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No Easy Way

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There are some things that are difficult to say.

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A/N: Sankyuu to everyone who reviewed the first story, I'm so happy you guys enjoyed it. I hope it goes the same for this next one. Reviews are welcome of course! Consider this as my Christmas present to all you Touya x Yuki fans out there :) Sankyuu to my wonderful betas, Kristy and Mary, your suggestions helped alot. :)

This fic is for fairymage: for writing some of the best Touya x Yuki fluff! She's an inspiration to me :)

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In Italics are telepathic communications by Yue


When he came to, soft, blue rays of morning light was breaking through the blinds. But it was still dark. And without his glasses, the room was a diffused cacophony of strange objects and shadows. A sharp chill grazed the exposed skin on his arms and instinctively, he drew it towards him and curled up under the thick quilt, snuggling inside its comforting warmth.

It has never bothered him to wake up at daybreak, just as the moon grows pale in the early morning sky, the bright rays of the sun slowly creeping in the horizon to take over the moon's glowing light. That is how it has always been-

Its foreign smell was the first thing he noticed: it wasn't a bad smell, exactly... come to think of it, the scent is quite familiar, but it wasn't the fragrance of sandalwood and incense that he usually wakes up to.

Gradually, as his senses roused, he became keenly aware of the foreign-familiar texture of the quilt that enveloped him, the fluffiness of the pillow that cushioned his head, the wonderful softness of the mattress under him, and... the warm, dead weight that wrapped around his middle section, clamping him down along with the blanket.

When he tried to move, a groan of protest shot from somewhere above his head, a warm breath tickled the back of his ear. "Mm..Yuki.."

"T-To-ya...?" He called out, more as a statement to himself rather than in askance to the other. His heart pounded so wildly inside his chest, he could've sworn it was loud enough to wake up the taller boy beside him.

Admittedly, this situation right now did not bother him at all, at the very least a tad surprised, maybe, yes. Ah, but if Touya only knew... that he has been dreaming of waking up like this for a long, long time now...

Have you decided when you're going to tell him, yet?

The deep, solemn voice of the Other startled him. If it were possible, had they not been sharing a body, Yuki would have literally jumped out of his own skin.

'Yue...' he responded, albeit somewhat bitterly in the undertones, he wondered if the Other caught it.

The Moon Guardian, he learned, did not believe in the art of subtlety. Although a man of generally few words, he kept mostly to himself, speaking only when he felt the need to. You can count on Yue to relay his thoughts and opinions in the most concise possible statement, in the most blunt possible manner. Yuki would laugh at the irony if it weren't so irritating sometimes.

Yue usually doesn't say anything after he has made his inquiry, the furtive silence he kept was a clear indication that he was stubbornly waiting for Yukito to answer his question-no matter how long it would take the Snow-bunny to give him one.

Today though, he seemed to have broken a bit. Yukito had sensed the agitation that was stirring up the normally cool, calm and collected Moon Guardian. And so, he couldn't help but feel anxious himself, mainly because he was.

Well? When do you plan on telling Touya?

Yue was becoming more demanding, pushing at buttons that nobody else could.

Or are you hesitating again?

'Yue.' This time, he forced his voice to sound firm, somewhat more purposeful. 'Not now. It's too early in the morning for this.'


'Yue-san. Onegaishimasu.' He closed his eyes. He realized now that he was pleading.

The Moon Guardian fell silent. Yuki had the recognizable feeling that the Other was watching him, keeping an eye on what he would do. The Snow-bunny sighed. Yue knew--or at least has been aware of his reasons for hesitating, for finding the right opportunity to tell Touya about him... about them...

It wasn't that easy. He could not just say it like, he's explaining their latest Math homework. There are emotions to be considered in here-his and Touya's. Touya's most especially. How would he react? What would he say? Will he still accept him? Will he accept the both of them?

And with what that has been happening lately, even without Yue disclosing any details, Yuki can feel it. Yue's powers. They grow weaker every day. The whole situation was just too complicated, he didn't know how to explain it to Touya.

He shook his head. Perhaps Yue could not properly understand his reasons, but at least his feelings...? It's the last thing-the only thing Yukito has been counting on.

Shifting a bit, he was finally able to release himself from Touya's hold. Gingerly lifting off the quilt, he noticed that Touya didn't let the blanket cover him at all; he had tucked Yukito in it, leaving nothing to cover himself. So that now, Touya was shivering slightly at the cold.

"Mou, To-ya..."

Completely taking the quilt off him, he quickly wrapped it on the sleeping boy. Leaning gently, he brushed his lips ever so lightly onto Touya's, letting it linger as he licked them a little. The other boy moaned softly in response.

You're so damn impossible.

Yuki chuckled at this. Yue had expressed his thoughts exactly, and there wasn't a better way of putting it. But he should understand. It's not at all that easy, especially when it involves someone you deeply care about.

He climbed off the bed and made to reach for the blinds that curtained the window. Adjusting the knob to open them, he took a peak of the morning sky. The darkness was quickly fading away as the light blush of crimson dashed across the heavens.

Bright, amber eyes stare up sadly into the sky; silver, cat-like eyes joined him. They both searched for the moon, which was now fading somewhere in the east, its glow slowly being consumed by the gleaming rays of the sun, a thin layer of wispy clouds hid it from view. Eventually, it looked as if it was merely etched in the sky.

The moon is fading...

The voice broke through his thoughts once more. But this time, it wasn't unrelenting, not even agitated. Just a bit... sad.

Yukito glanced at the peaceful sleeping form of the boy on the bed, a smug grin curved Touya's wet lips as he moaned incoherently in his dreams. The he turned to look back at the light blue sky, his expression somber.

'I know.'



Shikashi - but; however
Onegaishamasu - please
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