparent with the curve it made on your mouth, and reflected deep within the hazelnut color of your eyes.

I had planned to tell you what I feel, that day. How much I feel... towards /you/.

But instead, I had blushed so intensely you must have seen the roots of my hair turn bright red.

"O-ore wa...omae-e... "[2]

You watched me stammer through my emotions with a bemused expression. As you reached out for my shaking, sweaty hands, it had become much harder for me.

I cursed myself silently.

How could I ever do this to you? When all you've given me ever since the day we met was your absolute trust and friendship? How selfish of me! To even consider these feelings is a betrayal of that trust-and I simply cannot do that!

I refuse to taint your innocent gesture towards me with my selfish actions. The task upon which I was bound to fulfill never included going beyond the call of duty as your physician.



I shook my head vigorously.

No. I just can't.

So instead, I blurted out a promise that must have sounded foolish for an eleven-year-old.

"I will protect you with my life, Kazuki. I swear to the gods, I will."

As I stood there waiting nervously for your reaction, I half-expected for you to laugh and to tell me off for saying something silly.

But I had meant every word; every feeling in it had been real.

And you must have felt it. You understood.

Because the next thing I knew, you had flung your arms around my neck and I was trapped inside your tight embrace. Pressing your mouth to my ears, you whispered in between chuckles, "You're so old-fashioned, Juubei."

It was the happiest day of my life.


The sun slowly sank away into the darkness, surrendering itself completely to the creeping night sky.

Far-off into the distance, the rumbling sound of thunder is heard, followed by quick flashes of lighting.

The rain however, started to fall. Drop by drop, I let the water cascade down my cheeks, ending below my chin until it began its slow descent to the ground.

It was warm and gentle. Pretty much like your smile.

I closed my eyes and saw you in my mind. Your perpetually beautiful face radiant with a smile.

I should have just told you when I had the chance. Then perhaps, you might not have left.

With one last look into the dark sky, I turned and walked away. Vaguely I sensed my hand graze roughly at my cheeks to wipe away the tears.





[1]/Yakusoku/ - promise
[2]/O-ore wa...omae-e.../ - I.. you...
[3]/A-anou.../ - That is...
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