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When Elise comes home to Chicago from France, where she studied, she finds the world she left has changed, and finds her best friend is in a band now

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-11-28 - Updated: 2006-11-29 - 498 words

The airport was always a forbidding place. I always hated being there alone. No one was supposed to pick me up or meet me, but I felt like someone should be taking me to a "Welcome Home!!" party. I had been in France the last four years, studying becoming a pastry chef. That was what I had wanted to do. I rarely came home because travel was so dangerous to me and it was so expensive. And now the only obstacle was getting an actual job. I had so much to do, but it could all wait. I walked slowly to the baggage claim, dreading finding an apartment. I knew I should've done some of this in France. I was shaken from my list of things to do back to reality when someone bumped into me. All the contents of my purse spilled onto the floor. I immediately bent down and started gathering everything while it was still near.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so clumsy," came a man's voice. I looked up as he bent down to help me.

"Oh, merci, monsieur. Umm... sorry. I meant to say thanks for helping. And you aren't that clumsy, I wasn't paying much attention. My name is Elise," I said, embarrassed that I had forgotten to use English at first.

"Oh it's the least I could do, Elise. My name's Andy, by the way," he said, handing me the rest of my stuff. I shoved it in my purse and we stood up. "Well, since I was such a jerk and knocked your stuff all over the place, it's the least I could do to help you get your stuff and see you off to your boyfriend," he said.

"Oh I don't have a boyfriend. And you don't need to help me. I can do it alone," I said.

"You mean to tell me a girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend? Well in that case, I'll protect you from those luggage stealers and see you out to your car," Andy said, looking around nervously. I laughed and he joined in. We got my stuff and started walking out the door. "So, your car would be..." he said, looking around. I smacked my forehead and muttered a swift curse.

"I'm moving back here from France. I don't have a car, and no one was supposed to pick me up. I guess it would help to get a car soon," I said, angry with myself for forgetting something so important.

"Well, I guess I can drive you. You want to go get something to eat with my friends? I was supposed to meet them somewhere when I got out of the airport. I guess bringing along a pretty girl will make up for me being late," he joked. I felt my face turning pink, and all I could do was nod. Not even 20 minutes in Chicago and I already had new friends. I guess I was off to a good start.
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