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Drabbles Set 1

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drabbles and more kisses

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A/NOTES Trying to catch up, and thus, drabbles. They aren't necessarily related, each is stand-alone. There are still quite a lot of themes left, so the chances for me to write longer pieces in the future are likely (though don't expect them so soon, real life keeps me way too busy these days). Did not bother with a beta, so please be kind. Comments will be loved!

DISCLAIMER CLAMP has the legal rights to Card Captor Sakura and as much as I want to claim Touya and Yukito all to myself, CLAMP owns them too. Boohoo. That is why, I'm stuck doing just this.

WARNINGS Probably some minor spoilers for the CCS anime and manga. Genre and rating of each drabble may vary, so expect fluff, angst and general nonsense.


A hundred and one kisses: drabbles set 1
by Morrigan Mikagami
© September 2006


50. Vertigo

It was a mistake mentioning to Yukito that falling in love must be similar to flying. He should've recognized that hint of mischief that sparkled in the silver-haired boy's amber eyes when he answered him, "Why don't you find out for yourself, To-ya?"

But as it were, Touya had been busy drowning himself at the other boy's intoxicating, warm smile to pay any real attention to what Yukito actually implied that he stupidly nodded in acquiescence. And it'd been already too late when he realized that his feet were not touching solid earth anymore, and he was ascending to the heavens with increasing speed.

Of course, he made another foolish mistake of looking down below him as he was being lifted higher, and that's when his sense of balance got caught somewhere in his throat. Touya blanched and began flailing his arms in protest - until he felt strong arms steady him and hold him tighter around the waist. It was only then that he became aware of the Moon Guardian; an impassive almost bored expression on his face as usual, his angel-like wings beating gracefully behind him.

Touya was speechless. And honestly, mildly scared.

"I promised Yukito I wouldn't let you go." Yue's smooth baritone filtered into his thoughts somehow, and it took a while before he registered what the Moon Guardian was saying.


But Touya could only stare and gasp in surprise as Yue leaned in a bit and briefly brushed cold but soft lips on his forehead, whispering, "And if you fall, we'll both be there to catch you."


11. The endless and faraway sky

He used to love watching the sun set, or the sun rise if we were lucky enough to have woken up early. But it was hardly the sun that interested him; he'd always look beyond to the great expanse of the sky as its colors shift and change as the day ended. It was beautiful. He'd always thought, if only he knew how to paint, he would've captured the beauty of the sky a long time ago... trapping it even for a single moment. Touya once told him, he probably would've painted a lot of sunsets. He'd then decided he would, just so Touya can gaze at it with him.

But it was ugly right now. Bare, dull and ugly; it was nothing more but an endless vast of... gray ugliness. He never saw anything as repulsive. And he's got an awful, almost maddening desire to throw all of his brushes and paints at it - which he did eventually, but the materials never really got that far. And the offending ugly sky stayed the same, unfazed and unharmed.

It was simply ugly, endless and faraway. And it was mocking him.

Because he knew, that no matter how high he was able to fly, no matter if he went beyond the distant sky, he can never reach that place... that place where his love was.

And he never will.


59. Cosplay; fancy dress

"Yuki - tell me again why I'm wearing this ridiculous costume?!"

The silver-haired boy smiled patiently at him, amber eyes sparkling in interest and a somewhat mysterious gleam that he couldn't quite place, as he surveyed Touya with intense scrutiny.

"Because," Yukito simply replied, biting his lip while he continued to ogle Touya, who was currently (and rather reluctantly) wearing his 'Cinderella' costume. The pink dress ironically accentuated the dark-haired boy's lean and muscular frame. And even though he was mostly covered in ruffles and lace, Touya was a sight to behold. Especially since he was now sporting an adorable flush that matched the color of the dress.

"Kawaii!" Yukito clapped his hands, gushing enormously at his embarrassed friend.

Touya's only relief was that they were alone in Yukito's house, no chance in hell that he'd be caught wearing that horrid piece of clothing. He was getting nervous all the same; he just didn't understand how the blond boy was able to persuade him to wear it. Again.

Then Yukito smiled brightly up at him, and Touya remembered. He groaned.

"I just wanted to try something, To-ya," Yukito assured sincerely, while he began to close the gap further between them and suddenly kneel in front of Touya. "I promise you'll like it."

"Yuki, what are you--!!?" Touya stared in mild shock as he watched the other boy crouch, and then half of his body disappear inside the dress. He wondered curiously for about ten seconds before-



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