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The Bountiful Kitchen

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Sasha opens up..... Yeah I suk at summarys

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Okay guys this is the next chapter for you all. I got to give props to my brother Mikey so he will give me candy. I like candy..... lots and lots...... and Coffee, Coffee is GREAT!!!!!! Um Enjoy!


I fiddled with the coffee maker all the while aware of Sasha's gaze. It was as if her eyes were trying to see through me. I was taking as long as I possibly could with the coffee so I didn't have to face her. Sasha's doe eyes were over powering.

I poured the hot dark liquid into two mugs.

'Milk and sugar'? I asked

'Yes please, 2 sugars' said Sasha quietly

I prepared the beverage to her liking then turned and passed it to her. We then sat at the small "kitchen" table. I watched as she inhaled the scent of her coffee before taking a sip. It was adorable.

'Lovely', she sighed placing it down.

I smiled and she returned my gesture. This made me nervous so I buried my face in my mug. After I had taken an outrageously large sip that burnt my tongue and throat I placed my mug next to Sasha's.

'Are you okay, I think you're upset' I asked stupidly

'No, I'm not really okay' she admitted taking another sip. I looked at her begging for her to continue. 'My boyfriend and I just..... split up'

'Oh' I said sadly 'that's awful'

'No its not' she said lifting up her sleeve to reveal a large purple bruise. It looked painful.

I shudder. 'He hit you'! I half yelled disbelievingly. How could anyone be as cruel as to hit someone so beautiful?

'Yes' she said thick purley tears streaming down her face.

I dug wildly into my pockets until I felt something soft under my fingertips. I withdrew my hand and passed her the ball of tissues I had stored there. 'Don't worry there clean' I said

She took them and dabbed at her eyes. 'Thanks Ray' She muttered

I clenched my fists suddenly 'my friends and I can go....' I began but I trailed off when I realised that I didn't know what to do.

'No don't be stupid' said Sasha with a sob.

The door to the bus opened and Gerard walked in. he crossed ton his bunk and withdrew his sketchbook with and left again with a wink. All the anger I had had towards him faded away like it was never there. I had bigger problems now.

Sasha had composed herself a little. I squinted at her tag trying to make out her position. Sasha noticing my difficulty removed it from her lanyard and handed it to me. It read "Back Stage".

'Yeah not as glamorous as rock star guitarist' she laughed "you having trouble seeing'?

I nodded embarrassed. 'I haven't put in my contacts yet' I admitted

'Well you go do that I'll stay here'

I nodded and stood up. I opened the door of the kitchen cupboard and withdrew a small box. Sasha laughed.

'You keep your contacts in the kitchen'?

'Yup' I laughed to.

I moved to the small mirror on the wall. I raised my hand to my eye and held it open while I slipped the small disc onto my eye. I repeated the process. I sat down blinking.

'Better'? Asked Sasha

I nodded. I watched as her eyes flit around the bus finally settling on my acoustic guitar which was (For some unknown reason) Resting in the sink

'Can I please hear you play'? she asked softly.

I nodded picking up my instrument. I strummed it a few times fixing the tuning on the E string. I then played the song "I could have lied" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the first song that came into my head. As I played Sasha's eyes glazed over as she softly sang the lyrics.

After I had finished she sighed 'wow'

I blushed modestly. She raised the mug to her lips a final time before swallowing the last of the bitter brown liquid. 'Thanks ray' she said softly rising to her feet 'you guys playing tonight'?


'What time'

'5 o'clock' I said forcing my self to stare into her eyes.

'Maybe we can catch up after that'? She suggested

'Of course' I replied happily 'can I please get your number'?

'sure' she said slipping her hand into her pocket and pulling out her cell phone.
I grabbed mine off of the table.

She spoke her number and I typed in her digits. I then gave her mine and she did the same.

'Smile' said Sasha

I didn't even know that her camera was focused on me. I smiled cheesily and the flash went off.

She turned to leave.

'Hey' I called 'Can I please have your picture'

She paused. A thoughtful look upon her face. 'Sure' she said after a few seconds.

I shakily raised my camera phone and took her photo.

'See you later Ray' she said closing the door of the bus behind her.

'Bye' I called softly. I stared at the image on the screen of my phone. She looked beautiful, I thought beautiful but still sad.

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