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Who Wants to be a Lawyer? (Lindsey McDonald/Sam Winchester)

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Lindsey McDonald gets a phone call from a Stanford student.

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Who wants to be a Lawyer? (Lindsey McDonald/Sam Winchester)

Lindsey McDonald waved at a passing lawyer before he went into his office. He walked to his desk, sat his briefcase down on the desk, and then sat down in his chair. He looked at his phone, and saw that he had a message. He picked up the phone, punched in the correct numbers to get the message, and soon he was listening to the message.

"Hi," said the voice in the message. "Um, my name is Sam Winchester. I'm a student at Stanford currently studying to be a lawyer. For one of my classes, my teacher wants us to shadow a lawyer. So, um, I was wondering if I could shadow you? You can call me back at 408-345-9856, and we can discuss it further then. Thank you."

Lindsey smiled as he put down the phone. He knew who Sam Winchester was. He'd never met the kid at all, but he knew what his family did.

Being an international branch, Wolfram and Hart had contacts in many, many places, which meant that they knew a lot of what was going on in the world. Word had gotten around to Wolfram and Hart about a family of Hunters-a father, and his two boys. Lindsey didn't know much about them, actually, only that the father's wife died in a fire, and the father suspected that it was not a normal fire, and went to find out the truth. Obviously, he had somewhere, and then raised his kids to fight the "creatures of the night". But what Wolfram and Hart's contacts failed to mention was the fact that the youngest boy now went to school at Stanford. Lindsey had no doubt that the Senior Partners' would be pleased if he managed to get the Winchester youngest son into Wolfram and Hart.

Lindsey was smiling as he picked up his phone and dialed the number Sam Winchester had left him.

"Hello?" He heard a voice say on the other end.

"Sam Winchester?" Lindsey asked. He wanted to make sure that it was really Sam who had answered the phone, and not some friend.


"I'm Lindsey McDonald, from Wolfram and Hart," Lindsey informed him. "You called me about shadowing...."

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