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But It's Better If You Do

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Hey! Look, I found a good title. The rest of the quote they used to title those two songs. (Did you know that those two song titles are one quote from a movie?) So I figured, 'This story is a conti...

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[[Wanna peek at the new story I'm making?
Here ya go. The beginning of chapter one. Maybe chapter one in its entirety.]]

Sunlight flooded my vision as I opened my eyes. I smiled at the boy sleeping next to me, bringing my fingers up to run them across his cheek bone. His skin is so soft, it's amazing. I'm starting to think Angels made him.

We'd fallen asleep last night, him tangled in my arms, his one leg between mine, and hadn't moved much during the night. Speaking about last night, ohh god. I'd never felt so alive in my life. Who knew one boy could do so much damage to my mind? I've been in a haze since the first time our lips met last night.

He makes my head spin. I'd always thought I was invisible to him, but last night, he definitely showed me how important I really am.

The last thing I want to do is move from this spot, but I really kind of want my clothes back. His arms are wrapped around my waist, making it hard for me to move without waking him. Luckily, he's the heaviest sleeper I know. So I moved away quickly and walked down to the end of the bed, grabbing my clothes and going into the bathroom.

After a quick shower, I was ready to go again, except for fresh clothes. So I wrapped the towel around me and went out into the room again, digging through the suitcase on the floor and looking for clothes to borrow. We were in his room, not mine, so I would just have to make due with what I could get my hands on.

I hurried back into the bathroom and put on my clothes, a pair of brown skinny jeans and a red t-shirt, one of his favorites. I felt so weird not wearing my own clothes, but it was good enough until I could get back to my own room.

Out of the bathroom again, and I look over to the bed to see him rolled onto his back, his arms behind his head. I walked over and lay down next to him. He smiled at me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my forehead.

"Hey." He said, his voice just above a whisper,

"Hi." I responded, happiness making my heart swell. He smiled again, letting go of me with one arm to wipe my still wet hair out of my eyes.

"How did you sleep?" He asked, and I snuggled into him, closing my eyes.

"With you in my arms? I've never slept better in my life." I said, opening my eyes and looking up at him. "You?"

"Being in your arms? Never better." He said with a light laugh. "I guess I should shower and get dressed, huh?"

I was going to respond, but him simply kissing me sent every thought other than '/Wow his lips are soft/,' out of my head. He laughed and went into the bathroom, still stark naked, making me blush a little.

I really genuinely didn't expect last night to get that far. But I guess all things happen for a reason right? So I'll just go with the flow. I rolled onto my stomach on the bed and closed my eyes again, my chin resting on my arms which were folded beneath me.

A good fifteen minutes later, he came out of the bathroom, still naked, and now dripping wet. It made my stomach tie up in knots. I was just going to be good, but I couldn't help myself. I got up off the bed and walked over to him, tracing the curve of his upper arm with my forefinger. He turned around and smirked, hugging me close to his bare body as he kissed me, sending my brain into overload again.

It would have gone further if there hadn't been a knock at the door. He untangled his fingers from my hair and grabbed his clothes, going into the bathroom quickly. I straightened out my shirt and ran a shaky hand through my hair to fix it a little before going to answer the door.

"Good morning." Spencer's smiling face was beaming at me as I opened the door. "You alright there? You're looking a little flushed."

"Yeah, I'm good. Thanks Spence. What's up?" I asked, stepping out into the hallway and shutting the door behind me.

"Just making sure you and Brendon are awake. Glad I didn't have to actually go in his room this time. Not that I did last night. Uhh, did you pick up your shirts yet?" He asked, his face flushing a little as he looked down at his new shoes. The boy is addicted to shoes, by the way.

"Yeah, Bren's awake, and yes, I picked up our shirts. /Thank you Spencer/." I said, feeling a bit awkward now. I really did hope Spencer and Jon approved of us, and wouldn't be all weird around us now.

Jon poked his head into the hallway and then came out of his room. Spencer and I both looked at him at the same time. He came over, waving slightly as he stood next to Spencer, facing me. "Well, well, well. Look who's awake. Where's loverboy?" He said happily. I felt my face flush a little more as Spencer elbowed Jon in the side.

"Jon..." Spencer growled. "Sorry for that." He apologized for him.

"Oh, please, Spence. Ryan knows how to take a joke. Right Ry?" He asked, looking at me.

"I, uhh... Yeah, mhmm." I said, looking at the pattern of the carpet. Green paisley on a gold background. It sounds horrible, but it actually wasn't that bad.

The door opened behind me and I turned my head to see Brendon drying his hair with a towel. He had his own clothes on now, the same jeans, except in black, as I had stolen from him and a green shirt of the same style as the one I was wearing. The jeans fit him perfectly, Mr. Apple Bottom, but they were pretty loose on me.

I felt his hand on the small of my back and I stepped away, finding it increasingly awkward to be intimate, even in the smallest way, in front of Spencer and Jon. I glanced at Brendon, who was giving me a weird look, and then back to Jon and Spence.

"I gotta go put on some of my own clothes..." I excused myself and pushed past Spencer and Jon to go to my own room. I pulled the key out of my pocket, which I had put there earlier, and went in, leaning against the door as it closed, more memories of the night before flooding into my brain.

"Brendon Urie... What did you do to me?"

[[Okayokayokay, so, watcha think? And /now/, if you didn't already, go read my story Lying Is The Most Fun, because this is the sequel to that. Yeah, so now everybody gets what they want, right? I get a new story, and something to occupy my empty time with, and you guys get the sequel you wanted.

This did turn out to be Chapter one in its entirety. So, uhh, give me suggestions for a name? I really don't know what to call this one. So, until I get a good name, it's called Part Dos. Dealwithit.

Have fun. =))
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